RTCW 6on6 Draft Cup II

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After the success of the 6on6 draft cup on Saturday 23rd May, I will be hosting another edition on Saturday 6th June.

6on6 Draft Cup II
Date: Saturday 6th June 2020
Start: 18:45CET
Format: 6on6 draft
Map pool: ice, frost, village, beach, base, assault, church
Format: Group
Website RTCW.live

Sign-up via the form on the website or by messaging @crumbs on Discord
First !

More Cups in RtCW and ET than in other games. Nice, hopefully the community will grow a little bit more too :o .
Will Church be played this time? :D
Avi, never played RTCW before, but ready and eager to download. Probably shit. Don't know half the maps. pmme
it's a draft cup m8 just sign up
didnt realise, thanks for clearing this up
Just a draft, the more the merrier.

Also, flame and whine are a lot less present in the RTCW community, I wouldn't worry too much about it.
fck you Kevin
We've been wondering where you were :D
very weird, i've added myself but cant see on the list. Wonder why
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