Onto the finals and a word from kot

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Congratulations to both Fear Factory and Netrunners who called the game a draw and split the prizemoney. Congratulations also to zeroPoint for taking 2nd place.
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So after what can only be called a breathtaking semi-final stage, we have ourselves the prospect of 2 final games. These are of course the lower and higher bracket finals you see above you, or as they are known in Poland, the "Polfinals". I grabbed Poland kot for a short chat after his teams' victory over cdap pi.

'Just describe the emotion you're feeling right now.'

"Well ... I'm just at a loss for words at the moment because I was very very nervous during the semi-final and right now I can barely speak at all - it was just that tense. I'm just so happy to have got through to the final, and I'm really proud of the whole team"

'You're facing Fear Factory in the winners' final ... can you win?'

"Yeah, we can win. I know they're strong but then again so are we, I'm pretty confident in going all the way tonight".

Then our moment of love had to come to an end so that I could write this and kot could go prepare for his next game versus Fear Factory. But just how did Netrunners overcome cdap, and what did Fear Factory come up with to subdue zeroPoint?

We'll start with the pre-tournament favourites zeroPoint, who now find themselves by virtue of losing to FF in the losers' bracket final and clinging to life ... it'd be a lie to say morale isn't at its best right now (no worries, I'll fix that tonight!). zP saw themselves fullheld on their first round radar attack and their misery was comfounded only further when Fear Factory managed only to beat it by 1 minute and 3 seconds. First blood to the Poles then, but it might as well have been the fatal blow, as FF blitzed their attack on goldrush leaving darky and company still attacking the tank with 3 minutes left. Fear Factory were in the final.

Then it came Netrunner's time to shine. In a game that was far more tight than either side should have made it, the match went to a third map and to the location that is Wurzburg. Skip to the final round and cdap have the radar parts at their spawn but Netrunners are swarming the truck. Time is running out, cdap simply have to push. With 10 seconds left they finally do with the radar parts making it all the way to the truck. In the ensuing melee that occured, somehow, somehow fobje was gunned down less than half a metre away and the parts were returned. You could cut the tension with a knife.

And now we have our finals. All four teams deserve to be at this stage, but only two can leave with prizemoney ... who will it be?
love ya kot
great coverage foonr
nice coverage foonr :-)

nice games :-)

if you ask me this is a very nice LAN :p
Tbh its not fair, polish guys are used to drink vodka all day long, they don't have the same brain lag as the others!
kooooooooooooot <3 :))

zP vs Cdap 4-2 instead of 4-0
omg wp cdap rlly , ok snoop smells terrible but this was poore!!!!
NETrunners won, wp. :)
1st FF
2nd diversus
3rd zP
Knife round won by FF.

what a tense decider! :D
jesus, worst final ever :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
(18:56:35) (+HS`Mashed`PGA) it's single
(18:56:36) (+HS`Mashed`PGA) for time
(18:56:47) (+HS`Mashed`PGA) we should be finished by now :P
(18:56:59) (+HS`Mashed`PGA) but we're getting extra time to cast the games i believe

Those images where made before.
loooool :D
Go s4rna!
best decider ever
if i had played for money, i wouldn't have agreed such final, NETR should have won :(
however sense of humor > skill ;D
you are then pretty nolifer. there are much more important things than money in life you know?
i know ;d and tbh i dunno how would i behave, i have written some random shit ;d so chill
didn't even expect the reply tbh
well, tbh i dunno how i would behave as well :p so chill too :p
peace and love <3
AMAZING sportsmanship from the FF side. Kniferound is no way to decide a tournament.
erm, from the FF side?
As i heard from polish stream. It was buzka`s idea
As I saw on a server it was krisek's idea ...
Congratulations to both Fear Factory and Netrunners who called the game a draw and split the prizemoney. Congratulations also to zeroPoint for taking 2nd place.[/b]


and a polish team won as i said yesterday!
NICE zP. & cdap.pi GG ;* <3 WP for all ;)
kot was the man of final savation, he deserves a kiss!
teampoland won
lol nice Foonr!!! :D
kot sucks at knife immensely
GG guys
Foonr = great guy! He needs to get his pics up asap like everybody else!
this is funny =)
kot <-- POTM imo !!
draw not funny :<
the official results for this game and whole tournament are:
1st ff
2nd netr
3rd zp
and btw FF wasn't in loser brackets, cause we didn't lose any match ;]
image: nrff6

I think thats why it says "winners's bracket" ? :p
hey foonr, thx for piece of pizza ;)
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