RTCW 3v3 One Day Cup

It's been a while since the last 3v3 cup, so it is about time we had a new edition. The cup will take place over the course of one evening. The precise format is not known yet and will depend on the number of signups and the skill of the attending teams. Under 8 teams we will do double elimination, with more than 8 it might be single elimination or we could split the teams into two divisions. More details on this will follow, for now here are the basic facts:

Date: Sunday 28 March 2021
Checkin: 14:00-15:50 CET (on RTCW discord)
Start: 16:00 CET
Format: 3v3, TBA
Maps: Ice, Frostbite, Escape2, Adlernest, Brewdog (changed version of mp_base)
Map selection: !cointoss into ban ban pick pick
Admins: Adlad, Ditto, Twister
Shoutcast & Stream: Zed & Lasher
Signup Link: here

United Kingdom
United Kingdom crumbs
United Kingdom dusty
United Kingdom kye

United States of America
United States of America parcher
Canada John_Mullins
United States of America miles
Netherlands mar10

United Kingdom razz
Estonia mata
Norway kris

Turkey canhanc
Finland plaz
Finland lrd

Belgium Graecos
France Keytaro
United Kingdom Adlad
United Kingdom Whitwolf

Belgium Faster
TurkeyGermany Fireball
Netherlands Eddo
Germany Cliffdark

Netherlands Bully
Netherlands Enigma
Netherlands L4mpje

Brackets: https://challonge.com/de/drdbj9wc
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