The ETernity LAN: General Information

Please pay close attention and take your time to read this post. It is of great importance to have everything clear to all the players and viewers before the start of the event.

It is only a couple of days until our next LAN. We are happy to have everybody come together once again. In this news we want to provide players and viewers with all important information regarding both the event and venue. Furthermore, we will try to answer all the questions we have received lately.

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The venue

The venue is located at TakeTV Alte Linner Str. 93-97 47799 Krefeld. For people coming by the car, we have to announce that there will be no parking spots close to the venue. The local central station is only a few minutes walking from the center. We strictly advise all players who got their hotel near the venue (e.g., IBIS) to not come by car and walk to the venue.

We kindly ask anyone who is attending the venue to be careful with all equipment. If something is damaged, please inform an admin or the staff from TakeTV before proceeding. Please be extra careful with all drinks near technical devices. In case someones violates, what is considered to be normal behavior, we reserve the right to exclude anyone from the venue without further notice.

The PCs in the venue are meant for Enemy Territory matches only. Do not use any of the PCs without the permission of the admins. The seats are fixed in advance. For that reason there is no need to rush to PCs for the setup. If you do not know which PC is allocated to you, please ask an admin.

Smoking is only permitted in the smoking area and outside the venue. If you are not able to find the smoking area don’t hesitate to ask an admin.

For further questions during the LAN, we will try to help as much as we can.

What do I have to bring to join the battlefields

We will provide:
  • A PC with Windows 10, Enemy Territory and Teamspeak installed on it
  • A 144hz screen from ACER, ASUS and BenQ (Zowie)
  • A chair and a table
This means that you have to bring anything else you require to play the game, e.g. your config. We would like to advise you, to bring your full etmain and etpro folder and just swap these folders at lan to have a quicker setup. If you have to install driver/software for your mouse or other peripherals, please bring those that are compatible with windows 10 on a USB stick. We demand you to uninstall your drivers after you played your games, to ensure that other players’ setup does not get delayed by your drivers!

The Schedule and Rankings

We have published the entire schedule for all formats and sessions. Just like during the ET Reborn LAN we will work following the principal of "force start matches", that is to avoid any major delays. If you need help or anything is unclear during the setup, we will have an admin at each gaming area you can ask to help out.

Matches are always allowed to start earlier than match time, but please pay attention that the time on GTV is set accordingly. This is to avoid any loss of demos and statistics.

We created a special tab within the schedule file to find out which server every team has to play on during the matches. Please respect the order at all the time.

The Schedule
Schedule 3on3 Group A
Schedule 3on3 Group B
Schedule 6on6 Group A
Schedule 6on6 Group B
Schedule 6on6 Group C
Standings: 3on3 group A
Standings: 3on3 group B
Standings: 3on3 Single Playoffs
Standings: 3on3 Main Playoffs
Standings: 3on3 Consolation Playoffs
Standings: 6on6 group A
Standings: 6on6 group B
Standings: 6on6 group C
Standings: 6on6 Playoffs
Rankings: 6on6 Consolation tournament

The Prizepool

The anticipated prizepool is as follows:




Caster team

As you may know, we are setting up a live stream from the venue with the help of our caster team. We are proud to present the following names who will help out and provide you with the best coverage:

  • Germanyschnee
  • GermanyRayzed
  • Germanymental
  • FranceLeFrancis

The Showmatch

We intend to have a BO3 showmatch on Thursday, 16th of May at 21:00 CET. The players are able to start their setup at round 20:00 CET. Keep in mind that every player needs to bring his own gear. We kindly ask everyone who is participating in the showmatch to be on time.

This game will also be streamed live from the venue from our community stream: The purpose of the showmatch is to prepare all equipment and stream settings for the day after.

Feel free to contact us! We can be reached via discord or through a Crossfire PM.

Sweden Ekto
Netherlands Sebhes
Germany stRay

The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever

I may have a weird thing to ask, but reckon it's important - even if most people don't(do) use it.

Is the mouseaccel deleted from the get go on this? (e.g. I only have an older one that's for Win 7 or older, so would probably have to get another one)

And using something like Rinput is all fine aswell, right? :D
used rinput on previous lan - it's fine

on a side note that was the first time when I had to use it as everything was working good on my pc in home
Wait... I'm a caster?
avi to take ur shift when u have to play vs the wannabe professional teams winnermans ez
It's news to me. I doubt I'll do any casting or stuff. Last time I just got shit faced and decided to talk smack on stream. They want someone "professional" to cast which is the furthest thing from me...
U are The best sir
If by best you mean a fucking fat wanker who is less entertaining that watching paint dry... You're correct. If you mean the best as in best... You sir are completely wrong.
was nice watching u walk around recording inside with a flash on tbh

> LeFrancis as the caster

if this guy can keep his shoutcast on the same level as his all previous journals - sorry merli but it's the retirement time
Cant wait to try a new couch

image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTiUVmYlB_mzMpwaS0GWHU7qNOcXHuNjYWrVk1ED3EohHnWaZse
Nice good luck!
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