RTCW Tavern Rush LAN - Preview

As the LAN is coming closer and closer, we can feel the hype getting higher everyday and we can't wait for it to happen!

This news is mainly for people who will watch it online.
We'll provide to you: where and when to connect to watch the games and all other viable information.

image: Vxut7ow

The entire event will be streamed on the twitch channel of the venue: www.twitch.tv/barvatar

The Friday Night Magic is due to kick off at 19:00 CET.
The stream will be set up, we don't really know if someone will cast but we'll try to show you as much as possible.
This evening will be full of surprises, unexpected challenges and loads of laugh!

The tournament begins on Saturday 10:40 CET by the Division 1 group, constituted of:
- Brugse Zotten: Belgium Kevin(c), Belgium homie, Netherlands Leonneke, Belgium Jin, Belgium syL, Netherlands Eddo
- no Pressure: Malta steve(c), Norway Kris, Estonia mata, Netherlands L4mpje, Poland Abject, United Kingdom crumbs
- 99 Problems: United Kingdom Adlad(c), United Kingdom Ditto, Estonia Zed, Finland nizouuuu, Finland Swanidius, United Kingdom Whitewolf.
- Flake: Netherlands Joep(c), Netherlands crabje, Germany twister, Germany Delgon, United Kingdom Dusty, United Kingdom Neo.
All games will be shoutcasted by Division 2 players and should end around 14:00 CET.

Then the Division 2 will follow by 15:20 CET, this group is constituted of:
- Follow.rtcw.lan: France lefrancis(c), United Kingdom Nismo, Germany parzi, Germany Stefan,United Kingdom Fantasy, Germany stownage
- Alcooliques anonymes Assoiffés: Belgium Graecos(c), France douille, France Ionix, Belgium mouly, France Ryder, France zoko
- Marauders: Italy Bonehead(c), Italy die, Italy sengo, Italy hyper, Italy vert, Italy mister
- Underdogs: France Spike(c), Belgium Molotov, Finland Tony, Romania Serenity, United Kingdom Alex, Europe TBD
All games will be shoutcasted by Division 1 players and should end around 19:00 CET.

Then we'll have two QF at a time: 1vs8 seeds and 4vs5 seeds at 20:00 CET, then 2vs7 and 3vs6 seeds at 22:00 CET.
Both casted matches will be 4vs5 and 3vs6.

We kick off the day by the Consolation Finals at 11:00 CET.
The casted match will be the one for the 7th place.

At 13:00, the Semi Finals will take place, shoutcasted by United Kingdom Tosspot.
At 14:20, the 3rd place Finals, shoutcasted not by Tosspot.
At 15:40, the Grand Finals, shoutcasted by United Kingdom Tosspot.

The final ceremony will take place right after around 17:00 CET, hosted by Belgium homie and Belgium Graecos.
We hope that we'll be able to broadcast it.

All times are just a guide and may be subject to delays.

We have no idea yet if it'll be possible to provide pictures or videos from the LAN location between games.

Matches are registered on gamestv.org so you can already bet on them!

Website of the event: https://www.rtcw.events/
Discord channel: https://discord.gg/ttg86pxC
GTV: https://www.gamestv.org/league/1736-rtcw-tavern-rush-lan/

We hope that you'll be able to enjoy this event as much as we will.

The LAN admin team.
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