Post-Season CoD2 Team Changes

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After a rollercoaster LAN schedule over the last few months the CoD2 scene has finally slowed down and with that comes the inevitable slew of player changes. The initial moves were to involve digitalMind, infamous for changing their roster after events. Coming off a win at Netgamez, a poor performance at the Milk LAN and a much better one at WonderBase, the Dutch side decided to remove Breazi and cut roEl from the starting 5. They did this safe in the knowledge that they could replace them with the talented duo of Zem and Rapz who were to move from H2k.

This would leave the digitalMind lineup as follows...

Netherlands Rikk
Netherlands Roy
Netherlands Nutec
Netherlands Zem
Netherlands Rapz

This of course not only left H2k in serious problems but also some top players on the market so to speak. Contrary to speculation at the time however, it was suXus and not H2k who were to capatalise on this. Despite a strong Netgamez performance, suXus were disappointing at the Milk LAN and after dM's announcement decided to pick up two of their ex-players, Breazi and Kasparov.

They also added Tekin to leave their rather large lineup looking as follows...

Netherlands Pr3z
Netherlands HaYa
Netherlands Kasparov
Netherlands roEL
Netherlands Huurling (aka Breazi)
Netherlands Tekin
Netherlands Michaelangelo (back-up)

The next team to make headlines was of course H2k, who were at this stage considered by many to be close to folding. They silenced their doubters by adding two strong Dutch players to bring their lineup back to five. The first of these was Qwerty, formerly of Check Six and Digntias, and the more surprising second was Lrs, the not so well known player from TmG and Koppensnellers. Qwerty, other than a brief spell with Copenhagen-Esports, had been without a team since parting with Dignitas and many predicted he would make the switch to H2k. Lrs on the other hand was, unknown to most, having problems with his Dutch team Koppensnellers and despite taking first place at the WZZRD Grandmasters LAN felt it was time to move on.

This leaves H2k with a promising lineup that even features two ex-RTCW players...

Netherlands Solz
Netherlands Joepoe
Netherlands Doekoe
Netherlands Qwerty
Netherlands Lrs

Finally the UK side Reason, not wanting to be left out of all the fun, decided to spice up their lineup after a disappointing showing at i29. They removed Zaaro and allowed phonic9 to step back to inactivity due to his internet problems. In their place they took on former 4Kings star Pain, who brings their lineup back to an active 5. Reason will hope he can show a repeat of the form that saw him dominate the CoD scene with teams such as Supermen, PCG and riZe.

Led by ex-Dignitas player Palmz, the Reason lineup now looks like this...

United Kingdom Palmz
United Kingdom Luni
United Kingdom Jexer
United Kingdom Epix
United Kingdom Pain

United Kingdom phonic9 (inactive)
good luck Reason ^_^
ive played against phonic9, awesome player shame hes inactive :(
Nice work liam.
nice article.
nice read
nice something else
is nice, I like
Reason should do well with Palmz and Pain, H2k with Qwerty...nice lineup, lacks mental stability maybe?
Never know what to think of dM, surprising they'd change their lineup after doing well at Wonderbra
well they had to since they played with a merc at wonderbase >_<
And that merc was tied down to a multi million dollar contract i heard
Who was the merc? :<
That's Top Secret information that you just made public. As of now you shall be hunted down untill elimination.

You've changed man, you used to be about the love
arf sry! :(
GL dM <3 =]
You're opinion is based on personal feelings towards me Alpha so no wonder you don't know what to think about it .. sigh

And it's all explained in our newspost why we removed roEL after Wonderbase ... we had no choice.
This leaves H2k with a promising lineup that even features two ex-RTCW players...

Haha Stuart U dick :D
I put it there for him, I knew it'd wet his pants!
Is cod3 not played competitively?
cod3 is for consoles afaik :)
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