Bloody Bloody Sunday

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Tomorrow it is Sunday.
In many religions Sunday is holy. It is the day where we rest. Where we evade every action that would make us too tired. Sunday is day for resting.

Well, not for NationsCup, tomorrow WE FIGHT!!! WORLD WAR III is about to happen, axis vs allies all over the world. No nation will be left aside in this war… Tomorrow, is NATIONSCUP DAY!!!! No less then 8 matches are scheduled!! Half of them will be covered on ETTV and with some shoutcasts where you will be kept in touch with the other matches also. It will be coverage from all over the world. Read more for a full overview of this world war III...


(19:00 CET) France FRA vs Germany GER
(19:30 CET) Austria AUT vs Sweden SWE
(20:00 CET) Hungary HUN vs Finland FIN
(20:00 CET) Norway NOR vs Israel ISR
(21:30 CET) United Kingdom UK vs Russia RUS
(21:30 CET) Croatia CRO vs Netherlands NED
(22:00 CET) Belgium BEL vs Ireland IRE
(23:00 CET) Czech Republic CZE vs United States of America USA

I cought up with Radio'ITG's voice Netherlands Stewie to hear about his predictions on these games.

Are you excited about this World War III show we will see on Sunday?

Well you damn right I am!

Well you should be with this action around, is there any match that you think will be the best show of the evening?

Well you damn right I am!
Apart from the Nationscup action, after that we will have some nice EC action aswell. Best of both worlds :)
I'm especially excited about Austria vs Sweden, hoping to cast it too.

Do you think all these wars will be played? Or do you suspect some noshows or wildcards to come out of the cupboard?

Hehe, nice question. Well sunday is a gaming evening, I think surely 90% will be played. Perhaps 1 will be cancelled. But not a lot, is my guess.

You said you look forward to Austria vs Sweden, why that match and not Hungary vs Finland since those countrys have much bigger ET names.

Well of course Finland and Hungary have got the names, but you forget, Sweden has got some names too. Overdose is one of the most controversial clans out there. And let's be realistic, Hungary is performing rather poor, I think Finland will not have a great deal of trouble with them.

Now that we are talking about predictions, lets try to predict all the 8 matches for Sunday, first of is probably pretty easy, will France be able to hurt Germany?

I think they might be. Germany is not performing that good, and France are the major underdogs. We might just see a surprise here. However, I will still say 4-2 for Germany.

Next up is your favorite match, Austria vs Sweden? who will bring in the gold and stay unbeaten in group A?

I'm going to have to say Sweden, but easy it surely will not be. Hopefully we will see a three mapper, 4-2 for sweden.

Then Israel vs Norway will be played at the same time as Hungary vs Finland, your call?

Hard to say, Israel beat Hungary, but on the otherhand, I love Norway. So, because I love snuble and lakai, 4-0 for them!
Hungary vs Finland, should be a takeaway for Finland. They have a good lineup, are always around at the top and Hungary is just not performing well. 4-0 Finland.

Next up, again on the same time. Croatia vs Champions Netherlands and United Kingdom vs Russia.

Well even without teKoa The Netherlands should be able to take down Croatia, 4-0. UK vs Russia will be interesting. Both teams are not very skilled, but still my guess is 4-2 for the UK.

After that my fellow countrymen Belgium will face Ireland for a walkover? Or a suprise?

Walkover. I dont know where Ireland is, but I've not seen them. And besides, Belgium is peforming surprisingly well. 4-0. Though can I say, this game will prolly be wildcarded or forfeit loss:P. just my gut feeling saying 1-0 for Belgium.

To close this World war Czech will will go outside Europe to face the USA.

Yeah, easy for the czechs. Of course USA have had the tougher opponents (AUT and SWE) but they wont be able to take down czech. 4-0.

Thx alot for these predictions, will ITG do something special in able to keep the community up to date about the other matches?

