RtCW.Live League Season 5

Good morning everyone,

We are pleased to announce the RTCW.Live League Season 5.

This season represents a slight change to the map picking that you will be accustomed to.

Firstly, we will be utilizing an ‘unusual’ map pool to decide on one of the maps in each game Week (GW). This will be supported by a 2nd map from the ‘usual’ map pool.

Secondly, to decide on the maps for the league, we will be asking the community to vote on their favorite maps in advance of the start date that they would like to feature in this league. This will decide both of the maps for each GW.

The league will run from 6th June 2022 through to the end of July 2022 (team signup dependent) and will require each team to play each other at least one (again, team signup dependent). With the fixtures drawn randomly for each GW with no specific seedings in place.

Points will also be awarded based on round wins. So if you sweep 4-0, you get 4 points. However, if you only win 2-1, you will get 2 points with the opposing team earning 1.

Team Signups are now open at https://forms.gle/9FbFDfMDrBBYQ1i39

Community Map votes are here - https://forms.gle/GgGCQgXLbNJgZsxS7

Please note that rtcw.live is currently down, we're currently working on that.

We hope you will all join us again in making this league another success.

Thank you,

The Cup-admin team.
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