The ETernity LAN: Updates

Are you ready? Not even two months to go to the ET-LAN 2019. With this news post, we would like to tell you about an awesome donation we received and there is more information, you might be interested in.

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Starting out with the most exciting news, we have received several donations. ScoOf and bAnga were the first ones to donate directly to the prize pool. This week we got blown away, once again, by no other than United Kingdom Moe. He has, again, donated 500 € to the prize pool. Being a former ET-player he considers it a “matter of course” to support the community and the game. Being a really big donation, we can not thank him enough for his ongoing support for the events we host for the community. As mentioned before, every single penny of the donations will directly be added to the prize pool. Hopefully the players can provide some awesome and memorable matches in exchange to everyone donating!

Furthermore, we would like to thank United Kingdom Msh100, who will provide us with the necessary equipment to host the gameservers and the teamspeak, similar to last LAN. He is saving us a lot of time and labor. We highly appreciate his support!

We would like to remind you, that the deadline for signups and payments is coming up in just over a week on the April 7th 2019. Please have your team fully paid by then. If you can not make the full payment by the deadline, please contact an admin immediately. Be reminded, that we are starting the seeding tournament right after the deadline and only teams and players, that have made their full payment, are able to compete in the seeding tournament. If you have any questions, feel free to pm us.

We are also able to give some information regarding the prize pool. Without making an exact distribution between both formats, the total estimated amount is as follows:

In the case of 8 3on3 teams and 8 6on6 teams there will be a minimum prize pool of: 1200 €
In the case of 10 3on3 teams and 10 6on6 teams there will be a minimum prize pool of: 2200 €
In the case of 12 3on3 teams and 12 6on6 teams there will be a minimum prize pool of: 3200 €

Prizes will deviate in case the number of signups will be in between the aforementioned numbers. We would like to emphasize that we do not receive anything out of it and are putting every single penny into this event.

Last but not least, we would like to summarize some important information for you. The LAN-event will start latest Friday, the 17th of May 2019 at 10 am. This being the start time of the matches, the setup of everyone playing at this time, has to be done before that. The venue will be opened at latest at 9 am, to give players sufficient time for a proper set up. Our aim is to have the 3on3 tournament held on Friday, with an option to have a 6on6 group starting later that the evening. The schedule will depend on the number of sign ups. If you or anyone on your team is not able to make it to Krefeld on Friday, please let us know immediately by pm and we will try to find a solution.

Similar to last LAN, we will host a showmatch on Thursday evening, May 16th 2019, at around 9pm. We would like to have two 6on6 teams play that showmatch. To make it more enjoyable, we would like to have mixed teams. Primarily this showmatch is hosted to test out the technique and gather the people that are already around for a drink or two. We will have a separate post about this showmatch, if you are interested in playing that showmatch, please get in touch with an admin.

Information on the technical aspects of the PCs will be announced as soon as this information has become available to us.

We are highly excited with everything going on! We hope you guys are looking forward to the event as well. Having any questions? Feel free to ask in the comment section or via private message to any admin.

Feel free to contact us! We can be reached via discord or through a Crossfire PM.

Sweden Ekto
Netherlands Sebhes
Germany stRay

The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever

Does it mean United Kingdom Brexit100 will be there?
I don't think so :(
I am afraid not..
Please please have every single streamed on twitch and keep a live stream feed like you guys did the last LAN. And do as many interviews as possible!!!
I totally agree and we will do our best to have as much coverage as possible. We should also focus on having all the GTV times equal to the actual starting time. Many demos have been lost or are not complete due to this, which is unfortunate.
Parent comes with its own camerawoman. We got you m8
Thank you guys for putting so much effort into the event, it's really appreciated. Looking forward to May :)
Thank you too for your interest! The sun was out today and caused me to feel nostalgic about the last LAN, almost two years ago. I am really looking forward to this one, to compete and see all (and new) faces again
Yeah, despite playing the game since its release and being part of the community since my teenage years, I've never attended a LAN event so I'm hoping I can make the same memories now :)
See, I'm nice. You bully.
Only 7 teams have fully paid so far and deadline for payments is only 8 days away, hope the rest pay up soon !!
not gonna happen
We are very much up on our schedule. Very happy with all the confidence from everyone. The LAN will find place, don't worry about that.
Avi for lan.
Ready to go even without praccing (but if you want to pracc its ok too).
good stuff
Have you decided yet what kind of drinks/food you will have at the event or is that for a later update?
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