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Profile RAWRS - The Result!

image: profilewars There are many profile warriors on Crossfire; people who will stop at nothing to edit their way into online folklore. People who understand the importance of that one extra quote in gaining more friends, or who wish to one day, spend their time reminiscing back over blissful days of spam.

Someone like Netherlands Loekino should surely be in contention for an award which honours such slavery behind a computer screen. The man who in TosspoT's words, will spell the end for the site should he ever leave, probably has dreams over what addition could be made. And when he looks into the eyes of that girl he rather fancies, he doesn't see pupils staring back. Only image: bdot Edit Profile.

Lower Bracket Final: SRP vs dignitas match review

image: D-SRPBanner

Kicking off the first map of the CDC Lower Bracket Final, we have the two behemoths of United Kingdom dignitas and Europe SRP going head-to-head and contesting Goldrush.

SRP attacked first, and instantly reverted to their tried and tested formula of players besieging the tank from all angles. They looked awake, they looked intent, and rumour had it that dignitas had only warmed up with a quick 3v3 previously. To the spectator, dignitas were being pushed back in the courtyard, but SRP simply could not fashion an opening of real meaning. Even Holz, who had stolen through and applied pliars to tank could not complete the job, and lacked backup to help the cause. Yet even after the tank started moving, only Holz seemed aware of the greater picture, shooting his rifle grenade down onto the building barrier engineers (killing 2), but he was alone in his want, and the mass selfkill SRP pulled off surely quelled any hope of keeping the path open.

News in now of Europe k1ck beating Belgium cZar by a mammoth 5 seconds. Yet, at this point the game was still open. Attacking both the bridge and the back alley, dignitas were allowed to keep the tank slow and stop-start. Seconds later and the CP was built, and "tank to bank" as TosspoT observed took exactly 6 minutes. But dignitas were not pressured, and crucially allowed to set up their pre-planned crossfire and defense.

Together Germany urtier and Estonia reload formed an awesome combination, and sights of 5 man frag combinations were not uncommon to say the least. Aggression was balanced with tactical defensive nous, and for four minutes the bank was solidly in dignitas's happy mitts. We recalled how dignitas "made SRP look like schoolboys"yesterday, and this certainly seemed to be heading the same way: the tides were turning.

In perhaps a defining moment, a SRP surge forced Germany senji back to the bank hanging onto his life and objective by a thread, but with diligence he collected all the clips on the floor and took those 31 bullets to lead an offensive charge towards and up the bridge. Add to this a double support fire from urtier, and the momentum reverted again.

With 4.40m left, Xpaz did manage to grab the gold, but he was isolated and had no support. SRP on respawn seemed more interested in securing the truck, and hoping, praying that Xpaz could deliver the goods. The time came when he ran, and despite a hearts-in-mouth moment where a volley of fire pinned the Fin to the barrels, the job was done.

It was then time for dignitas to attack, and they made a mockery of the SRP positioning, with reload's running crucial. Maybe dignitas assumed the map was already theirs, and despite dominating the tank barrier area, did not prevent Estonia Night from sneaking in and completing a breathtaking barrier construction. Nevertheless, dignitas's progression was swift. SRP were playing in the bankstage before they knew what had hit them. Although Sweden ferus looked impressively strong playing in the spawn entrance, SRP just did not have the discipline to beat dignitas back.

JaKaZc had no interest in becoming Swedish fodder, and thanks to some strong teamplay was able to almost walk into the front of the bank and pick up the objective. SRP were down but nobody had told them, and promptly racked up 5 quick frags to stem the gold's progress. This said, SRP never regained and positioning, and on the next attack dignitas were able to walk in yet again. The way they were playing, SRP were only delaying the inevitable. However, dignitas completed the job with plenty of time to spare, and surely went into the next map, adlernest, brimming with confidence and sights set upon that place in the grand final.

With Dignitas taking the first map, SRP must take down Adlernest, always a hard map, unpredictable. Dignitas attacks on Adler first, dynomite is down early. Ragged defense by SRP, Dignitas getting through. Minutes later the door is open, and dignitas push through towards the objective before SRP spawns. SRP is in danger here. They already got knocked out the Winner Bracket by Dignitas with 4-0 and it's starting to look like another 4-0 defeat for SRP. Dignitas pushing through, SRP have to fight to get in position for their defense. SRP sandwiched, as Senji takes the objective. Senji runs through and Dignitas secure the objective.

