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Team Rockit just won the ET-Cup!

image: 5mmh3p8s
Today's grand final was Germany Team Rockit' time to make a statement about their dominance in the Enemy Territory scene. They won the image: et ET-Cup for all ET Reborn Lan teams in an impressive way - first of all they won the upper bracket final against sick6 with a very good performance on Radar and a really sick flag fullhold on Supply Depot. Then the boys around R0SS just waited for Europe sick6 to come back from their lower bracket final against tMoe to crush them down once again in a superior way.

#ET-Cup - *Upd* 4 teams left!

image: 5mmh3p8s
The image: et ET-Cup for all ET Reborn Lan teams is at its peak. This Sunday will bring us the final matches of the remaining four teams and with Europe sick6 and Germany Team Rockit sitting in the upper bracket and Poland tMoe and Germany neverbyte in the lower bracket I can guarantee you more than just two big ET games with United Kingdom MerlinatoR as streamer on top. Go ahead and read the full preview!

#ET-Cup - Summary!

image: 5mmh3p8s
The image: et ET-Cup for all ET Reborn Lan teams kicked off right at 19.00 CET yesterday with 9 teams in total fighting for the 100 Euro prizepot. Meanwhile we have separated the wheat from the chaff and just the best four teams are left in this double elimination tournament. Before introducing the coming match-ups I will recap some of the highlights!

#ET-Cup - *Update* Brackets!

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In less then 36 hours the original image: et ET-Cup for all Reborn Lan teams will start and thus it is time to announce the official brackets for the two days cup! Check below for the brackets, maps, rules and the strict schedule! Additionally I am proud to announce that United Kingdom MerlinatoR will stream the whole Thursday as well as the coming Sunday and all of its great ETTv action!

****Update:**** We slightly moved some games to a later start time - check the new schedule below or your games on GamesTV (and let me know if there are any lineup changes) + Radar is now forced instead of Frostbite for the lower bracket round 2!

#ET-Cup - Tournament details!

image: 5mmh3p8s

As I have already announced in last week`s post I will arrange a two day image: et ET-Cup for all the ET Reborn Lan teams only. This cup will give you the chance to practise your aim and tactics as well as gaining some more euros for the upcoming offline event in Enschede.

#ET-Cup - Back again!

The old and famous image: et ET-Cup is back again with a 100 Euro prize-pot up for grabs. I just decided to once again support the community with this cup and to motivate all the indecisive people to make the right decision and sign up for the upcoming ET Reborn Lan because otherwise you are not allowed to take part in this tournament.

6v6 NC - France vs. Czech Republic!

The image: et 6v6 NationsCup is fully underway and tonight some of the biggest names from France France and Czech Republic Czech Republic will battle it out in a make-or-brake game. Both lineups consists of highly experienced gamers and new talents with players like An7ho and kARnAJ taking the leadership for the French side and the likes of Loo, jalo or cpu will try to lead the Czechs to victory.

CF ET Spring Cup - The Grand Final!

The CF image: et ET Cup for Spring 2013 is finally reaching it`s end. With the overall final for Division 1 between Germany Team Rockit and Finland turbot scheduled for this Thursday the tournament will find it`s winner. Unfortunately the other grand final for Division 2 between Europe supski and Finland POLARBEERS is not yet scheduled. But for now we can look forward to a great Enemy Territory evening with ETTv and the ShoutcastCollective guys streaming one of the best games for this Spring.

CF ET Cup Spring - Thursday Thriller!

CF image: et ET Cup for Spring 2013 is reaching it`s next match week and with a Thursday full of great ETTv actions you should mark it red in you calender to not miss any of the seven intense games!.

CF ET Cup Spring - Week 2!

CF image: et ET Cup for Spring 2013 is fully under way and with a total of three intense games scheduled for tonight I am sure every Enemy Territory fan can find something great to spec.
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