RTCW 3vs3 One Day Cup

Update 26/09/2021:
Due to popular demand we've decided to split the teams into two divisions to ensure more balanced games and a more time efficient cup.

Date: October 10th
Format: 3vs3 double elimination
Admins: Adlad, Graecos, Oksii, toxic
Maps: adlernest, brewdog, delivery, escape2, frostbite, ice, sub

Discord Link: RtCW Community Discord

Signup End: October 10th 14 CET
Check-in Start: 15 CET (via discord)
Check-in End: 16 CET
Brackets Announced: 16:30 CET
Start: 17 CET

Signup Link: https://forms.gle/nDtayDdqjsaMmPzQ6
Division 1: https://brackethq.com/b/zs9t/
Division 2: https://brackethq.com/b/2tau/

Cast: MerlinatoR

Teams will be seeded.
Discord is mandatory and will be used for all organisation. Captains will arrange games with opposing captains as needed.
Servers will be provided, available locations are NL, UK, DE
All matches will be played as Best of 3 ABBA (may be reduced to AB depending on number of signups)
A team may use a substitute player of equal or lesser skill. Admins *must* approve.
Rosters are locked to a maximum of 4 players per team.

Hitsounds are allowed and enabled via server config. Players may choose to disable and enable on a client basis as they wish.
North American teams and players may participate, however all cross-region games will be played on UK (if available) or the EU provided servers.

General Tournament and Discord rules apply, see Quakecon and 6on6 League rules.

Map picking process:
Higher seed starts the elimination process: ban, ban, pick, pick, ban, ban, remainder to be played as decider map in the event of a draw.

example nP vs raw, raw being the higher seed:
raw bans adler; nP bans ice; raw picks escape; nP picks brewdog; raw bans delivery; nP bans sub
Maps to be played are: escape & brewdog, frostbite as decider.


Division 1:
Europe Netherlands Mirage
Poland Abject
France uYop

United Kingdom Scotland raZz
United Kingdom crumbs
Malta toxic

Europe Norway Kris
Estonia mata
Germany Oksii

Europe Turkey canhanc
Turkey Reina
Finland Plaz

United States of America United States of America parcher
United States of America ipod
United States of America john_mullins

Europe Germany s1LENT
Romania Damon
Netherlands gizmo

Division 2:
United Kingdom United Kingdom Adlad
United Kingdom WhiteWolf
United Kingdom Ditto
Germany DozA

Europe Netherlands bully
Poland dary
Netherlands Enigma

Netherlands Netherlands zenix
Netherlands biZZy
Netherlands rezta
Germany Delgon

Europe Norway Rivendale
Belgium Graecos
Germany stownage

United Kingdom United Kingdom Whizz
United Kingdom Kiz
United Kingdom Du$ty

Congrats for the victory my friends Yuop and Pjotr
gl oksii, razz, tox \o>
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