RTCW: 6v6 Onedaycup - 3 March

image: QiILZCS

Date: Sunday 3 March 2019
Start: 19.30 CET
Format: 6v6
Map pool: Beach, Village, Ice, Frostbite, Assault
Format: Double Elimination
Shoutcast: United Kingdom MerlinatoR
Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/merl1nator

Aiming towards getting 4/6/8 teams in total. Players looking for a team or trying to form one I would suggest on joining up on our RTCW Discord Channel. The communications during the cup will also happen there!

Brackets: https://challonge.com/8xj1tm91

Teams signed up (4) - ordered by seed:
Jamaica flowerpower: Belgium faster, Netherlands bully, Belgium homie, United Kingdom jam, Germany fro, Germany Cliffdark
Europe roz: Poland h2o, Canada murkey, Netherlands kylie, Finland raw, United States of America parcher, United Kingdom fantasy, Netherlands vis
Europe Airport Guys: Denmark Vaflor, Norway Kris, Netherlands Mirage, United Kingdom dusty, Finland Mrm, Netherlands Voice
Sweden KiH: Sweden Malmen, Sweden askungen, Sweden wuf, Sweden ozzy, Belgium syL, Sweden smutzig, Norway zerom, Sweden FeTTe


- Teams will be seeded according to predicted strength
- Discord is the official channel for communication during the cup
- Each team need to have a captain who must communicate with other team captain to arrange game. There is a channel on discord specifically for this
- Available servers are listed at faq on discord
- All shoutcasted games will be on a specific server. If your match is being shoutcasted you need to join a specific server, this will be communicated.

Map Rules:
- Maplist: mp_beach, mp_assault, mp_village, mp_ice, te_frostbite
- Map pick process: Team A Elims, Team B Elims, Team B Picks First Map, Team A Picks Second map - Remaining map decider if needed. Team A is highest seed, Team B lowest seed

Game Rules:
- 1 panzerfaust maximum per team
- If after 4 stopwatch rounds (2 on each map: ABBA) there is no winner decider map gets played, best of 2 stopwatch rounds. If still tied, play another one, etc..
- No weaponboosting, no passing the docs on village through the fence, making doors unable to be opened, revive blocking etc
- A player can only play for 1 team maximum, unless opponent team agrees
- The UB Finalist will have a 1 round lead in the Grand Final and the LB team will only need to win once rather than the usual twice.

Useful Links:
RTCW Discord Channel
Download RTCW 1.4 (pre-installed)
RTCW Configs
RTCW Troubleshoot FAQ

Active Public servers:
AoD DM (deathmatch):
ECGN (shrub):

Other upcoming events:
14 April - TBA
5 May - TBA
Announcing the participation of team 'Airport guys':

Our captain for this flight will be: Vaflor
First officer and in charge of tag: Kris
Second officer also in charge of tag: Mirage
Flight medic for this team will be: Dusty
Loadmaster Mrm will be providing ammunition during this flight.
Air observer voice completes the crew on this flight.

This team is even more fucking noob
all these flavors and you chose to be salty
FYI: we require Assault to be added to the map pool. For obvious reasons. (Ufo is an alternative option we'd be willing to work with).
Might swap base for assault then :-)

EDIT: democracy will decide on the faith of the 5th map: https://www.strawpoll.me/17460485
Where the sign ups at ya'll?

This is 2019.... Retro is hot! Stop playing Apex Legends and come play a legendary game!
Lol WolFF still playing :p
dC! Jehuty! Lang geleden! :-)
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