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Crossfire PrizeFight Challenge - CoD Results

It's been a long and hard event but I think everyone can agree it was a resounding success. Speedlink were toppled from their throne at last and as many predicted it was Dignitas who inevitably were the ones who could do it.

WHO Crew and kickR rolled back the years and surpassed all expectations in taking 3rd place but from the word go it was Dignitas making the headlines. After a surprisingly close playoff match against NWA, the UK heavyweights stepped up their game and absolutely steamrolled H2k to move on to the final with Speedlink lying in wait.

So began an epic affair spanning 3 maps that caught the atention of even the newest CoD fans. I was told last night by an avid ET player who shall remain nameless, "I don't know a thing about CoD, but that final was damn exciting!".

After losing on Dawnville, Speedlink were powerless to resist the force that was Team Dignitas and although they stalled it, taking a win on Toujane, there was only ever going to be one winner on Burgundy, the deciding map.

I would like to personally congratulate all the teams who attended the event and made it something special and of course especially the winners below. A big thanks as well to the whole admin team who really stepped it up all weekend and made this event almost trouble free.

I'd like to single out Raza in particular because although there were other guys doing an amazing job it was Raza who was working with me on the CoD tournament and his incredible work on the first day especially made my job a whole lot less stressful so <3 Raza. Congratulations as well to TosspoT who worked like a machine, day and night, for us all and without him the event could not have taken place as you all know.

Without further ado anyway, here are the winners of the CoD tournament and I think I speak for everyone at the event when i say a big thanks for puttnig on a great show!

1st Team Dignitas - €1,500
2nd Team Speedlink - €1,000
3rd WHO Crew - €500

Tournament MVP: Trainee (Dignitas)

Well done and see you next time!

Yekoms appointed coach of Team Dignitas

image: dignitasmainjq3

We have seen Yekoms and Mick alongside each other numerous times before, for example in TAG, Supermen and more recently Dignitas, but this time it will be with a twist. Instead of playing, Yekoms will instead be coaching Mick and his team mates in Dignitas. While this is common in games such as Quake 4 and Counter Strike it will be one of the first instances of this in Call of Duty 2. Yekoms will be helping the team with tactics and general issues in and out of game and will step in as a 5th player when needed. Dignitas manager ODEE will be hoping this will help his team step up and fulfill their potential to dominate European CoD2 in a way that only Speedlink have done before.

It is an interesting move by Dignitas and if it works out this could start a new trend in Call of Duty 2. The benefits of having a coach has already been proven in other main stream games and having an experienced player like Yekoms around to help out can hopefully do no harm. The team has a number of events coming up and a top performance is expected from the team that took 2nd place at the EuroCup Lan Finals.

Yekoms gave the following statement on team-dignitas.org...

"First of all id like to say its wonderful to be back in dignitas even if its only at the capacity of team coach/6th man, the reason I left c4u was mainly down to the reason I couldnt really play as a 5th as i wasnt online enough, so i was letting them down. I'd like to wish them the very best of luck however in the future. I am looking forward to helping dignitas in every way i can and hopefully they will reproduce the form that saw when winning top lans. A big thanks to mick aswell for being a sorted mate."

This leaves the full Team Digntias lineup as follows...

United Kingdom Mick
United Kingdom Dales
United Kingdom Raz
United Kingdom Trainee
United Kingdom beNN

United Kingdom Yekoms (team coach)

Outpost on Fire Lan Approaches for CoD2

image: xfireout5fq

The Outpost Lan in Belgium, one of the biggest for CoD2 so far with over €5000 worth of prizes, is fast approaching. With 20 of the finest teams in Europe attending, including the likes of Speedlink, Check Six and Northern Darkness, it's sure to be a great event packed with excitement. Here on Crossfire we will be covering the event in detail, starting with an introduction to the competition and the teams invited.

Name: Outpost On Fire Lan
Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Date: 29th-30th July
Teams: 24 (full)
Coverage: inside The Game live video stream with TosspoT


1st place - €1,500 + Hardware
2nd place - €750 + Hardware
3rd place - €250 + Hardware

4th place - Hardware
5th place - Hardware

WolfClaw MVP - €250 + Hardware

Read more to find out about the venue and the invited teams...

