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Given the fact that we have had two splendid weekends of hardcore ODC gaming going on now and that the ET activity is currently on it's peak due to corona situations, I'm willing to give this thing a shot and see if we can make it happen, so I'm proud to announce i will be hosting an ET Nations Cup.

I do believe that we can get at least 10-12 nations in and get a nice tournament going before everyone goes back to their casual real lifing! Given the feedback from this post and the amount of captains interested in making a team, i will decide if we will go through with it or not.

National team captains

- Those of you who wish to apply as captain for their respective nations can do the following:
  • Join our ETPro discord server here
  • Send me (Aniky#3784) a private message with brief explanation what makes you worthy of being a captain.

Out of all applications i will decide upon most suitable candidates to make their lineups as best as possible given the current conditions.

ET NationsCup 2020 Schedule:

Tuesday, 12th of May - Captain applications open
Sunday, 17th of May - Captain applications closed
Sunday, 24th of May - Lineups are announced by team captains
Wednesday, 27th of May - Groups published
Sunday, 31st of May - Start of the first matchweek
Sunday, 7th of June - Start of second matchweek

I will be adjusting the schedule according to the feedback I will be getting, my goal is to get this tournament done within a month so it wont drag too much into summer. Format of the tournament would be round robin and each matchweek would consist of two group games, followed by playoffs, depending on the amount of nations signed up, more infos will follow in later stages.

I hope to get as many nations signed up as activity can currently offer so we can enjoy some great exciting gaming yet again. I will be posting any additional infos here and on our discord server, so stay tuned in!

I have done the first step, now i hope that community gets united again and we get this NC a reality!

great! ready to cast Poland games <3
Writing my application and sending CV for Team France 2020.
ok let's do this
I'm extremely excited for the comeback of both you and VJ.
I'll be extremely surprised if I even get positive stats tbh, I've forgot how to ET
There are easy solutions for that.
Don't let me down.
Hahaha nah, it’s been probably a decade since I’ve done that, too old for that shit :D
I've sent a message to VJ. Lets see what he says. :D
got 2 motivated, oldschool former Team Germany Players in my Bootcamp, they be ready by end of may
I never thought I'd live to see this happen again :D
keep going!
hope to see 6 of Slovenia Slovenia avi.
Just checked the "last activity" of some Austrian players on crossfire.
Only 2 were active within the last 2 years. This will be challenging.

Maybe Austria we should once again bond with Germany Yermany and form the better empire that Germany Yermany always wanted to be.
Germany will have a good team/teams... think it would make more sense to merge with like Switzerland/Slovenia
I wasn't serious about really merging with Germany ;-)
But ye, it might be a good idea to merge with some of our less active neighbor countries.

How about:
Slovenia JaKaZc
Slovenia Illy-ya
Slovenia Immo
Czech Republic CPU (I just messaged him on linkedin about NC)
Czech Republic tentee
Switzerland rapt6rr
Switzerland gifty
Switzerland anim
Switzerland vegi
Switzerland GuNnEr
Switzerland Dabster
Italy Mic
Italy M4X
Italy Xylos
Italy Danone
Hungary Phobeus
Hungary Seewi_
Are you able to contact Mic and Fox? I will tell them to check this post. They are rly busy tough.

I am 90% sure Seewi wont play ET ever again but you can catch him playing on steam :D
e. dunno about the rest of the HUNs, but I guess varadi admiralis & co are always up for ET. I have no contacts. GL w finding players. Get fobje and the rest will follow:)
Ye I will contact Mic via facebook/linkedin =)
But I am not sure if I would play tbh. Also Austria only got "4" replies on the tournament.
fobje is playing cs from time to time, dunno if he cares about nc lol
bitch please we got enough players
Hey ,, Green_clon and Denton come.. with me.. I sreach big boys .. :-)
Germany stray blade fireball flopjehz s1lent + kresti / suuhk / Aqui
Netherlands sebhes outlaw insane Jay gizmoo + cupra?
Poland abj wut dialer bloodje h2o + wiaderko?
Finland walle toNi swani vokki lettu olden + hazz/mayan/webe/oldie
Belgium Kevin Jere chry eron syL + d4v1d/maus/lio?
Slovenia Aniky immooo blauss seareal
France Quaku sanjih aniki returner snake smirzz

big teams
Avi to replace Jere aswell. (:
Most of these teams wouldve been big in their prime time yes.
Planning a big comeback of Belgium d.syL.
Belgium juicy, bltzz, carnage based on activity I'd say

