CoD Upsets abound in EuroCup Week 1

image: eurocupIt would be almost an understatement to say that the opening week of the CoD2 EuroCup XIV has been packed with surprises and of the three top teams in Europe (as voted in the Gotfrag Rankings), not one has come out of Week 1 as expected. The news that Serious-Gaming, the defending champions, would not be competing this season was met with disappointment and now both and Dignitas have suffered first round defeats.

Logitech went up against the unknown Entropy side, constructed mainly of players from Serious-Gaming, who formed temporarily after the news that their team would not be taking part this season. After a strong performance in Sweden at the WonderBase LAN event, Logitech were one of the favourites going into this EuroCup but were left reeling after a 13-11 loss against Entropy. Despite a valiant effort from the ever-reliable Sec, Logitech were made to work for every round on Dawnville and the score is a fair reflection of the way the match played out.

Finland (11:13) Finland Entropy

The next upset was to feature two teams that have recently undergone lineup changes, the European heavyweights digitalMind and Dignitas. Dignitas had just picked up Palmz from Reason while digitalMind had managed to secure the services of Solz from H2k. Both teams went into the match knowing defeat would put them in a difficult position in Group C but it was the Dutch team of digitalMind that rose to the occasion, winning in convincing fashion. Troubling times lie ahead for Dignitas and they will look to get back on track against a struggling dSlash side in Week 2. DigitalMind on the other hand have sent a message to the top teams of Europe that they are not to be underestimated and their new lineup seems to have worked a treat.

Netherlands digitalMind (13:6) United Kingdom Team Dignitas

In other results, Reason seemed to have suffered no ill effects from the loss of Palmz as they took down TooEasy in convincing fashion. Tek-9 overcame the potential hiccup that was inteRaction, the Czech team that everybody is talking about right now. The Multiplay i29 finalists CSA also got off to a good start, taking down a troubled H2k.steelseries side 13 to 10 while Speedlink shut down TmG to show that they mean business

We now go into Week 2 with an altogether different perspective with big names such as H2k, Dignitas and Logitech all under pressure to perform. H2k in particular will have a hard time going up against a determined Speedlink side. Other exciting match ups include Entropy versus Copenhagen-Esports and Reason versus the up and coming suXus.

Click below to see the current group standings...

Group A[/b]]
1.Europe Copenhage-Esports
2.Finland Entropy
3.image: 55 Fear Factory
4.France Webone
5.Europe Flame Instinct

Group B[/b]]
1.image: 8 Team Speedlink
2.image: 8 Team Cooltronik
3.United Kingdom CSA
4.Netherlands H2k.Steelseries
5.France Emulate
6.United Kingdom Trademark Gamers

Group C[/b]]
1.United Kingdom Reason-Gaming
2.Netherlands digitalMind
3.Netherlands suXus
4.image: 8 dSlash
5.United Kingdom Team Dignitas
6.Italy TooEasy

Group D[/b]]
1.Finland Venatio
2.Czech Republic eSuba
3.Europe Tek-9
4.Czech Republic inteRaction
5.image: 58 Logic
6.Europe Stheno
group standings would be nice (pics), dignitas lost was unexpected :<
done :D

and yeh, shame about Dignitas, but they will bounce back!
nice one ;D ive got a quick question about cod2, in your opinion what is the best way for a player to get noticed or to join a "skilled" team, since most of the ec skilled clans just recycle the same names and generally not many new players are introduced?
gimme a shout on irc in #srs and we can chat =]
dutchies proving it it ain't dutch, it ain't much! yet again
Woah, nice nice! Dignitas should be fine in the end, but Logitech losing was really surprising
you mean mr13
no, he means mr12
y does one team have 13 then OO ? i don'T get it...
btw both winner got 13
because each team plays 12 rounds as each side, so 13:xx is a win, get it ?
ah k thx :)
why is it strange for you ?
Yeh it's all mr12 now, we decided 15 was too long and 10 too short.
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