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I believe that this was the crucial point whether we would have those 17 nations signups reality or only a dream, but i am very proud to announce that all 17 nations have published their lineups in the given time that they had. Deadline was up until today and we have received publicly or privately all the lineups and with great pleasure i will announce all of them now!

Among all presented lineups, we could enjoy some quality entertainment yet again by seeing unique ways of presenting their lineups via journals, specially from team USA and team France. Without further ado, here are lineups of 17 nations signed up for this year Nations Cup.

Belgium Belgium - Kevin, chry, mAus, Jere, Juicy, dav1d, eron

Brazil Brazil - Savior, OlavoL, Vapor, B1el, Felipeee, Sabian

Canada Canada - TunnEl, Dynasty, Punkk, CrimZon, Brandon, Bebit

Chile Chile - mgZa, M@x, hanS, Outload, Luxo, Replicator

Czech Republic Czech republic - Sklamak, Green_clon, Rifleman, Loo, Cpu, Denton

Finland Finland - Swanidius, hazz, walle, toNi, lettu, lEku

France France - ReturneR, quAke, sanjh, kEEJI, mouss, uYop

Germany Germany - stRay, FiREBALL, kReSti, Specula, Aq, Bl4d3

Iceland Iceland - rNz, Rafzi, tw1N, Jezt0rr, Fifty, Pearl

Italy Italy - mama, Hedo, impe, M4x, regular, Ronk, TraUma.

Netherlands Netherlands - Sebhes, Cupra, Jay, GizmOoO, iNsANe, outlAw

Norway Norway - Domi, Zodiac, Lakaii, Kris, w3st, Zodihax

Poland Poland - BloOdje, Abject, h2o, dialer, wiaderko, WuT, hunter

Portugal Backups: WhT, d0g, cyborg, Caga (analyst) - mesh, r0th, fishy, g0dz, surreal, shiva

Sweden Sweden - tornis, nordan, alexL, jonas, newbje, weslann

United Kingdom United Kingdom - jkzz, garin, stkz, niSmo, Scarzy, med1xza

United States of America United States of America - ipod, The_End, joker, ohurcool, detdet, candy

All the lineups here are subject to change depending on the availability of individual player, so i have linked each team to their announcing journal as well, to be able to see full lineup with backups included.

ET NationsCup 2020 Schedule:

Tuesday, 12th of May - Captain applications open
Sunday, 17th of May - Captain applications closed
Sunday, 24th of May - Lineups are announced by team captains
Wednesday, 27th of May - Groups published (Will be most likely published earlier)
Sunday, 31st of May - Start of the first matchweek
Sunday, 7th of June - Start of second matchweek

Additional information:
  1. Each team will have one wildcard, which they can use in either group stage or playoffs games.
  2. First match week will consist of two group stage games.
  3. Second match week will consist of remaining one game and all wildcard games.
  4. All group matches will be BO3 with both maps forced.
  5. After group stage, first two teams from each group will proceed into playoffs, while the remaining teams will proceed into consolation (fun) playoffs, to give them extra games for their hard work and practice.
  6. Both playoffs will be ran via double eliminaiton brackets, with BO3 games.
  7. In playoffs, each team will be able to select one map from maplist.
  8. More information to follow with group stages published in the following days.

The community has done their move and got all 17 nations with full lineups, now i will do mine and get this Nations Cup reality! I wish all the participating nations and players a lot of fun and great games!

Two games per week gonna be hard
Understandable but will see still what the best way around this will be, might just run it 3 weeks if it won't work out.
bin avi falls was ist xD
wenn kein raid dazwischen kommt
nice :)
Snuble and shimmie added to Norwegian lineup ☆☆
If I only had this information before filling in the prediction poll
Thats why i had the advantage of whom will win this shit, I'm so pumped being back I feel like I'm a 16 year old pumped on roids
Team UK w3st back in ACTIO... wait hol up
UK Griim??????????
Just play already koop!! I know you want it mate hahaha
Those were the days!
you wouldn't get in nowadays >.< haha
Well obviously xD I haven't played in 8 years - why did you feel the need to post this though? :)
was sarcasm dave!
would walk into it obvs x

still having a casual go on anything?
Good luck Dan <3
Why no Estonia :(
squad boys dont play anymoar
no bobika?
Where is Switzerland? :>
u have traitors... playing for uK 8)
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