Adlernest was very boring actually, nothing special happened as Dignitas showed they were 1 class higher as SRP.

When SRP went into offense, they couldn't push through and the dynamite was down too late compared to Dignitas. In the end, SRP were close to the objective, took it, but just had too little time. Good game Dignitas, too bad SRP.

CDC3 - Day 1!

image: concept1_3_banner

Greetings and welcome to Enschede for only the second time in this, the third installment of the Crossfire Devotii Challenge events. The venue may be the same, but the games are different, and with Call of Duty and RTCW takinga back seat until November, Warsow and Enemy Territory come to the fore this weekend.

7000 euros are up for grabs, so let battle commence.

Just played
image: match_cdcimage: match_vae1image: match_r14image: match_r22image: match_gmpo2image: match_et
image: game3280 Maps: Radar, Adlernest
Time: ~21:45 CET
ETTV: GamesTV.org
Live Videostream: QuadV.com with TosspoT and A Spec
Match preview

:: Europe GamesTV.org for the bets and games
:: Europe Crossfire Gallery for photos
:: Europe QuadV media partner for live streams

ET Groups, Results & Schedule | Warsow Groups, Results & Schedule | Provisional schedule

etQcup heating up!

Tonight plays witness to the Cadre etQcup Lower Bracket semifinal, pitting together two teams of undoubted calibre in a match devoid of any saftey nets or second chances. Europe TLR will face Europe Evolve Gaming for the right to play Lower Bracket finalists Finland Insignia Cadre, and go one step closer to that elusive grand final against United Kingdom Dignitas, where a prizepool of 1000euros awaits the winners. But this is still the lower bracket, and so our two teams tonight have some work to do!

image: ae5ec0c842531dc2b736e34c82adf5fc

Europe Evolve Gaming 2-4 The Last Resort United Kingdom
Tonight, 21:00 CET |

TLR: Croatia aCoZz / Belgium mAus / Belgium dAv1d / Spain Winghaven / Poland doktor / Latvia Clown

Evolve: Malta Toxic / Germany butchji / United Kingdom Adacore / United Kingdom razz / Germany snoop / Netherlands AzA

With no ferus in the lineup, despite what Toxic's sense of humour might have you believe, Evolve look to tonight's game as the next logical step on their journey of upwards progress. Speaking earlier today, team captain Toxic said, "We have been building the foundations of the team since September of last year so I'd say its about time [to hit form]. We're still going to stay on our feet and take it game-by-game, as we are in no shape to underestimate anyone; that would lead to defeat. [Regardless], I'm pretty happy with how the team has been doing".

However, tonight's game will provide an ample test for Evolve, who cannot toast their victory over a sleepy Impact side as win of much substance. In losing to Poland Fear Factory in round 4 of the Qcup, the team has shown itself not to be running at capacity. Granted, the roster has experienced significant reshuffle since, balancing Adacore's tactical nouz with butchji's firm punch, complemented in turn by AzA, and razz, who is now starting to bed himself in as a real fundamental rock of the european side. Nevertheless, as the saying goes in cricket, 'catches win matches', just as results draw plaudits. Once senses however, Evolve prioritise progess in this competition, over just winning fans.

Meanwhile, Evolve's opponents United Kingdom The Last Resort are set to deploy a roster tonight which finally resonates with the success enjoyed in Enschede at CPC2. Polish player and LAN-veteran doktor plays in place of syK, a move which could potentially symbolically mark the arrest of a slide which few could have predicted only months earlier. Having emerged with a cheque for 1,500euros and first place at CPC2, TLR failed to convert their self-generated propulsion into continuing dominance. A faultering EuroCup campaign was followed by unconvincing displays such as the etQcup loss to Cadre, and only taking wins against Fear Factory and Europe AuxiliA, opponents that usually TLR would be expecting to beat.

