ET Ultimate Weekly #1 6on6 ODC

Greetings summoners, nvm scratch that, we are still at our beloved game ET and it seems it's recent activity has brought up quite some familiar faces back to the scene again. Recent RTCW cup has been quite successful, so we thought why not making something similiar to ET, Sebhes has done the first step of creating ETernity cup, but since it's still a bit of time to play it, we decided to prepare something for all the enthusiasts to test their rusy skills on the battlefield again.

I would like to kindly invite those who are not yet part of our Discord channel to join us, as it seems Discord is picking where IRC left, proper place to gather (yes, ET gather, same as we used to have once upon a time on IRC), meet new and old faces, have fun enjoying daily scrims, currently there are around 350 players and more are joining each given day. So if you feel you want to enjoy old memories again, play daily 3on3 or 6on6 scrims, dont hesitate to join us and experience all those memories again!

Recent ET survey has given a lot of feedback and perfect opportunity to see just how many players are actually standing behind their votes, so this is your chance to enjoy our beloved game yet again and have fun doing it along with your mates. I present to you hopefully one of the many one day cups to come in near future.

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ET Ultimate Weekly #1 6on6 ODC

Cup date and time: Sunday, 20th of January, 20:00 CET (GMT +1)

Team format: 6on6

Signups till 19:50 CET (GMT +1)

Check-in start from 19:30 till 19:55 CET (GMT +1)

Brackets are online

Additional information:

Broadcast: Yes

Shoutcast: No

Loser bracket added as well

Each team captain needs to join Our discord channel and PM me to be given appropriate role.

Schedule for the ET Ultimate Weekly #1 6on6 ODC is:

Round 1: radar

Round 2: sw_goldrush_te

Semi Final: Supply, loser of first map selects second map

Grand Final: Both teams pick a map from the mappool

- In case of 8 teams or less, round 2 will be removed.

The mappool for the ET Ultimate Weekly #1 is:

  • Adlernest
  • Bremen_b3
  • Frostbite
  • Karsiah_te
  • Missile_b3
  • Radar
  • Supply
  • Sw_goldrush_te


Slovenia Aniky

Ukraine ScoOf

Netherlands Sebhes

If there are any questions that are not listed in the text above, please contact an admin.


Join our discord here
Useful Teamspeak 3 Servers for your team if you dont have a Voice Server
1. IP: hyperion-gaming.Net:9991
2. IP:

lets roll this
image: giphy

Needs LB for extra long midnight gaming
QuoteYou must invite 5 player(s) to register for ET Ultimate Weekly #1 .

rly? :/
You don't need 5 players to register on the website specifically, but you do need to fill in 5 names in order to sign up with a team. To avoid one-man teams who are not able to field a line up by cup date.
so shall I invite 5 random players? or how can I add non-registered players

e: Most likely we gona play with 2-3 mercs, so I dont know the exact lu yet
QuoteRules: A player should only play for one team. If a team wants to use a player that has already played in the cup contact an admin and we will review the case

we want to avoid that a player can play on 3 different teams. Registrations can be done till 20.01 16:00CET...once you registered.. you dont need to do it again, your team is already there.
Yes you can add random names, but they will stay there forever, till you edit that.

E: aber kann uns dort anmelden, mit abSTURZ?
Rather than team sign ups can we not just have a cup where random teams are picked from the players that sign up and actually turn up?
Like a draft cup? I like the idea, but it requires more effort to organize. I'm not gonna be here this Sunday myself, perhaps another edition.
Yeah but players insert their own skill level they think from a number scale of 1-3 and we auto pick teams?
could be a option, thats not the only one odc. we keep hosting more! thats our first and we want to see the activity since my survey gave us a lot of feedback (200 single answers yet) that we can see the statistics and put whishes into action
If u re implying on the draft, that would require a lot of work but it's still doable, just need to advertise discord now for the time being so entire community or what's leff of it gathers on one place again for easier communication.
Hardly any work. We ran cups of 40+ or more players in drafts when dB was in alpha. I was the sole organiser.
When ET was alive and had a common place to gather (irc), now we don't have any of that and first steps are to get everyone on one place again then stuffs can be done much easier. I was doing a draft cup with Merlinator at the past as well and it was quite success since players not as good had the chance of playing along side some of a lot better players. Everything can be done, just needs a bit of time to get everything organised.
GTV Coverage granted.
Thank you :)
Nice effort :) Good luck
good effort, avi
I availible if a teams needs another. Any class. Pm on here :)
soo what if some of the troops aint registering to that site and we dont have 6 in team by saturday?!
I will be changing some stuffs by today evening or tomorrow, nothing wrong as long as u have 6 ppl for play.
oh we have 10
can we borrow one for this day?
ggs was fun to play
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