RTCW Schedule QuakeCon @ Home

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The schedule and ruleset for the RTCW #Quakecon at Home weekend (7-9 August) have been released. We are happy to announce that 26 teams in total, have signed up for this event (13 for each region).

For both regional tournaments (EU and NA), we are running two divisions 'Invite' and 'Open'.

Teams will play seeding tournaments over the first part of the #QuakeCon at Home weekend. This will be followed by a #QuakeCon at home single elimination tournament for each region.

Official coverage will be provided by United Kingdom TosspoT on Saturday and Sunday. There will be other streams available from other players and spectators to maximize the amount of coverage. Check GamesTV for streams available for each match! The finals will be hosted on the main stage on Sunday 9 August @ 19.00 CET!

Event discord
NA Community Discord
EU Community Discord

EU Invite
EU Open
NA Invite
NA Open

EU Rules
NA Rules

Hi Homie, is it just a fun tournament or do you think we will have news about a new game with "wolfenstein sequel" ?
We are just hosting the RTCW tournament, I have no idea on any announcements on new games! You can check the bethesda schedule for this: https://quakecon.bethesda.net/en/schedule/
gl all!
How about multi-streaming? Youtube, Twitch & Facebook together at the same time?
Use https://studio.mobcrush.com , its for free and it doesnt violate policies if you multistream on all platforms. Big streamers use this tool when hosting events etc
So you can gain much more viewers and cross promote via all channels discord link, get more followers and donations etc.
You have the rights on FB so you can just connect mobcrush to W:ET FB Page if you want
I'll check this out!
Hi, just bought RtCW from Steam and want to play some after all these years. Any1 knows if there are any public servers? Can't really find any :-(


Edit: was a pleasure to watch some of the matches, well done Homie!
Join the eu discord! link in bottom of newspost
GG's to everyone who played! <3
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