RTCW Final Standings - QuakeCon @ Home 2021

Hello everyone,

The QuakeCon @ Home 2021 is now over for several days.
It's time to comeback on the event with some final numbers.

Earth Final World Standing:
- Europe raw
- Europe No Pressure
- United States of AmericaCanada Flagrant
#4 - United States of AmericaCanada Helppp

Europe Final EU Standing:
- Europe raw
- Europe No Pressure
- Germany Last Line of Defense
#4 - United Kingdom Ninety-nine Problems
#5 - Sweden Knö-i-hörn ; EU Consolation winner
#6 - Finland neutral Zone
#7 - Italy Marauders
#8 - Europe Oldies but Goodies
#9 - Europe Camp kill yourself
#10 - United Kingdom Smash'N'Dash

United States of AmericaCanada Final NA Standing:
- United States of AmericaCanada Flagrant
- United States of AmericaCanada Helppp
- United States of AmericaCanada Gun City
#4 - United States of America Ascend
#5 - United States of America Get Stompled ; NA Consolation winner
#6 - Chile Blood Brothers
#7 - United States of America 2448
#8 - Australia AUS
#9 - Earth The Misfits

Teams from all over the world: All across EU, North America, South America, Australia. Overall, 19 different countries were represented for a total of 150 players.

9 different streamers, 153 unique viewers per stream on average, 44 average viewers per stream, 1989 viewers all streams combined with a peak at 458 during the final, already 1352 views on VOD, and an amazing Dirty Keyboard intervention that everyone is going to remember.

Thanks to all the casters, thanks to all the players, thanks to all the streamers, thanks to all the admins, thanks to the devs, thanks to the infrastructure team, thanks to Elegy, this event wouldn't have been the same without any of you. You all made this possible.

Stay tuned for future events. Information coming soon!
Who won the Dirty keyboard contest? I missed the finale.
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