ET:Legacy 2.76 - The enemy is weakened

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Dear CF nerds, geeks, nolifers and cklubbers

After meeting Germanykemon in teh cklub last saturday night, he told me that he had an announcement to make!

What’s new?

  • VM_Create on UI error is resolved so no more manual work-arounds are necessary.
  • Bayesian skill rating is implemented allowing for global comparison of skill among players.
  • WolfAdmin is now the default game manager, providing many useful admin commands.
  • Our own master server is up and running, so even if id master goes down you’re good to go.
  • Renderer2 + assets will be available in a bit, bringing you the best graphics for ET yet (experimental).

-> complete changelog

What’s next?

‘The enemy is weakened!’ is by far our most comprehensive release yet. This means, that before anything else, we first need to take a step back and check if everything is running as intended. All pending tickets (nearly 200!) have been moved to 2.78 and 2.77 is now reserved for non-breaking quality of life improvements and smaller issues.

There are three overarching focuses:
  1. Smoothing out the game experience to ease the transition of the competitive scene to ET: Legacy.
  2. Further improving our new renderer to make the game more attractive for new players.
  3. Supporting Android and Raspberry PI devices to simplify server management and test mobile gaming.

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The ET: Legacy development is open to anyone. If you would like to be a part of it, we’d be glad to have you. Simply join our Discord and start chatting with us.

3D Modeller

Recently, InspirationTuts finished and provided us with their first weapon model, the iconic Kar98. For that, we are in need of a 3D Modeller, acting as a bridge between InspirationTuts (modelling) and Zimuus (animations) and finally bringing the weapons in-game.
If you would like to assist in the implementation of new weapons, then please, let us know.

UI Designer

One big aspect of any gaming experience is the User Interface, which in ET is riddled with difficult to navigate server browsers, limbo menus etc. There already are some very nice UI concepts by BelgiummAus in our Discord, should you need inspiration. ET: Legacy now comes with Bayesian skill rating 6 and IRC functionality, which also opens the gates for implementing some kind of social system.
If you would like to create a user-friendly first front to the player, then please, let us know.

Mac Maintainer/Developer

With every OS X update from Apple they break support for things. Currently, we have no Mac developer/maintainer in the team, which is always a problem when wanting to release a new version. We have no real possibility to test the Mac build, let alone people who continuously keep it working. In order for ET: Legacy to remain playable on Mac in the future, we are in need of a Mac maintainer.
If you have a Mac and knowledge about development (maybe even Mac developer status), it would be very helpful if you could reach out to us.


The ET community has always been incredibly diverse so in order to show our appreciation for our world wide player base, ET: Legacy now comes with translations for multiple languages. Translating the game is done entirely by community members. All we require is that you are fluent in English and your native language, so if anyone at all is interested in helping out with these translations, don’t be shy, hit us up! Any and all help is very much appreciated.
If you want to get started, please let us know or simply have a look at Transifex.

Wiki Maintainers

In order to help new players get started, a comprehensive community driven wiki is desirable, containing all necessary and useful information. This includes information regarding the general installation of the game, tweaking cvars to achieve the best possible experience as well as general tips, tricks, strategies and tutorials. The foundation is already layed out, but we need the community to populate it.
If you have some DO’s and DONT’s to share, please let us know or directly dive into the wiki and complete it with your knowledge.

Last words...

If you feel like you can contribute in any other way, be it overhauling assets or proven competitive maps, advancing the new renderer or any other contribution, don’t hesitate to join our Discord and chat with us. ET: Legacy is an open, community driven development and every helping hand counts.

Many thanks to Finlandhazz, Polandbystry and CyprusseeD for their guidance and TeamMuppet for providing server infrastructure for the evolving competitive scene but also all the ones we forgot and contributed during intense computer battles.

image: 45fb3e1eb579cabd45e6b2df89a09e694e4abe4cimage: 36941074abcc1b0e33cc8c026978e46f4f93ee01image: fae5a0c272bbf2f0c2bc8f2e3151188c9ce46d63image: 67b0cc41f32031fdc1f5d6432d47f14f6d39eed9image: 3b378b5861f693147e43c54f5b844c066e5f4b39image: 1da05eed2d0617daab2d0ac81dc13f96f959dc0c

Good stuff! Really nice you post this on crossfire. These developers of ET Legacy deserve a lot of credit!
yeah, consider some donations ppl :D
And come back and play 8)
Great! Well done to people involved as well as everyone playing Legacy! <3
QuoteIf you have some DO’s and DONT’s to share, please let us know

change fps limit
Expected for the next 2.77 release but dzekuje
LeFrancis, a genius
Only 1 thing, Im disapointed I didnt have a shotout :(

QuoteSmoothing out the game experience to ease the transition of the competitive scene to ET: Legacy.

i woudlnt worry myself too much with that,,, just say fuck you all learn the new game and be done with it ^^
stopped reading after that, wil get back on it rn :D

had fun with the last 6o6/5o5 games we played on ETLegacy seems promissing to me

Quote Supporting Android and Raspberry PI devices to simplify server management and test mobile gaming.

this sounds amazing, wtf? :D immagine hitting "watch now" and speccing on ur phone on ur way to work current most watched competitive game.

GL :)
Great work guys, definitely deserves a lot of credit for the work u have done. Needs more testing and trying from as many ppl as possible. Looking forwards to trying out some games there as well.
was trying it today first time. first with mac since it is also for mac, sadly i have bad fps drops and guys from ETL couldnt help me. so i installed in on windows and it works fine. i really lie it so far. some small things i dislike, for excample u cant fast gib with knife. this really bothers me. so far so good =)
OKay so my bro, who played the game with me a decade ago, wanted to give the game another try today so he download the new version of ET:Legacy. But it turned out that the only active servers remaining had punkbuster so he couldn't play on them (ET:L not compatible) so I told him to install the normal game instead but he couldn't be arsed, with all the error messages and stuff, I can't really blame him. Conclusion : ET still not user-friendly enough
Regarding regular ET, did you install it from this website?
ET: Legacy is not compatible with ETPro servers. It's compatible with other mods though. Also make sure to join ET:L discord ( - channel matchmaking for some regular scrims on legacy mod.

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