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Who would of though that from the first news of announcing the Nations Cup, so many nations would show interest and particpiate in it, but after the announcement of all lineups participating in the cup yesterday we can finally move onto the main stage and that is with publishing groups and getting ready to enter the first match week of Nations Cup 2020 games!

Group A
Netherlands Netherlands
Finland Finland
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Norway Norway
Portugal Portugal

Group B
Poland Poland
France France
Iceland Iceland
Italy Italy

Group C
Belgium Belgium
Germany Germany
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Sweden Sweden

Group D
United States of America USA
Canada Canada
Chile Chile
Brazil Brazil

And here we have it, 4 groups which will give us 8 top teams that will proceed into the playoffs and remaining teams battling it out in honorary tournament. Group D was designed in a way to provide American teams easier scheduling and ping related issues.

ET NationsCup 2020 Schedule:

Tuesday, 12th of May - Captain applications open
Sunday, 17th of May - Captain applications closed
Sunday, 24th of May - Lineups are announced by team captains
Wednesday, 27th of May - Groups published
Tuesday, 26th of May - Start of the first matchweek
Sunday, 7th of June - Start of second matchweek
Sunday, 14th of June - Start of third matchweek

Additional information:
  1. Start of the first match week is officially open with published groups, which means that teams can already arrange their games.
  2. Teams can play more than one game per matchweek if they can arrange it with their opponent.
  3. Default forced date for games in each matchweek will be Sunday 20:00CET (exception is Group D)
  4. All games will be broadcasted via ETTV, teams can request games on their own, using ET 6on6 NationsCup 2020 league when requesting game on GamesTV.
  5. Groups, playoffs and all the scores can be found here



Group stage forced maps are:

Round 1: supply, bremen_b3
Round 2: sw_goldrush_te, frostbite
Round 3: radar, adlernest
Round 4 (Group A): bremen_b3, frostbite
Round 5 (Group A): sw_goldrush_te, radar

Note: In case of decider, winner of cointoss selects between last two maps via elimination system, while loser of cointoss can select side.

First matchweek games:
(Should be played between 26th of May - 7th of June)

Group A

Round 1:
Finland Finland vs Portugal Portugal
Czech Republic Czech republic vs Norway Norway

Round 2:
Netherlands Netherlands vs Portugal Portugal
Finland Finland vs Czech Republic Czech republic

Group B

Round 1:
Poland Poland vs Italy Italy
France France vs Iceland Iceland

Round 2:
Poland Poland vs Iceland Iceland
Italy Italy vs France France

Group C

Round 1:
Belgium Belgium vs Sweden Sweden
Germany Germany vs United Kingdom United Kingdom

Round 2:
Belgium Belgium vs United Kingdom United Kingdom
Sweden Sweden vs Germany Germany

Group D

Round 1:
United States of America USA vs Brazil Brazil
Canada Canada vs Chile Chile

Round 2:
United States of America USA vs Chile Chile
Brazil Brazil vs Canada Canada

As written above, each team can request the games at GamesTV on their own if they wish to, just make sure you select the right league. All the captains will be given exact instructions for everything they need to know regarding the matches and everything else, for any other questions, you can reach me over at discord.

Izi Portugal
hope that all teams will play till the end!

gl and hf
Group of Ceath!
Good luck everybody!! I'm looking forward to each and every match and will try to watch as many matches as possible
Sebhes is going for "nicest" comments and replies guy in ET. Always politicly correct as you would expect from NL leader ;)
We need United Kingdom / United States of America TosspoT for shoutcasting!
Find him! :)
Got him on linkedin. Should I try it? ;-)
Why not? :D
Group of Ceath
I wonder if all games would be shoutcasted? I may look to shoutcast the games which are not being done by Merlinator.
Haven't shoutcasted before but think it might be a fun thing to do :)
Would be nice to watch some Games @twitch idd(player Stream or official shoutcast) as i havnt got et anymore, Not even a PC to watch ettv lul
If you or anyone else want to do it, hit me up at discord, the more the merrier :)
ayyyy, whatsup koop :)

just make sure you dont suck at shoutcasting, or you might end up inside the back of a trunk again.
Oh god I remember.
Was that Ronners car?
No clue bud, I dont remember much.. All I have is one picture of you in the trunk in my old phone. :D
Yas! if you're gonna do it on Twitch let me know and I'll follow you (I've nearly always got Twitch open :D) - also is Merlinator doing it on Twitch too?
Haha pretty much the same for me having Twitch open all the time!
My stream is
Merlinators stream is

Merl usually does RTCW casts if cups are being played etc but I think he will be doing the NC too.
Yea there's always something interesting to watch! I'll keep an eye out for streams =)
If enough people are interested I may give live analysis and coaching of FranceTeam France official matches.
It may endup in a wine tasting stream if matchs go wrong
haha sounds great, I would tune in anyway if the commentary stays english even with all the wine ;D
avi to duo cast
Yep shoutcast it pls, and tosspot/merli comments for the finals will be the cherry of the cake of this NC.
Seems like gropus are written in skill order XD
Too bad Germany and Brazil aren't in the same group.
wait for semifinal

*Cries in PTSD*
nice effort aniky !
Where the f are all the cool bois from estonia??
Reading your comment I was thinking what team have they got.
Realised I couldn't find them and they don't have a team..yikes ;/
That's sad. I also was hoping for Estonia to play :(
Check pm. :)
I can play if it gives Liechtenstein players
good to see that there is still some action in ET
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