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And here we are, with group stages behind us and going forward with the playoffs for this year Nations Cup. We could see some good thrilling games, but the real fun begins just now. Not only will you be able to spec the battle for the title, but also the battle for the places from 9 to 17th.

Let's check out how the group stages ended up after the last games were played yesterday.

Group A

  1. Netherlands Netherlands
  2. Finland Finland
  3. Czech Republic Czech Republic
  4. Norway Norway
  5. Portugal Portugal
Group link can be found here

Group B

  1. Poland Poland
  2. France France
  3. Italy Italy
  4. Iceland Iceland

Group link can be found here

Group C

  1. Germany Germany
  2. Belgium Belgium
  3. United Kingdom United Kingdom
  4. Sweden Sweden

Group link can be found here

Group D

  1. United States of America USA
  2. Canada Canada
  3. Chile Chile
  4. Brazil Brazil

Group link can be found here

The top two team from each group will proceed into the playoffs, while the rest of nations will battle it out for the places between 9th and 17th. Below are both playoffs brackets, so nations will be able to schedule their games already.

Nations Cup 2020 Playoffs

Netherlands Netherlands vs Canada Canada

Germany Germany vs France France

Poland Poland vs Belgium Belgium

United States of America USA vs Finland Finland

image: NC-Playoffs

Brackets can be found here

Nations Cup 2020 9-17th place playoffs

There will be one extra round due to uneven number of teams.

Portugal Portugal vs Iceland Iceland

Winner between PT and IS will play United Kingdom United Kingdom

Italy Italy vs Norway Norway

Czech Republic Czech Republic vs Brazil Brazil

Chile Chile vs Sweden Sweden

image: NC-Playoffs-9-17

Brackets can be found here

  • Tuesday, 16th of June - Start of playoffs
  • Sunday, 12th of July - Grand finals

  • Nations have one week for each playoff round to schedule, the faster everyone schedules their games, the sooner we can finish it off, so i encurage each nation to schedule their games as fast as possible.
  • I decided that there will be no wildcards in the playoffs as that will further extend the entire tournament, one week for each round should be more than enough for nations to schedule their games.
  • Both tournaments are double elimination style, which means, even if you lose once, you can still advance forward via loser brackets.

I wish all the nations a lot of luck and fun in the playoffs and lets see who will lift up golden pocal this time.
GL to all teams.
Will look forward to shoutcasting as many as I can!
Except your actual nation....


...only joking..

I know its India..
The teams skill now is balanced. So the games will be more and more competitive until the Finals. Watch the games is mandatory for every etplayer in the world. The best of cup, will ccoming now! Gl4all
gl bobika
i have 2 questions:

1) what advantage has the winner of the upper bracket vs the one that came from the loser bracket? have to win twice?

2) what about the map selection? u can pick one map and u cant repeat it till the finals or the whole tournament?

thanks in advance.
Regarding 1st question, you are right. The nation coming from the lower bracket has to win twice in the Grand Final.

I want to know regarding question 2 as well
thx mate <3
As I have already replied on discord, I will allow each nation to pick their strongest map each round without limitation. Given the fact I have already forced all 6 maps in group stages, I now wish to see nations show their best on their favorite maps and with that have higher chances of proceeding into next round of playoffs.
thanks for the reply :)
thanks lukasz
can't wait :)
Well done!
Good luck France. :)
Lmao too ez for Poland
gl hunter :)
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