RtCW 20th Anniversary One-day Draft Cup

This Friday November 19th 2021, marks the 20th year anniversary of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. As a celebration, we’re inviting all players to a one-day draft cup on Sunday 21st November… with two nostalgic twists!

1. To showcase how great this game can look, we will be distributing a Quakecon 2002 inspired config, for which some graphical elements will be restricted, and others will be recommended (don’t worry, there’s no bob roll or anything annoying this time around).
image: MuQvBEJ
image: jNCsYl1

2. The map pool will consist of base game maps only, including a few old Clanbase favourites that haven’t seen much play in recent years

With the above twists, we hope you’ll rediscover that nostalgic feeling you had when first playing the game. Oldschool clan inspired tags are welcomed!
Date: Sunday November 21st
Format: 6v6 Draft (2x map AB groups -> 2x map ABBA single elimination)
Admins: Adlad, Graecos, Neo
Maps: assault, base, beach, ice, village, castle, château, keep, sub
Map selection process: Random (Groups) and Picking (Playoffs)

Signup End: Sunday November 21st 14:30 CET
Check-in Start: 14:30 CET (via Discord)
Check-in End: 15:30 CET
Draft Start: 15:30 CET
Brackets Announced: 16:30 CET
Group Stage Start: 17:00 CET
Finals Start: 21:00 CET

Signup Link: https://forms.gle/kZJdVm3GERhRxk7w7
Rules: https://www.rtcw.live/20th-anniversary-odc/rules
Discord server: https://discord.com/invite/E78sePFFVt
We hope to see you there to celebrate 20 years of Return to Castle Wolfenstein!

Signups so far (31/48):

United Kingdom Adlad
Norway Utrolig
Turkey canhanc
Netherlands Enigma
Canada BRND
United Kingdom dusty
Estonia ZeD
United States of America yyz
Canada John_Mullins
United States of America Raiser
Italy Bonehead
United States of America joker
France Keytaro
United States of America Conscious
Finland nizouuuu
Germany Delgon
Netherlands Joep
Belgium Kevin
Germany fro
United States of America spaztik
United Kingdom whizz
United Kingdom crumbs
Belgium mouly
United Kingdom nova
France Spike
Finland xrb
Turkey Yeniceri
Belgium faster
Norway Kris
Finland Webe
Germany Oksii

Results update
Winners Adlad

Runners up dusty
nice hf!
Bring some Aussies!
have shared this post around with them <3
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omg! thank you! I had no idea! I've never experienced gaming at such refresh rates before! so smooth, so fluid, like a velvet blanket on a cool afternoon in Marseille. Did I mentioned the response time?! Faster than a humming bird in breeding season, amazing!
god shit i missed this
Has it been 20 years? It's been a long road. Our path has only just opened. It has already begun to enter orbit. Everything is so lucky lolbeans
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