Elysium Fall Cup: Announcement

Why? The answer is simple, yet meaningful. I accidentally forgot to close ET last Sunday. As I wanted to shut down my computer, I stumbled across me being left alone on the fields of supplydepot. I wandered around these beautiful, but empty fields, thinking about all the great we experienced throughout the years. A tear started to form and ran over my face. Here we are, once again, back at it again.
image: AMpoolR

We are proud to present the Elysium Fall Cup.

General information:

This cup is organized in honor of the game Enemy Territory and is meant to be finished within approximately one month. We will feature a group stage, followed by two separate playoff stages which pits the top two and lower two teams of both groups against each other in a single-elimination bracket.

The amount of participants will be limited to eight only. The main reason behind this being to keep the tournament short and brief. If there happens to be more than eight sign-ups, qualifiers will be held to decide which team is allowed to enter the tournament.

To sign up, simply send one of the admins a private message including your team name plus roster. Once you have created a new team it will automatically be added to the waiting pool, which can be found right below this post.

The Elysium Cup

  • Tuesday, 6th of October - Sign ups open
  • Friday, 9th of October - Sign ups closed
  • Sunday, 11th of October - Qualifiers
  • Monday, 12th of October - Groups published
  • Tuesday, 13th of October - Start of the first matchweek (BO3)
  • Monday, 26th of October - End of the group stage
  • Tuesday, 27th of October - First week of the Single Elimination Play Offs, Semi Finals (BO5)
  • Tuesday, 3rd of November - Second week of the Single Elimination Play Offs, Finals (BO5)


  • adlernest
  • frostbite
  • erdenberg_t1
  • et_ice
  • sp_delivery_te
  • supply
  • sw_goldrush_te
  • adlernest
  • bremen_b3
  • frostbite
  • missile_b3
  • radar
  • supply
  • sw_goldrush_te
During the group stage, maps will be forced. In the Play Offs both teams get to eliminate one map from the map pool, subsequently teams will coin toss to decide which team will first pick a map, consecutive maps are chosen alternately.

Waiting pool

  • Europe
    United Kingdom fantasy
    France Francis (c)
    Finland mAhla
    United Kingdom niSmO (c)
    Germany Parzi
    Germany stownage
    Czech Republic t4mje

  • Europe
    Germany Aurora
    Germany Crs
    Germany hAFER (c)
    Germany Lazy
    France Snjh
    Belgium ToMfu

  • Europe
    Poland Kirej
    Scotland razz
    United Kingdom ScarZy
    Finland Swanidius
    Finland toNi
    Malta toxic
    Finland Webe (c)

  • Benelux
    Belgium aNGER
    Netherlands base
    Belgium ChilAx
    Netherlands constan
    Belgium eron
    Netherlands kApot (c)

  • Poland
    Poland bRAH1 (c)
    Poland kermit
    Czech Republic Sklamak
    Poland termit
    Poland z3R0
    Poland znajda

  • Europe
    Netherlands GiZmOoO
    Netherlands hayaa
    Netherlands iNsAne
    Belgium Jere
    Netherlands outlAw
    Netherlands Sebhes (c)

  • Sweden
    Switzerland Blauss
    Romania Bodo
    Sweden Eric (c)
    Netherlands krepox
    Portugal mesh
    Finland Plaz

  • Europe
    Poland Bystry
    France fruits.apricot
    Poland Hayes
    Poland Jason
    Finland hazz
    Slovakia Kimi
    Finland latee
    Slovenia seareal
    Cyprus seeD (c)
    Iceland xesa

  • Poland
    Poland Abj
    Poland BloOdje (c)
    Poland h2o
    Finland mayan
    Germany s1LENT
    France uYop
    Poland WuT

  • Europe
    Finland eiti
    France eraz
    Portugal fishy
    Netherlands HELLDEMBLEZ
    Netherlands iNTER. (c)
    Netherlands ohnoes
    Netherlands rezta
    Portugal SHiVAj

  • Europe
    Czech Republic agsor
    Germany Ava
    United States of America ipod
    Netherlands Jalla
    United Kingdom Jinosta
    Belgium JuiCy
    Germany Specula
    Netherlands Testi (c)

  • Germany
    Switzerland Aquila
    Germany Bl4d3 (c)
    Belgium chry
    Germany FiREBALL
    Germany kReSti
    Belgium mAus
    Germany stRay

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions about the cup! We can be reached on discord or through a Crossfire PM.

Belgium Jere
Netherlands Sebhes

Respect means valuing others
avi for both platforms
Any recruitment post ?
btw thanks for the effort both of you
I can play a bit of this, medic only because I don't have a blue bar
I'm almost recovering from yesterday's intense gaming session and Elysium come here to announce a new tournament?

Good luck with it m8!
Will Sebhes become the new Jere?

Tbh playing yesterday got me nostalgic about LAN, hopefully we can organise one in 2021...?
You haven't been the only one, but let us await that damn virus first..

I heard you guys had a lot of fun playing yesterday, that's awesome to hear.
Can we make sure that it wont be possible to play delivery twice? :D
Haha not on my watch, when did that happen anyway?
Don't worry about it, you are even able to eliminate one map from the map pool during the play offs
Momentum Gaming is looking for 2 aimers to join the cup! You guys will get all best positions :P pm me or Kimi
Powodzenia ;)
avi to easily win 3o3 and 6o6 pm
avi to easily lose 3o3 and 6o6 pm
avi to draw in 3o3 and 6o6 pm
avi 3o3 6o6 pm
Hi Seb,
"The amount of participants will be limited to eight only. The main reason behind this being to keep the tournament short and brief. If there happens to be more than eight sign-ups, qualifiers will be held to decide which team is allowed to enter the tournament."

How are you going to decide which teams have to play qualifiers? Or will the first 8 teams be 100% sure about their spot and the newest teams play qualifiers?
Hello, good question. We have decided to make a judgment based on skill and our own personal view. This means that as week progresses, we will inform the teams that might need to play a qualifier on Sunday. By having a short sign up period, we try to limit the amount of participants and only work with the most active and motivated ones. In that sense, I do not expect many qualifiers to happen.
Avi for 6v6 as medic or eng smg
Bring back TAG :--)
Rifle avi
avi for 3v3 and 6v6 :)
Avi for 6v6. Bit rusty.. medic, engi smg or rifle np and even fop
Avi to 6v6
oh jesus
Make team with Ava Testi Gyzr Stib !
[18:25, 8.10.2020] Wouter: Specula is in
[18:25, 8.10.2020] Wouter: Think he forgot him
[18:35, 8.10.2020] Lukas W.: Since when am I in the lu?
[18:37, 8.10.2020] Wouter: I made you get in
[18:47, 8.10.2020] Lukas W.: But I dont wanna, dont have the time for it
[18:48, 8.10.2020] Lukas W.: Havent played for a Long time

Getting forced to play
Doesn't matter u good to go bro!
Make team w eric bodo blaus ! (:
Due to the more than anticipated amount of sign ups so far, the sign up period has been brought forward by 1 day. The new deadline to sign up for this tournament now is: Friday, the 9th of October at 23:59 CET. We want to give teams a sufficient amount of time to prepare for their qualify matches, which will be held Sunday evening.
Dear Luxembourg Sebhes

would you be kind enough to remove the Belgium next to my name?

Thank you in advance.
I'm enlightened to hear the good news regarding your new passport. We could only hope
You are trying to migrate everyone to the Netherlands
dis que t'es te, what a genius!
yermanz with the big imposters right there
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