Well a Belgian friend of mine gave me a good tip, putting people at the other matches, while I am covering 1. But there is another problem, I need to turn in an essay on monday before 10am, so I hope I'm finnished by 1930CET :-) But yeah iTG will of course be there.

As much as we like to call this sunday a World war, Monday can be called the war of Poland, who will face no less then 3 opponents. Spain, Portugal and Canada will pass trough Poland. Do you think thats an advantage or a disadvantage?

Well Poland is rather strong. I think it will be a disadvantage, but Poland will win Canada and Portugal 4-0, and Spain, that will be tricky.
It's definitaly a disadvantage, 3 games. Two games can be ok.

Last real question, after 2 matchweeks, who will win this years NC?

Hard to say. Latvia is strong, but so are The Netherlands. For now I will guess one of those two, although SWE-AUT, the winner of that one, will be a potential candidate too. And you can never forget Finland.

And Belgium ?

I doubt it, sorry.

Thx alot for the interview, and just for that last one, you wont get to do any shoutouts, unless 1 to me.

1 to you it is!

Further broadcasting can be found on
nice flags
where have you been my <3 : )
i miss s5 ffs >:(
et sux now tho ;<
sux cuz we aint playing it :P
tru, reform in 6 months gogo
Czech Republic Czech Republic FTW
Ire is Iran now?
Austria ftendsieg!
flagcodes are fixzord ;)
Can I watch on ETTV without my PC crashing by PB? :x
nice preview :)
(19:00 CET) FRA < GER
(19:30 CET) AUT < SWE
(20:00 CET) HUN < FIN
(20:00 CET) NOR < ISR
(21:30 CET) UK > RUS
(21:30 CET) CRO < NED
(22:00 CET) BEL > IRE
(23:00 CET) CZE > USA


UK vs Russia will be interesting. Both teams are not very skilled, but still my guess is 4-2 for the UK. LOL STEWIE
stewie sucks and dont underestimate the russians they've got the authoritaaa himself officer
Officer don't play ET anymore :)
the russians have polonium \o/
he's telling the truth, at least compared to the majority of other nation teams
who the fuck is stewie
You dont know who he is and yet in the comment above you're saying he sucks. Dosent look like you're a nice character :(
i'm sry i got a weird sense of humor :( actually in truth he's a ncie guy who i've played with a long time ago

but he still sucks. =)
True, cs3r :)
Not very nice indeed!
don't ban me ill swear ill be a good boy
nice stuff, need more of these :p
Half of the matches will get cancelled anyway ...
2 cancelled and counting !
sunday bloody sunday*
autors rights are on that song, i cant just use it :p
On the song title aswell?
how should i know? :p just didnt want to totally steal it ;) now i just stole the reference to them ;)
I can see it now:

"Clanbase sued for copyright infringement by U2's Bono."
09-12-2006, Groningen.

Today U2's Bono filed a lawsuit against a online gaming company called Clanbase. Bono is charging them for stealing his title of the song Sunday Bloody Sunday. Bono has demanded the immediate removal of the scentence, and furthermore wants CB to pay him 5 million dollars.

4-0 to Nowary vs Israel , n1 joke,ez bash 4 ISR tbh.
UK 4:0 RUS
I love you to =)=)=)
gl belgium
Title isn't too original :/
Aut 4:0 Swe ! - gl guys :)
UK 4-2 RUS
go NL ! :[ ik heb vanavond pakjesavond :Z
easy for us
Damn if it wasn't for my Business Studies essay i'd cast :< Nice post Nightraver and Stewie :)

FRA 2 - 4 GER
AUT 4 - 2 SWE
HUN 2 - 4 FIN
NOR 2 - 4 ISR
UK 4 - 2 RUS (I hope :) )
CRO 0 - 4 NED (sorry frozz :<)
BEL 4 - 0 IRE
CZE 4 - 0 USA (don't nuke me please)

very easy for cze. well on grush at least. czechs are always good at grush for some reason.
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