The ETernity LAN: Groups

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We are proud to present the groups for The ETernity LAN.

After careful deliberation, we are happy to announce both the 3on3 and 6on6 groups. Now that the groups have been published, an exact schedule for the groups can be found here: The ETernity LAN Schedule.

We have 13 teams signed up for the 3on3 format and 11 for the 6on6. The teams are divided into two and three groups respectively. During the group stage each team will face all opponents in different rounds. During the group stage, each round will be BO2.

Please note that teams in group A of 3on3 are expected to arrive before 09:00 CET at the LAN center and teams in group B of 3on3 are expected to arrive before before 13:45 CET on Friday, the 17th of May. Teams in group A for 6on6 are expected to arrive before 09:00 CET on the Saturday, the 18th of May, teams in group B for 6on6 are expected to arrive before 12:00 CET and teams in group C for 6on6 are expected to arrive before 15:00 CET. The ETernity LAN reserves the right to change groups or times, as needed.

Please note that, in order to save time, teams with the higher seed are required to start attacking throughout the group stage! This rule holds, except for the last round of every competition.

The Schedule
Schedule 3on3 Group A
Schedule 3on3 Group B
Schedule 6on6 Group A
Schedule 6on6 Group B
Schedule 6on6 Group C
Standings: 3on3 group A
Standings: 3on3 group B
Standings: 3on3 Single Playoffs
Standings: 3on3 Main Playoffs
Standings: 3on3 Consolation Playoffs
Standings: 6on6 group A
Standings: 6on6 group B
Standings: 6on6 group C
Standings: 6on6 Playoffs
Rankings: 6on6 Consolation tournament


Group A
Group B


Group A
Group B
Group C

The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever
Please note that you are able to click on a link on top of every group which will direct you to the standings of the particular group.
lol at the 3o3 groups.

talented, hyperion and attack on krefeld in 1 group.
Talented did better than you in seeding tourney :s
indeed, other teams are going to have rough time getting past them
lol at the 6o6 groups.
Probably not gunna bother taking my setup. I'm glad I helped make the lan happen but I ain't gunna bother playing these group games
U can rekt gr0ss easily

Edit don't take away our only game u cunt wanker!
I'll probably be tending to more pressing matters like drinking. At least you only have to do one group game!!!
We r there to game and not faggotry!
oh so it like that then :(
okay :(

looking for cuddle buddy pmme irc
easy for fireball
Please note that, in order to save time, teams with the higher seed are required to start attacking throughout the group stage!
Can u provide us with a list of the actual seedings then? We for example did not play any single seeding game in 3o3.
Good idea, we will figure out a way which is easily accessible and findable to anyone. Will provide it before the LAN starts.
We are potentially playing only one group game then and then possibly just one or two in play-offs, that's hilarious

should've lost against EDiT (:
i need to screenshot where stray said that every team will have more then 4 games on lan.
now we got 1 (or maybe 2) groupstage games and in worst case 2 playoff games.
nice first LAN experience u get Bobika :-)
worth every penny (not)
In every play schedule, the team on the left hand side is the higher seed. Will make a separate journal for it.
hf all 2 bad i couldnt make it
4 6v6 games incoming gg

Is that the real Rayzed?????
Yes. The most handsome man at LAN brought to you for the pleasure of your eyes by
seareal at lan? oh boyyy :D
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