Post-Season CoD2 Team Changes

image: cod2news2wb6

After a rollercoaster LAN schedule over the last few months the CoD2 scene has finally slowed down and with that comes the inevitable slew of player changes. The initial moves were to involve digitalMind, infamous for changing their roster after events. Coming off a win at Netgamez, a poor performance at the Milk LAN and a much better one at WonderBase, the Dutch side decided to remove Breazi and cut roEl from the starting 5. They did this safe in the knowledge that they could replace them with the talented duo of Zem and Rapz who were to move from H2k.

This would leave the digitalMind lineup as follows...

Netherlands Rikk
Netherlands Roy
Netherlands Nutec
Netherlands Zem
Netherlands Rapz

Deceivers Rejoin Webone After Managerial Foulplay

image: COD2%20large%20logo
In a complete reversal of their decision made only two months ago, the French superstars, Deceivers, have returned to their old home. Webone. This decision was met with shock from the community but this was nothing compared to the surprise when the reasons for the move were revealed on Gotfrag. It turns out their manager Karko, who had been with the team for more than two years, was working behind their back to sabotage the team.

Deceivers were one of the teams to receiver the honour of a direct invite to the upcoming Outpost Lan and Steven Leunens (aka dfb), the CEO of Tek-9, was the man dealing with the invites. Karko's team that he played in, Shock.fx, had not received an invite to the event and were unable to get tickets as the demand was so high. Karko saw an oppertunity and took it.

He spoke to dfb and told him that Deceivers were going to be unable to attend the event and that Shock.fx could take their place. Dfb was sad to hear this but agreed as Karko was after all the manager of Deceivers. The players in Deceivers had no idea what was going on when they received a good luck message from dfb however. The treachery was quickly unveiled and a fierce confrontation ensued.

In the words of Anthoo, the team captain,

QuoteWhen we found what karko had done with the Outpost Lan, we realised that Karko's interests lay with his own team, shock.fx , so we decided it was best to go our different ways

Read More for their full roster and the move back to Webone

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Dignitas top Gotfrag CoD2 Rankings

image: casso_cod2euro_597x110

With the 2006 LAN season coming to an end, Gotfrag have announced their highly anticipated top 10 rankings for European Call of Duty 2 once more. This month has seen a number of surprises including the success of Serious and Tek-9, both with new lineups, as well as the emergence of Logitech.fi, the former Idle.ee side, as serious European contenders. Alongside all this though it is Digntias who have obviously been impressing the most and it is the UK side that takes first place in the rankings. Speedlink drop 4 places to 5th after a string of weak performances and alongside last month's high achievers H2k and Doubleslash, are under pressure to step up their game. Below you can view the full rankings.

image: top10az7

You can read the full article here.

CoD Upsets abound in EuroCup Week 1

image: eurocupIt would be almost an understatement to say that the opening week of the CoD2 EuroCup XIV has been packed with surprises and of the three top teams in Europe (as voted in the Gotfrag Rankings), not one has come out of Week 1 as expected. The news that Serious-Gaming, the defending champions, would not be competing this season was met with disappointment and now both Logitech.fi and Dignitas have suffered first round defeats.

Logitech went up against the unknown Entropy side, constructed mainly of players from Serious-Gaming, who formed temporarily after the news that their team would not be taking part this season. After a strong performance in Sweden at the WonderBase LAN event, Logitech were one of the favourites going into this EuroCup but were left reeling after a 13-11 loss against Entropy. Despite a valiant effort from the ever-reliable Sec, Logitech were made to work for every round on Dawnville and the score is a fair reflection of the way the match played out.

Finland Logitech.fi (11:13) Finland Entropy

The next upset was to feature two teams that have recently undergone lineup changes, the European heavyweights digitalMind and Dignitas. Dignitas had just picked up Palmz from Reason while digitalMind had managed to secure the services of Solz from H2k. Both teams went into the match knowing defeat would put them in a difficult position in Group C but it was the Dutch team of digitalMind that rose to the occasion, winning in convincing fashion. Troubling times lie ahead for Dignitas and they will look to get back on track against a struggling dSlash side in Week 2. DigitalMind on the other hand have sent a message to the top teams of Europe that they are not to be underestimated and their new lineup seems to have worked a treat.

