RTCW.Live - Season 1

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Due to the success of QuakeCon at home we believe RTCW is a game worth playing, a game worth keeping alive. For that reason we are here to bring you some more RTCW action!

This time we bring you a league instead of the standard cup.

  • Teams are seperated into 2 or 3 divisions, depending on the amount of signups. Team captains can note their preference during signups, exceptions may apply.
  • Teams play each other based on a league format. Each team plays an opponent twice. Once in a home setting and once in an away setting. The home team can pick one map, the other map is forced.
  • The home team cannot pick the forced map.
  • Teams can also not pick the same map twice throughout the progression of the league.

  • Teams plan their own matches during a matchweek. If team captains cannot agree on a date for their match before the start of the matchweek the match will be forced onto 21:00 at the last matchday of that week.
  • Streamers can note down availibility in a discord channel for team captains to see, to schedule a match with the possibility of a streamer/shoutcaster casting the match.
  • Team captains will be added to a discord channel for scheduling and map choices purposes.


Sign-ups close on 17th September 2020 23:59. The first matchweek takes place 21-27 September 2020.

How to sign up

Visit the website https://www.rtcw.live/ or directly sign-up through shorturl.at/tTVW5

RTCW Discord

To find a team, play gathers and everything else
Nice banner :-)
Avi, low skilled
Avi, ultra low skilled
Avi, uber low skilled
THIS is exactly what ET also needs.
Do you think that people would participate?
100 percent that people will participate.
Then, give it a go ;-)
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