RTCW.Live Season 2 and Season 1 Awards

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After the success of Season 1 (Blood Vengeance) we can now confirm that Season 2 (Savage Retribution) is set to begin on the week commencing January 31st 2021.

Season 2

Important Changes

  • Radar will be added to the mappool leaving the mappool as Adlernest, Assault, Base, Beach, Frosbite, Ice, Radar and Village. Radar and Assault will not be part of the weekly forced maps, so can only be chosen by home teams.
  • If RTCWPro is ready and succesfully tested it will be used. We will announce which mod will be used after signups close.
  • Any teams that have been promoted to a higher division will have the option to be the home team in every game, That means they can pick a map in every game played, but they can only choose each map once in a season.

Full rules https://www.rtcw.live/season-2/rules


Sign-ups close on 24th January 2021 23:59. The first matchweek takes place the week 31st January - 7th February 2021.

How to sign up

Visit the website https://www.rtcw.live/ or directly sign-up through shorturl.at/tTVW5

Season 1 Awards

Here are the final standings along with player awards from season 1. Player awards were voted for by the community.

Division 1

Final Standings

Carrot Clan
No Pressure
Flower Power

Player Awards

Most Valuable Player - Crumbs (Carrot Clan)
Best Panzer - Fro (Carrot Clan)
Best Medic - Crumbs (Carrot Clan)
Best LT - Kevin (Carrot Clan)
Best Aimer - Fireball (Flower Power)
Most Improved Player - mAus (Carrot Clan)
Best Docs Runner - Homie (Flower Power)

Full Results https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/735207508485996604/788771868906749952/Division-1-Awards.jpg

Division 2

Final Standings

Neutral Zone
Limbo Warriors

Player Awards

Most Valuable Player - Plaz (Neutral Zone)
Best Panzer - Nizou (Neutral Zone)
Best Medic - Nova (Limbo Warriors)
Best LT - Plaz (Neutral Zone)
Best Aimer - Plaz (Neutral Zone)
Most Improved Player - Plaz (Neutral Zone)
Best Docs Runner - Eddo (UUMM)

Full Results https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/522517175567908867/788773349580996628/Division-2-Awards.jpg

Division 3

Final Standings

No Surrender

Player Awards

Most Valuable Player - Doza (Omega)
Best Panzer - Mouly (No Surrender)
Best Medic - Toryu (Omega)
Best LT - Rob (Omega)
Best Aimer - Doza (Omega)
Most Improved Player - Toryu (Omega)
Best Docs Runner - Whitewolf (Omega)

Full Results https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/522517175567908867/788773371268956250/Division-3-Awards.jpg

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