core92 GAMING!

image: ajen2aht94cem3ssx I'm proud to announce a new european team to the Enemy Territory scene "CORE92"

managed by England Richard "rN" Nicholls

The lineup is:

Netherlands Jorryt "abort" Dijkstra (ex Rewind)
Finland Jukka "faisst" m (ex Engine)
Israel Andrey "fragon" Katz (ex AgonyRealm)
Switzerland Romain "GuNnEr" Rochat (ex Rewind, Epsylon)
Poland Jack "JC" Czerski (ex Fallanx)
Russia Eduard "zerender" Ehrlich (ex Violence is bad)

The teams primary goal is to attend CPC2 and future lans, Secondary goal is This years EC/OC.

You can join us in #Core92
big carebear

Journal tbh ;)

waiting for appje to post (wnb of core92)
gL rN mate.

PS: haven't got my crimbo present from j00 yet, u promised :(
talk of the d.e.v.i.l
gl abort :)
I think core92 can use more laggers
Guys, wish you the best!

Nice guys & Nice team!
gl abort
isn't zerender Germany yerman ?
as Germany yerman as Russia humm3l?
Faisst teh clanhopper
en oo hoppaillu !
It will be hard to stick together, gl thou !
wnb core89 xD

no combo of players from same nation = death within two weeks.
*kuch* idle *kuch*
ik geloof niet dat je het begrijpt.
ik ook niet :D
idle heeft 3 spelers uit estonia kuch?
GL abort :)

Go go go JC ! <3
Kocham cie
nou moet ik wel naar dezelfde school! een toekomstig EC spelert! zomg
gl abort ouwe boer.
viel glück zerender du kanacke 8[
alter falter, hör auf mich als kanacke zu beschimpfen :<
ich brauch das neue warhammer - schick mir den link heute punkt 23:00 kthxbye!
spielste auch das tabletop? bzw haste mal?
es gibt ein neues warhammer?

diesmal kauf ichs mir werd pg und hol mir die 20k € :D
proud to be ex -insertrandommgcwhoeveryoneplayedfor-
gl, but... EC ?
eduard ehrlich, das ist dochn fakename.. :-D

gl zere
yup zerender is the main character of the anime "full metal alchimist"

image: automail3
nice shoes!
where can i get a pair?

lol'd :D
geelii faisst

you guys might be a bit too late for EC tho :P
ye we know we cant get into the ec, dunno why he said that :>
"secondary goal" :P
Some old teammates and known faces :)
gl to all

gl eddie
gl zerender my name fanboi <3 :P
geiler name zerender !
gl zerender, abort :)
GL Eduard and jc :)


gl @ 6th OC division.
gl, ik zou trots op je zijn als je 40 jaar oud wordt jochie. En idd ik ben dol op toneelstukken dus hier komt een klein script:
Ed z'n moeder(problemen met hart); heb je zin in eiersalade op je brood ed?
Ed (zenix); nee sorry vandaag geen johma in mijn vergoede stoma.
Gl, but imo your goals are to high for you.
gl JCMON and rN ;)
GL guys !
2 weeks. moicca jucca <3

hF niggah
GL Jorryt
GL jorryt <3 :P
gl jacek
GL abort :D
GL JC <3333333333333333333
who is zerender? :<
same random russian nub..
gl GuNnEr
gl FrAgOn :o Andrey ma ze aclan aze ata lo b-ins! daber iti sheani hozer byom rviei.
blame the jew IMO
gl fragon, gl patch selector

<3 bliz
ty :)
gL ab0rt, gunn3r, f3jjst!
gl jacek <3
no offence but i find it hard to believe any Israel player will be on lan. Just my 2 cents
Gl gunner and zerender!
gL Richard!
maybe.. maybe 3 weeks :P
gl zerender :)
eduard ist nicht ehrlich
joko on hajonnu
nice guys, nice team, gl
Romain iZ back omGL !
faisst clanhopper :P hf m8
gl faisst (hip?)hopper
clan is dead ! never played a single match for this, execpttt 2 pracss D=
rofl @ rN.. all his clans aren t any serious tbh.
dio your only saying this because i never let you join :/

Atleast i try you prick, And there was no point carrying on with CB putting us in 5th OC division, abort zerender and gunner went to uQ for EC i cant blame them were still friends and i wish them the best of luck. see you at CPC lads :D
this is only the truth.. with or without me... you can even dont allow me to join if you don t like me, but your mistakes are clear.. and tbh i was caring too much with abort about that clan (i think zere was here also cause i ve asked him) and you have been dropped out by (not those player that ofc are still your friends) others that you tried to involve into previous project of core92. ofc this is my opinion and, as i already showed, prefer to play with other kind of mgc that provides reliable things than your words. i think you re a great manager and pro talker but you should not try to mingle to squad affairs when you aren t in (i mean tax and lineup matters).i wasnt any wrong with you but only say what i ve seen and i m not the only that thinks so.
It's not that i dont like you, my choice of not picking you in core92 was simply i didn't think you was the right candidate for the main 6. How have i been dropped out? i wasnt in the team, i was bringing people together to play a game i used to enjoy. I didn't need to be in the lineup as we had GuNnEr who is an excellent ingame team leader for any team out there. I have my reasons and only abort knows why i dont play nomore if things hadn't changed in my life since 2004 then i would probably be playing with the best and therefore be in the lineup's ive created today. I only play the odd 3v3/6v6 for fun and thats it since my existing PC (uncles) sucks more cock than you. plz dont judge me you dont know me.

My uncles PC 2006: The 1 i'm using now

AMD Athlon™ XP 1800+ @ 1529MHz

My old PC in 2004: my last competetive days are now over

Pentium4 2.6ghz

equipment is everything believe me i know
who s judjng you ? i ve only said what has happened.. tbh i never said you suck or something simila, but only said that you make big dusty for good project but nothing more than projects, just like core92... and talking with hundreds of players than then discard you cause seeing it s like a mix. i 've only laught @ those events, that's all.. and that's what exactly is happened.. dont blame me just take how it is.
Its true i do play shit today and and im not afraid to say it either and it annoys me because i know i can do so much better but i cant do anything about it untill things in my life change, and i finally save up enough money for my own PC again but that wont be untill months away, were not all rich in this world you know. anyway im outy go pick on some next guy.
jukka=D hf
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