Make ET great again 6v6 cup Sunday 4 October

Dear fraggers :)

Thank you for signing up for my tournament. Lets make it a fun and enjoyable evening.

To give every team the most exciting games as possible I decided to create 2 leagues in my cup.
League 1: mongols Elysium nWo
League 2: dETi uGc sailors6 dot Team Aimtastic Rocchi Siffredis Suomenkielinen

League 1: In this league every team will play a BO3 game versus the other 2 teams in the league. Teams can pick a map only once. Maps should be communicated in the captains discord channel.

20.00 CET Elysium vs nWo
21.00 CET mongols vs nWo
22.00 CET mongols vs Elysium

League 2: In this league there will be a Single Elimination Tournament where every match will be played BO3. Don't worry if you lose a game because every team will have 3 games. For example teams will fight for 5th-8th spot after they lose their first game.
Brackets for league 2 can be found here:
Every team picks a map only once. Maps should be communicated in the captains discord channel.

Happy fragging.



Dear fraggers,

Since it has been a long time that 6v6 teams could participate in a cup, I decided to host a one day cup this Sunday 4th of october.

The signups will close on 19.00 CET on sunday and the cup will start at 20.00 CET.
The format will be decided based on the signed up teams.

Signed up teams:
  1. Europe Elysium: Sebhes Jay outlAw GizmoOo Jere Webe
  2. Benelux dETi : anger leroy base eron TBA TBA
  3. Europe uGc: iNTER. rezta eraz Fishy HELLDEMBLEZ ohnoes eiti
  4. Europe Professional eSports cklub since 2008 (top10world): top10player top10player top10player top10player top10player top10player
  5. Mongolia mongols: mayan uyop bobika blade WuT s1lent
  6. Europe sailors6: kimi bystry seed seareal jason hayes eric Rainman
  7. Poland dot: bRAH1 h2o Panzuu kermit termit Sklamak
  8. United States of America nWo: TunnEl candy menace ipod Damon TSTi
  9. Europe Team Aimtastic: Snjh ToMfu crs hAFER Rebb spiROZE
  10. Italy Rocchi Siffredis: ReGulaR HeDo TraUma Vegjito BoneHead Bakki
  11. Finland Suomenkielinen: Swanidius plaz Olden Nizou Jassi rsp Tba

Available players:
  • Czech Republic t4Mj
  • Romania bodo
  • Philippines PH.Phatrick
  • Belgium Choco
  • Czech Republic agsor

The mappool:
  • adlernest
  • bremen_b3
  • frostbite
  • missile_b3
  • radar
  • supply
  • sw_goldrush_te

Send me a message on discord (Jere#3634) or crossfire if you want to sign up as a team or as an available player.

CU on sunday

image: 4gnlgy
Im top 5 ranked /world
avi for cup can play anything besides fop
Can help with hosting what ever if needed.
Avi for fun. Am rusty tho :)
avi for Team USA professional eSports cklub since 2008 - top 11 world champions is seriously considering to join this tournament.
Avi for team Finland
avi for Team Mongolia Professional eSports cklub since 2008 (top11world) has professionally signed up for the METGA6v6CS4O, aiming for top1world this time round. Don't be desperate and ask for the lineup, just use your imagination to imagine the most professional lineup you've ever seen. CU ON
Hungary Seewi (c) inf3rno szovjet r0n1n cartman sedi cool karrde and logic to be confirmed backup if he pays 10 eur/ match[\hide]

Ready to play
nerds! gl tho :D
9 Teams already, great job so far Jere!
Good effort Jere :)
Hope div 2 had some fun games :) first victory since 2014, cu lan
yea! played untill midnight or something :DdDdD
Was a great tournament! Currently downloading my stream, will be uploading the separate games played on my youtube tomorrow - this will give you an insight into what being a true professional feels like.

Twitch: (The vod is already up if you want to get in early, as well as some fun clips)
What is wrong with you all? Poor Jere
Thx for hosting Jere
I cancelled my plans on sunday evening to make time for this cup and our opponent left midgame, disappointing attitude by those boys.
Trash morons stealing people's nickname, nothing new
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