RTCW: 10v10 XMAS Onedaycup

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As tradition demands, I'm here with another Christmas Cup! This year the format will be a bit different. Following the success of our first Friday Night Magic, we'll play 10v10 gathers throughout the day and night on various formats and maps!
The guy with the highest ELO at the end of the night can finally have his captain role removed in regular gathers!
To speed up games in general, we'll only play 1 round per map. Everybody with gather access will be able to see the #xmas-cup-magic channel. If you don't have access, please contact ModMail. Drinking is allowed!

General info
Format: 10v10
Style: Gather, play whenever you want (++ in channel)
Channel: #xmas-cup-magic on RTCW Discord Channel
Time: Sunday 20 December 2020
Start: 14.00 CET
Formats: MP, SW, CP, DM, Goldrush
Maps: depot (mp), hydro_dam_v2 (mp), tram (sw), breakout (sw), oasis_a2 (sw), destruction (cp), trenchtoast (cp), marketgarden (dm), goldrush (mod)
Map selection: each captain picks 1 map
- 1 round per map
- If no team has won when timer hits 0 on MP and CP, the round ends in a draw (no points given to either team)
- 1 panzerfaust per team max
- Heavy weapons allowed

Useful Links:
RTCW Discord Channel
Download RTCW 1.4 (pre-installed)
RTCW Configs
RTCW Troubleshoot FAQ
Nice, hope it goes well for you! :)
Booze allowed, great news for my liver! Though I now expect to be tk'd by Rob quite a few times. Please captains, don't pick us together :-D
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