RTCW.live League Season 4: The Road to Ghent

Good morning all!

We are sure that this is the moment that you have all been waiting for.

We are very pleased to announce the RTCW.Live League Season 4: The Road to Ghent

This league will have a format of two phases. A league/group stage, followed by a knockout phase

All teams that participate in the league will have the opportunity to feature in the knockout phase with a new tiered feature (think Champions League to Europa League).

The league will commence from the 7th February with the signups opening until the 4th!

You and your team can sign up through the following link: https://forms.gle/gtTJUVh46gQS5rfT8

The number of teams that sign up will determine the final shape of the competition with the league schedule providing an ideal competitive scenario for your team, in preparations for the Ghent Lan event in April.

We look forward to you all signing up and participating

Your Cup-Admin team
Hello, I have a question about this exciting league format. I noticed that you have called this the "Road to Ghent" RTCW tournament league, but I am planning to take the train to Ghent. Will I still be able to participate? Thanks
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