However, doktor's involvement sparks an optimism around the side, an emotion which TLR star dAv1d can feel too: "We are feeling confident taking doktor back in the main lineup. He has proved himself to be very useful in our team, and I hope he will do the same [tonight]". It seems the seeds of change have planted themselves firmly in the gardens of TLR, and little surprise too, if you consider the principle architect of TLR's demise against Cadre, Finnish player Squall, will not be playing for Cadre in the next round, after leaving to join Vicious & Evil.

Previous to that of course, there is the small matter of a Lower Bracket semi-final to contest, with both teams sitting above the prospect of needing just three more wins following tonight to secure the prizemoney. Be sure to tune in via GamesTV, where you will find over 1600 ETTV slots, and six shoutcasters broadcasting in five different languages. Hit "read more" for more detailed viewing info.

myLegend relaunches

image: etbanner

Ten months after the first myLegend Enemy Territory team captained by United Kingdom Sheep officially closed, and the behemoth multi-gaming organisation is set to re-enter the Wolfenstein domain. Tonight the team can officially announce the addition of Enemy Territory to their portfolio, which already includes Quake 4, Counter Strike and Trackmania. With the forthcoming CPC3 and other LAN events on the horizon, the team includes a lineup with realistic credentials to succeed.

Norway Snuble (ex. Auxilia)
Italy Danone (ex.one4one,vib)
Netherlands aeq (ex.cdap pi)
Netherlands kris (ex.cdap pi)
Hungary fobje (ex.cdap Pi)
Austria potter (ex.zp)
United Kingdom Mashed (manager / coach / delivering motivational "yo's")

EC14: Netrunners vs uQ

image: netruq Today's noteworthy game comes in the form of EuroCup Fourteen, where a highflying Poland Netrunners team comes off the back of PGA success against a somewhat turbulent Europe uQ side who have a higher tally for roster changes than games played at the moment.

This is the first game for either side in group A, and with zeroPoint taking the early points in a hard-fought clash with Morrigu earlier in the week, both teams will be looking to record meaningful victories that would see them keep pace with the early leaders, an essential task in a group comprising of only 4 teams.

Netrunners Poland vs Europe uQ Gaming
Maps: gold/adler

Malta Toxic: I think that it will be a very close match as NETR proved how good they are at LAN but uQ have also been playing well and picking up a 4-2 victory over amenti recently proves that they are no pushover either. Since you are FORCING me for a prediction i'll take a risky one and put my faith in my favourite jew [yes i said jew!] lion. 4-2 win for uQ.

Switzerland Melkor: Since uQ had grave lineup changes recently and NETR showed a great performance the last few games, I'd go for a 4:0 for the polish dudes. But maybe the spirit of Odin will flow through chaoz and with that plus the power of the almighty urtimat® he will win a map for uQ.

Israel Lion: NetRunners have proven themselves as an extremely strong 5on5 team, yet I do not know how their transition back to 6on6 will effect them. On the other hand, uQ had to rebuild itself during the past three weeks. I guess the match could go either way. 4 - 2 for Netrunners.

United Kingdom Quag: btw what does uQ stand 4? (gets told...pause)
imo, netrunners are gna 'wtf ngr plz' own uQ, purely because i, yes q-to-the-g, are giving them my full support. This, coupled with the backing of once UK number 1 #bux, is more than enough to inspire netrunners to an emphatic victory, after which i will accept generous donations for my whole-hearted support. Once again gl the runners, and always remember; FRAG 4 QUAG!

As for myself, Netrunners seem the obvious choice but you cannot simply ignore the knocking of uQ. Sure they're nowhere near as stable as NR, but they have players in the form of lion and lightning who have the ability to change games. The question is, can they whittle down the heavy fortified resistance of Netrunners? I think not.

Quakewars receives unprecedented preview

Today my copy of PCZone magazine arrived through the letterbox, its usual 3 days ahead of the shop delivery dates. Removing the plastic packaging and cardboard support I had a good look at the cover, noting with interest their month's chosen subject: Enemy Territory - Quakewars.

"The shooter that obliterates Battlefield!" yelled the banner, and quickly flicking to page 50 I saw what can only be described as a mammoth preview. PCZone is a magazine notorious for its hardline review and refusal to be swayed by industry pressure, delivering definitive and above all honest depictions of the games they play. To hear "quake zero with Wolf ET style gameplay" is very reassuring. Anyway, I of course scanned all the pages, you can read each of them in high-resolution by clicking on the thumbnails below.


