ET: Legacy 3v3 One Day Cup

The sign-ups for 3v3 ODC are now open. In order to sign up for the cup, the team owner or team admin on Reddal will need to refer to this page and click on the orange button "Join Tournament". Please remember that you need to be registered on the website (you can register with your Discord account) and have a team of at least 3 players.

Each player can play only for 1 team. If you are technically in 2 teams on Reddal and both of those teams will be joining the cup (this can happen in case of Reddal teams with higher number of players), please inform one of the cup supervisors through a PM or a message on the 3on3-odc channel on discord for which team you will be playing.

We are also extending the map pool by adding braundorf_b4 which was originally left out.

The sign-ups will close on 10 July 2022.

Please let us know if you experience any kind of issues.

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