ET 6on6 NC second matchweek

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Second matchweek is officially behind us and all that's left are the last remaining group stage games that will be played in the following week. The second week of group stage provided with some good and exciting games, where spectators could enjoy watching their idols battling it out for their respective nations.

Lets check the results and what's waiting us in the last third matchweek.

Group A

The big battle that everyone was eager to spectate, between Netherlands Netherlands and Finland Finland, ended up with the clear 4:0 victory for team Netherlands and with that they also sealed their first place in group A.

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Finland Finland did recover from that defeat to come back with clear goal of proceeding to playoffs, by beating Czech Republic Czech Republic and sealing the spot in the playoffs.

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Third matchweek will bring us some new games in this group, so dont miss them out!

09.06.20 21:00 CEST
image: game60891

14.06.20 21:30 CEST
image: game60894

The other games in this group are yet to be scheduled until the end of this week.

image: game60892 image: game60905

Group B

Ah even here we could finally see some games being played and more to come on Wednesday, so lets check the first results of this group.

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All fans of Iceland Iceland will be able to spectate two games on Wednesday night:

10.06.20 21:30 CEST
image: game60880

10.06.20 22:30 CEST
image: game60906

To finish off this group, the big game between Poland Poland and France France will be played on Thursday, while Iceland Iceland and Italy Italy have yet to schedule their game.

11.06.20 21:30 CEST
image: game60908

image: game60909

Group C

Germany Germany was finally joining the show, with playing two games over at weekend and having one more upcoming game against Belgium Belgium on Sunday.

image: game60881 image: game60887

After suffering defeat to Germany Germany, United Kingdom United Kingdom was able to get their focus back just in time to get their important win against team Sweden Sweden.

image: game60903

Tomorrow you can tune in watching battle between Belgium Belgium and United Kingdom United Kingdom.

09.06.20 21:00 CEST
image: game60893

And to wrap it off in this group, how else than with one of the best matches group games could provide us at this moment, most likely battle for first place in this group, between Germany Germany and Belgium Belgium, unless United Kingdom United Kingdom prepares big surprise tomorrow.

14.06.20 21:00 CEST
image: game60910

Group D

In this last group, we have seen some matches being played out as well as United States of America USA sealing their first place in the group.

image: game60890 image: game60911

The deciding map between Canada Canada and Chile Chile was postponed, so keep an eye on when this match will get end result!

image: game60904

The last game that has to be played out in this group and is yet to be scheduled is between Chile Chile and Brazil Brazil.

image: game60912

All group games are to be finished by 14th of June, Sunday and after we can focus on getting the playoffs started, for both top 8 teams and the rest of teams battling it out in placement playoffs for spots from 9-17th place.
I'm just wondering, how exactly did finland seal their spot in the playoffs? After we win vs .nl 4:0, it's gonna be three way tie!
Love it! May the best team win this weekend
No, I'd rather we win ":D"
But jokes aside, I'm aware we are underdogs here, I just don't like being written off.
In case of a tie, inbetween matches are looked first, so in that case Finland would be above.
Finland would be above us. We would be above Netherlands who would be above Finland.
Nobody. Netherlands eliminated. Pls win them!
May be the first tournaments in a decade featuring no drop outs to this point
BEL <> GER is gonna be exciting!
I blame Zodiac for the lost! should have gone for cwg mummy!
and where the fuck is Vj???? the worlds greateast player in Norway!? :P
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