RTCW QuakeCon @ Home Final Results

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QuakeCon is officially over! While the EU and NA events ended over a week ago now, we wanted to take a minute to congratulate each and every player and team who played during this event! Without the support of the community, this never would have been possible! This event once again proved to the gaming world RTCW is still one of the best games out there even if it’s almost 20 years old!

EU Champs: No Pressure
Runner Up: Last Last Chance
Third Place: KiH
EU Final Standings Can Be Viewed Here: https://rtcw.challonge.com/quakecon_eu

NA Champs: Flagrant
Runner Up: Blatant Disrespect
Third Place: INTSTTM
NA Final Standings Can Be Viewed Here: https://rtcw.challonge.com/quakecon_na

On behalf of the entire NA and EU QuakeCon Admin Team, we want to thank everyone for participating in the event! The response to the QuakeCon RTCW tournament from the very first announcement right up until the EU and NA final matches of the event was wonderful! We appreciate all the hard work and effort that was put into this event over the last couple of months, from the team captains, to the players, to the streamers, to the folks running servers and the folks chatting it up on discord. This was a labor of love from everyone for this great game by the entire community. We truly hope everyone had an enjoyable experience and we look forward to many more great things from the RTCW community in the near future! Again congrats to the winners of the event!

-QuakeCon RTCW Admin Team
Consolation Cup ?
image: PepeHands
It was fun!
And where are our $$ grands each? We've been screwed!
GGs, was a nice (and very warm)weekend of RtCW :D Thanks admins for taking the time/dealing with things :*
Congrats to all! Glad to see some people are still keeping the game alive!
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