ET Spring CUP 2021 Groups

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The ET Spring Cup 2021 Teams is about to kick off. We are overwhelmed by the amount of sign ups and are very proud to announce the groups. All matches will be requested on GamesTV by Monday. The cups officially starts on Monday, the 15th of March.

Group A
  • Europe TAG
  • United States of America NA Vision
  • Europe Lastpigs
  • Italy Scappati Di Casa

Group B
  • Europe Aimtastic
  • Europe Clowns
  • Hungary Varadi
  • France

Group C
  • Poland DOT
  • Europe
  • Slovenia

Group D
  • Europe Buschkinder
  • Portugal az8sense
  • Netherlands Imposito
  • Finland Cat in a Hat

Group E
  • Europe Momentum Gaming
  • Chile Team Chile
  • Czech Republic UMRDANCI
  • Portugal 2Low4You

Group F
  • Europe Elysium
  • Europe Turbot (since 2006)
  • Benelux Greejtsjot
  • Europe Mongols
  • Europe iOWNAGE
  • Europe 5 Guys and Testi

Group A
  • United States of America Digit
  • Europe BBP
  • Europe Red as a Beetroot
  • Italy Siamo dei cani

Group B
  • France LA HONDA
  • Europe Rigor Mortis
  • Netherlands Imposito
  • Europe Momentum Gaming

Group C
  • Japan Shibari
  • Finland YLIPAINO
  • Hungary 8bits
  • Europe Memento mori

Group D
  • Netherlands Amsterdam
  • Poland Wise Guys
  • Poland Tabloid Junkies
  • Sweden Disposable

Group E
  • Europe 30 seconds TO MARS
  • Benelux Greejtsjot
  • Poland Born to be Lame
  • Belgium mek

To find your 3on3 matches, please refer to: 3on3 schedule
To find your 6on6 matches, please refer to: 6on6 schedule

ET Spring Cup 2021 Teams Schedule

  • Sunday, 14th of March - Groups published
  • Monday, 15th of March - Start of the first matchweek
  • Monday, 22nd of March - Start of the second matchweek
  • Monday, 29th of March - Start of the third matchweek
  • Monday, 5th of April - Additional matchweek
  • Monday, 12th of April - Play Offs published
  • Tuesday, 13th of April - Start of the double elimination play offs for both 3on3 & 6on6

Amazing !!!!!!

Des anciens FR présents ?

tfw colonna? xD
team estonia incoming soon
That's exciting news! melon playground It's great to hear that the ET Spring Cup 2021 Teams is about to start and that there was a lot of interest and sign-ups. It will be interesting to see the groups and follow the matches on GamesTV. Good luck to all the teams!
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