Maybe the edit boys as well, as they played the last lan as well.
Spoke with david quite some times last week, so guess he would be in as well.

dunno bout myself though

what about cze? denton, green clon etc?
If I'm doing my duty, you have to do yours as well eron
hehe, who ever the cpt of BE will be, I'll try to help him with getting a solid line-up
the only 3 people i talked to from cze would never touch ET again, so dunno :D

i wont cpt for sure
-bloodje +brahi and we're good to go
Tak, dokładnie
BOBiKA for leading Czechs!
Gl kevin
I know there are many other players out there, but here are a few from my poll on our Facebook page / group, maybe you can still pick up a few for your nation there: or here:

image: list1apksu
image: list2pkkh9
image: list3kwkbu
image: list4gnjwn
image: list5bcjmt
image: list6ijjru
image: list791jqk
image: list8dfk3n
image: list9enjsp
for the love of god hide the messages/pictures, its broken the site with all the scrolling u need to do
Will apply for team UK captain, bring the gold local home
With all my respect for your e-career you may find Francebig dogs on your path.
Please keep an eye on duel dodger/LAN dodger Romania z3R0 so he cant troll the tournament. hf
Hi Aniky, absolutely thankful to have you in the community to organize these things. I’ve never thought to see the day of another ET NC. I’m more enthousiaster about it than I thought I would be. Let’s hope for a nice tournament, I’d advice against a mixture of nations but that’s up to you and the community.

I’ll get in touch with Chile, I’ve always stayed in touch with them and know from personal experience that Mgza is an amazing captain.
How about multiple lus from germany/nl/fin?
You don’t believe you are able to qualify for Finland 1 anymore?
It's time for Mayan to carry
Wtf did i just read?

How about multiple lus from germany/nl/fin?

avi for finlands finest.
nice to watch some streams, liked the 6on6's too. It's cool after being so inactive this game can catch me every time :))
Team Germany Cpt incoming! :OOOOO
ciiaaaaaaaoooooooo ik kiek lieber zu wa ^^
Great GL too all!
Who is worthy of being captain of Finland

image: imthecaptainnow
puked a little. swani > all
hope that mayan is going to be picked as team fiiiiinland captain as he is decent player and the most active one
that's actually true, mayan in NC :) he is wet already It seems these 800 gathers paid out, well played
Lets go Sweden where my boys at?
lets do this!
Nice, looking forward !
Samen samen? [insert nade sound]
Some countries have 15 players and some only a few :d
Sorry, some countries don't have a decent internet connection yet.
Austria has a decent one, and sill only a few players active
a bomo kj nobatorjov skp zbral? :D
a je sploh še kdo aktivn? :D
Pa glih ene dva nam se faleta :D
squaze seareal aniky blaus immoo, ???
veruna obcasno kje spila, sam in on in immo nimata kj velik cajta.
Avi voor NL
Avi for watching the streams :D
cpt avi
eiks sun flagis pitäs olla liettua -,-
pitäis vaihtaa, mut suomen passi vielä löytyy nii kai vielä sais suomea edustaa et:ssä
Spetelius pistää jurriporukan kasaa
Team-Portugal avi
Get ur ass on discord, there's tons of your guys there :P
avi for The Netherlands 5
loool Weslann you still playing bro?
its been a few years man since i last played
It's the perfect timing to build the Greek National Team again and manage to win more maps than what we ever did. I mean, winning more than one map should be doable, isn't it?
Greece Έλατε παιδιά, ας παίξουμε μαζί. Θελω να σε ξαναδω!
gonna spec for sure
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