RTCW 6vs6 Winter Storm League!

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Hello everyone from the RTCW community. First of all, I want to thank Belgium homie for organizing the one-day cup the 22.12, which went pretty good, Canada murkey for setting up several osp servers and also United Kingdom MerlinatoR for streaming and shoutcasting. This event motivated me to organize the one day cup that took place the 26.01.2020 and that was also successful. Now its time for the real deal, a RTCW League after all these years!

- UPDATE: 1-group-league all vs all-mode meeting the rest of the teams once.
- All games from the league will be played on Sundays at 19:30/20:00 and 20:30/21:00 CET so that United Kingdom MerlinatoR can provide us his stream and shoutcast! https://www.twitch.tv/merl1nator. Further streamers and shoutcasters are also welcome to join in!

- The detailed RULES for the league can be seen here, please read the rules carefully before signing up and before every game to avoid discussions and misunderstandings!

- The predetermined SCHEDULE AND STANDINGS with the aspects maps/server location/time/opponent is now online and can be seen here

- Rescheduling and delay rules are currently being discussed!
A match can be delayed no longer than 15 minutes after the scheduled time. Once the 15 minutes expire, the team responsible for the delay must use a backup player or merc.
If a merc is to be used, said merc must first be approved by the match's designated admin.
If the 15 minutes expire and the delaying team has been unable to find replacements, the opponent may force the start of the match. This means that it's possible that one team plays with fewer players. During the duration of the match, the team that lacks players can still add players at any given time.

- The league will then last as expected 9 weeks. The team with the most points wins the league! After the end of the league the best 4 teams will compete in semifinals and the winners of the game in the grand final, to determine the ultimate champion and close this large event with 4 more epic games! The other 2 teams will compete for the 3rd place! These games will take place the following 2 weeks after the end of the league

League signups (9):

Europe Raw:
United Kingdom jam(c) Netherlands bully, Belgium homie, Germany fro, Netherlands Mirage, United Kingdom dusty, United Kingdom crumbs, Belgium Kevin

Sweden KiH:
Sweden Malmen (c), Sweden FeTTe, Sweden ozzy, Sweden Askungen, Sweden wuff, Norway zerom, Belgium syL, Norway Kris

United States of America Deadeyes Huckleberry Service DHS:
United States of America Virus047 (c), United States of America Reker, United States of America Nigel, United States of America Brujah, United States of America Kittens, Canada Tragic, United States of America Playa, United States of America Cypher, United States of America DeadEye, Peru Fox, Canada Jaytee, United States of America Spuddy, United States of America Luna

Europe Fast Forward:
Germany Cliffdark (c), Denmark Vaf, Belgium Faster, Finland sipperi, United Kingdom dictator, Poland Risk, Germany Oxy, Estonia mata, United Kingdom sharky, United Kingdom lasher, Finland sirkka, Germany Fireball

Germany Old man gaming:
Germany Showtime (c), Germany Cobra, Germany Thrill, Germany Kali, Germany Shizzel, Germany Heldor, Germany stownage, Germany sonar, Germany ArchDevil

United States of America Trinity:
United States of America spaztik (c), Canada festus, United States of America wangofpain, United States of America lath, Belgium vodka, United States of America c@k-el, United States of America flogzero, United States of America anialatem,
Netherlands prowler, United States of America corpse, Poland pasek

Europe Roz:
Poland h2o (c), United Kingdom mini, Canada murkey, Netherlands kylie, Netherlands vis, United States of America parcher, Finland raw, Netherlands max

Europe Bonkas:
Netherlands Joep (c), Netherlands rezta, Netherlands crabje, United Kingdom ditto, United Kingdom nova, Slovenia seareal, United Kingdom chronic, Netherlands Leonneke, Netherlands shootej

United States of America N/A:
United States of America Eternal (c), United States of America cKy, United States of America End, United States of America Raiser, Canada brandon, United States of America Sem, United States of America donka, United States of America machine, United States of America donkey,
Canada source

Looking forward to some kick-ass RTCW epic action!

Useful Links:
RTCW Discord Channel
Download RTCW 1.4 (pre-installed)
RTCW Configs
RTCW Troubleshoot FAQ

Your admin/referee staff: Germany Cliffdark, Netherlands bully, Canada murkey, Poland dary
Btw chronic busted with using annihil.com, lel
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