Onto the finals and a word from kot

image: nrff6
Congratulations to both Fear Factory and Netrunners who called the game a draw and split the prizemoney. Congratulations also to zeroPoint for taking 2nd place.
image: zppi4

So after what can only be called a breathtaking semi-final stage, we have ourselves the prospect of 2 final games. These are of course the lower and higher bracket finals you see above you, or as they are known in Poland, the "Polfinals". I grabbed Poland kot for a short chat after his teams' victory over cdap pi.

'Just describe the emotion you're feeling right now.'

"Well ... I'm just at a loss for words at the moment because I was very very nervous during the semi-final and right now I can barely speak at all - it was just that tense. I'm just so happy to have got through to the final, and I'm really proud of the whole team"

'You're facing Fear Factory in the winners' final ... can you win?'

"Yeah, we can win. I know they're strong but then again so are we, I'm pretty confident in going all the way tonight".

Then our moment of love had to come to an end so that I could write this and kot could go prepare for his next game versus Fear Factory. But just how did Netrunners overcome cdap, and what did Fear Factory come up with to subdue zeroPoint?

We'll start with the pre-tournament favourites zeroPoint, who now find themselves by virtue of losing to FF in the losers' bracket final and clinging to life ... it'd be a lie to say morale isn't at its best right now (no worries, I'll fix that tonight!). zP saw themselves fullheld on their first round radar attack and their misery was comfounded only further when Fear Factory managed only to beat it by 1 minute and 3 seconds. First blood to the Poles then, but it might as well have been the fatal blow, as FF blitzed their attack on goldrush leaving darky and company still attacking the tank with 3 minutes left. Fear Factory were in the final.

Then it came Netrunner's time to shine. In a game that was far more tight than either side should have made it, the match went to a third map and to the location that is Wurzburg. Skip to the final round and cdap have the radar parts at their spawn but Netrunners are swarming the truck. Time is running out, cdap simply have to push. With 10 seconds left they finally do with the radar parts making it all the way to the truck. In the ensuing melee that occured, somehow, somehow fobje was gunned down less than half a metre away and the parts were returned. You could cut the tension with a knife.

And now we have our finals. All four teams deserve to be at this stage, but only two can leave with prizemoney ... who will it be?

Farewell groupstages, hello elimination!

[img|left]http://upload.voetsjoeba.com/foonr/picz/matches/nrpi2.gif[/img]image: zpff2


19.31pm RESULT: Netrunners 4 - 2 cdap pi

19:27pm RESULT: zeroPoint 0 - 4 Fear Factory

-19.09pm: FF beat zP's time by 1.03m, score now 2-0 to FF
-18.55pm: zP fullheld on radar round 1by Fear Factory

They said 5v5 was dead, they said ET had no lan future, well guess what. The groupstage games have been nothing short of truely worthy of this superb venue that the players and spectators alike find themselves in today. And today, Enemy Territory forgot the rulebook. The script got left in the hotel room and we've witnessed some major suprises and upsets. Right now I can hear Conrad of Headshot Radio telling his fellow casters that the cdap pi - Fear Factory game is an "amazing match", and his delight isn't just founded purely on being Polish.

Lets go back to the beginning of the day. At 11.00am we had 6 ET teams ready to do battle and the first game of the day was a strong Fear Factory side facing a relatively unknown everto outfit. Any optimism they may have been carrying however was completely wiped back in their faces with a dominant 4-0 win by the FF veterans. Simultaneously, group B saw the clash between Delta and their unusal tags vs The Netrunners in what became known as the group of death. The game didn't fail to live up to its tight predictions and went all the way to a decider before Netrunners managed to clinch victory on supply.

Delta may have been able to take a round of Netrunners, but their resolve was not able to hold as they crashed to a second defeat 4-0 at the hands of zeroPoint leaving the Poles facing an early exit from the tournament. Perhaps the loss to NR was more a morale crushing blow, as zeroPoint would go on to find life much more difficult against NR later on.

