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Once the season was announced by ClanBase NetherlandsSebhes I and Finland vokki immediately decided to form a team for it under the name of Finland turbot. We tried to find the best available mix of players to create a balanced lineup with clear roles for each player. In the end we managed to come up with a very competitive lineup that shouldn't lack in either individual skills or experience. We also recruited some oldschool legends you new school guys have no idea who they are.

Without further ado, FinlandTurbot are:

Finland Swanidius (c)
Finland vokki
Finland OldenSan
Finland walle
Finland Lettu
Finland Tiigeri

Finland Crew
Finland torspo
Finland kolibri
Finland Statti
Finland HardyRah

Honorary supporters
Finland kapaa (He has no gaming PC anymore RIP)
Finland Juticieks (Same story.)
Finland Crittie

The competition for the upcoming EuroCup season Eternity cup is shaping up to be really good with teams like France Firstdream, Europe aToOn, Netherlands Decerto, Polanddevilry, Polandheadhunters, Europesick6 and Europe bSTURZ EuropeElysium, PolandTeam poland + couple of betrayals and GermanyYermanz already signed up. We're hoping to be one of the top contenders for Firstdream EuropeElysium in the run for #1 spot, which will definitely be a very tough challenge for us and all the other teams. In any case we should have a surprisingly good season ahead of us considering how the state of ET scene has been lately.

I don't really have much more to write about, the main reason behind this announcement was to encourage even more ET players to form up new teams and join up for the upcoming season. See you on the battlefield!

Quote by LettuOon online only kyl nykyää

Quote by TiigeriTodennäköisesti alkaavaan vituttaan, kun ei osaa enää mitää=)

Quote by vokkiSwanidius forced me to play

Quote by OldenSanEi vittu olin huonoin kaikista 12 pelaajasta

Quote by walleGrindaan 10/h päivässä ettii

Ps. Our Lan lineup will follow once we have established one......
Former members can drop me a message and you shall be invited to our discord.
We need many backups as some of these mummies prolly has no idea how to get ET work these days.

If someone really badly wants to see walle on LAN you can donate to walle foundation! You will have chance to meet your biggest idol IRL!
LAN approved
gl guys :)
forever OC swani
damn that bunch of fintards are back! Holla boys!
Kurvapusti! Need more Lepari and FATE
NICE, good luck
gl peka rinne
sick lu, gl boys!
GL Lettu!
missing in the supporter list :/
woott also said she is missing gg. More like former members
Nice hate to your fanbase sir, really turning Dutch now are you.
Pääseekö Team Turbot esportsin discordiin? Jos etin screenshotin jostain vuodelta 2011 missä mulla on turbojen tagi, ihan varmaan löydän sellasen.
ei vittu lepari :D
Jahas jumalauta moi <3 Onks se sittenkin Fintastic Five, mä hoidan Tanelin ni herättele sä muut.
kato sun messaget, tuuha tonne discoo siit
valmiina jos tulee kutsu
toupparit rebuild o/
ois kyl kova!!!
turbo pojat ne jaksaa kyllä hautaan asti :D
Sait invitee mutta möykkäsit vaa että mikä tää o!
Nice, the oldschool trickjump god is back
Thank you, I've been looking for this video for a few months now zLoL
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