RTCW 6on6 Draft Cup I and 3on3 Cup II

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After the success of the 3on3 cup on Sunday 10th May, I will be hosting two new competitions. A 6on6 draft cup on Saturday 23rd May and a second edition of the 3on3 competition on Sunday 24th May. If possible the 3on3 cup will be split into two divisions to allow for more even games.

3on3 Cup II
Date: Sunday 24th May 2020
Start: TBA
Format: 3on3
Map pool: Ice, Frostbite, Escape, TBA, TBA
Format: 18:00CET
Shoutcast & Stream: United Kingdom MerlinatoR
Website: RTCW.live

Teams signed up (9): bold = captains
Division 1:
BAMBO: Poland h2o, Netherlands Kylie, United Kingdom mini
noPressure: United Kingdom jam, Norway Kris, Germany Oxy, Estonia mata
Yellow: United Kingdom crumbs, Latvia Clown, Belgium Faster
Rasta: Netherlands Bully, Germany Cliffdark, Germany Fireball, Belgium Homie, Netherlands vis
Disivion 2:
Chips and chocolate: United Kingdom Ditto, United Kingdom Nova, Belgium Puma
iosn: Turkey Canhanc, Finland Raw, Poland dary
Merge: Sweden Brill, Sweden Limtok, Sweden Ozzy
eXido: Finland P1az, Finland Plut0n, Finland Boon
Bonzai: Belgium vodka, Belgium Delgado, Germany psy

6on6 Draft Cup
Date: Saturday 23rd May 2020
Start: 18:45CET
Format: 6on6 draft
Map pool: ice, frost, village, beach, base, assault, church
Format: Group
Website: RTCW.live

Team Ozzy (Ozzy, Joep, FireBall, Ditto, def, Delgon
Team Kevin (Kevin, pSy, dusty, Whitewolf, Jin, P1az)
Team Dictator (Dictator, Raiser, crumbs, Graecos, vodka, oranje)
[4th] Team Homie (Homie, Enigma, syL, puma, Unicron, Toryu)
looking forward!
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