Back to group A and cdap pi's game against minnows everto. Previously when potter had told me he thought pi were less a threat than Netrunners I scorned him, but upon arriving at the venue it was clear to see why he was of such opinion. With no perfo, no toxic and no previous lan experience, cdap needed the safety of a decider map to see off everto, and leave them with more a worrying omen than a win against their name with the end result at 4-2.

By 4pm we started moving onto the serious games; the games which decided who played who in the double elimination bracket. Group A winner plays group B runnerup and vice versa, and the matches of zeroPoint vs Netrunners and cdap pi vs Fear Factory would determine who played who.

Kicking off with zeroPoint and the early signs were with the Europeans. Having learnt that NR were viewed as ZP's biggest rivals in the tournament it was no great suprise to see the score draw level at 2-2. But when the teams clashed for the third round on braundorf, the outcome was more than just an upset. zeroPoint had been viewed by most including winning a landslide poll on Crossfire as clear tournament favourites, and when Netrunners took the map to record a 4-2 victory, confusion reigned supreme. Nevertheless it was a deservered and well fought contest, and one NR will be extremely happy to have won, setting up a meeting with cdap pi in the double elimination bracket.

Meanwhile the final group game saw a confident Fear Factory side up against the rattled cdap pi, who looked nervous and lacked any potency when attacking the first round on radar. Fear Factory meanwhile streamrollered their way through after cdap believed that having returned the radar parts they could relax, but they were punished for this lax by the sound of secured west radar parts. Moving onto goldrush and FF must have thought the match was theirs, but they hadn't reckoned on some stout cdap pi tank defense, who clearly weren't ready to give up the ghost anytime soon. They held Fear Factory back and had an almost millenia to attack, for which they duly accepted and sent the match to a decider on supply. cdap pi attacked first, but their memories of weak attacking on radar came back to haunt them, as they set an impossibly slow time thanks to several wonderful last second dynamite defuses and teamplay. If cdap were alive, Fear Factory were superhuman, planting the bunker gate within a minute and setting stupidly fast time to leave cdap looking at their mice as if to say, "what just happened?".

So now we have our double elimination first two matches, with Netrunners playing cdap pi and zeroPoint up against Fear Factory. There's plenty more action to come!

Welcome to the PGA

image: pgapv7First of all a hearty welcome to Poznan! The tournament is running slightly delayed, but now the draw has been made and we're ready to go! We'll keep this thread full of the latest news and developments for the duration of today, and come tonight we will have our winner. The players are setting up and the schedule will be posted in only a few moments. There should be ETTV very soon, but until the games start you can always check out the live stream from Poznan.

17.30pm RESULT: cdap pi 2 - 4 Fear Factory

-17:09pm: Fear Factory fullholds cdap pi on Supply
-16.46pm: Fear Factory vs cdap pi goes to decider, map picked is supply

16.44pm RESULT: zeroPoint 2 - 4 Netrunners

-16.18pm: cdap pi choose map goldrush
-16.12pm: zeroPoint vs Netrunners goes to a decider, map to be picked
-15.37pm: Fear Factory pick radar, cdap pi pick goldrush
15.30pm RESULT: cdap pi 4 - 2 everto

-14.27pm: Poland Borsuk is a complete legend, helping said reporter brave the treacherous waters of a Polish pizza stand
14.20pm RESULT: zeroPoint 4 - 0 Delta

-14.00pm: A few initial pictures are being uploaded
-13.53pm: This reporter is hearing his stomach rumble
-13.33pm: Maps drawn for the following games:
cdap pi vs everto (supply/radar)
zeroPoint vs delta (gold/supply)
13.33pm RESULT: Fear Factory 4 - 0 everto

-13.31pm: HS`Mashed is online! Tune in here.
-13.15pm: ETTV now running on the following IPs:
13.00pm RESULT: Netrunners 4 - 2 Delta

-12.40pm: NR vs Delta goes to decider map (supply)
-11.56am: ETTV status confirmed - NO ETTV for group stages, only playoffs + finals. Games will be covered via live stream
-11.37am: Full schedule announced
-11.29am: First game confirmed to be Fear Factory Poland vs Poland everto
-11.04am: Draw made. Group 1= (cdap, FF, invert), Group 2= (zP, NR, Delta)

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