RTCW vs ET: Showmatch

It is time to settle a long-running rivalry as players from RTCW and ET face each in an epic RTCW show match. Those taking part include Maus, Toxic, Crumbs and many more.

image: RTCW-vs-ET

When will it take place?
The show match is now cancelled permanently due to influences from a parallel universe.

Who is playing?

image: game61298

ET Players
image: be mAus
image: mt toxic
image: be dAv1d
image: nl abort
image: be Kevin
image: nl adeto

RTCW Players
image: gb crumbs
image: gb dusty
image: no Kris
image: be syL
image: se ozzmosis
image: no zerom

What will be the format?
The following maps will be played (ab)
  • Beach
  • Radar
  • Adlernest
  • Village
  • Frostbite (Decider if required)

How can I watch?
Merlinator will be streaming the match live on Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/merl1nator.

How can I play RTCW?
You can find out how to install the game and fix common issues here https://www.crossfire.nu/journals/156601/rtcw-troubleshoot-faq

Public servers:

A new league will be announced shortly with different skill divisions to account for all players and teams. Details will be posted shortly on crossfire.nu.

To learn the game, you can play gathers with 2 or 3 happening every night on the RTCW Discord https://discord.gg/qkfpT6. When ready for competitive action you can post in the recruitment channel to find a team, or even make your own!
So it's an ET vs RTCW legends on RTCW?
Not sure to fully understand but if it's the case it would have been more entertaining to feature both games.
As stated in the post, it is bound to the announcement of a new league in RTCW. So I guess it would confuse people if they play on both games. Although I definitively agree with you, I want to see a game on both games!
can't wait for Milky Way vs Andromeda match in Brink, featuring legends such as ross, kapot and hello psychos
no Germany Urtier no Legend match
Agreed, but he is nowhere to be seen!
yes this is sad :(
For RTCW or ET?
Needs some Xpaz or some Lettu

Might watch this just need to lug my pc back out.
Can watch on your phone mate.
With Merl streaming, you can watch it on Twitch
Imagine legends match without night
There are lot of legends missing from both sides.

A lot of the older RTCW players are over 40 now :D
missing arguably the best player in the history of the game is a bit different tho :x
i think u r better :$
ET Legends needs a fireball ;-)
nice to see Jorryt back :O
why there are so many belgiums when they aren't even getting top 3 in nationscup???
it's legends not newbies p:
GL both teams!!!
Feels great! Have fun
And so, announcement or not on Sunday? As the match seems to be postponed
It's been delayed because some of the players couldnt make it,still picking new date
Yes, I saw but I was talking about the announcement
WHY NO France SIMOON ???
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