Netherlands digitalMind (13:6) United Kingdom Team Dignitas

In other results, Reason seemed to have suffered no ill effects from the loss of Palmz as they took down TooEasy in convincing fashion. Tek-9 overcame the potential hiccup that was inteRaction, the Czech team that everybody is talking about right now. The Multiplay i29 finalists CSA also got off to a good start, taking down a troubled H2k.steelseries side 13 to 10 while Speedlink shut down TmG to show that they mean business

We now go into Week 2 with an altogether different perspective with big names such as H2k, Dignitas and Logitech all under pressure to perform. H2k in particular will have a hard time going up against a determined Speedlink side. Other exciting match ups include Entropy versus Copenhagen-Esports and Reason versus the up and coming suXus.

Gotfrag Interviews Trigger Post EuroCup

image: gotfrag_smallIt has been a hard week for Michael Sowa, aka Trigger, as he has gone from hero to zero in the space of one weekend. Previously voted the number one CoD2 player in Europe by his peers last sunday he left the EuroCup Lan Finals in shame. Despite being the hot favourites, Speedlink crashed out against Check Six and Tek-9 and Trigger was a shadow of his former self. Various rumours have been spreading about the team's future after such a shocking blow so Gotfrag's Liam Crowley decided to speak to the man himself to get to the bottom of it.

In this in-depth interview Trigger explains in detail how it felt to fall so utterly short of their expectations in Denmark and what was running through their heads as they left without a win. Read on for a small extract...

You mention nerves, but you guys have played well at numerous big events before. Was it the pressure on the team to perform after losing to Dignitas in the Crossfire PrizeFight Challenge?

It was just for me about nerves. I think the other guys were calmer then me, but still Nightwalker and Fuchs couldn't perform well. I have asked myself these past days why I couldn't control my nerves. I played several big events and never had this problem, now they are here and I don't know why, or how to get rid of them. I think and hope it was only a bad day for me and thats why i couldn't control it. If it's coming up again, I have to see what I can do against it. But let's hope its not coming again. Without beeing arrogant, I lead my team sometimes to the victory. Now i ermined with -10 stats. If this becomes the "normal" it's all the time a 4 on 5 and that can't be the way.

You can read the full interview here.

Aeon become Copenhagen-Esports.cod2

image: image001vo9

After winning the Danish eXperience Lan it appears that some major names have taken an interest in the promising Aeon.eSports side and they have now merged with Copenhagen-Esports.

This moves might come as a surprise to many after the team lost juL and Frijec played at the EuroCup Lan for rivals Tek-9 but it appears Aeon have come through this difficult patch and reforged a new, very promising lineup. The addition of Qwerty from Digntias was an inspired pickup and although Maxxur has left for pastures new, xerno easily replaces him.

CoD - Gotfrag previews the CPC

image: xfire_logo
Over at Gotfrag, Liam Crowley has written an indepth preview of the CoD2 tournament in this weekend's Crossfire PrizeFight Challenge. It includes a detailed look at each of the groups and a run down of the teams likely to challenge for first place.

Here is a small sample from the article...

QuoteAfter a long wait we are now only days away from what promises to be one of the biggest events for Call of Duty 2 so far this year. Featuring 12 of the very best European teams and held in the state of the art TGS Rotterdam, the Crossfire PrizeFight Challenge is almost upon us. Rivalries will be renewed as the beautiful city of Rotterdam plays host to the likes of Speedlink, Dignitas, digitalMind and more. With the last spot filled today after the announcement that Webone were unable to attend it looks like the stage is set for an action packed weekend.

The teams will be competing for a total prize purse of €3,000, one of the largest we've seen so far. We are likely to be given a good indication of who's in form as the EuroCup Lan Finals approach with both Speedlink and Dignitas in attendance. Both these teams performed well at the Outpost Lan last month and Speedlink in particular will need to avoid slipping up here if they are to maintain their aura of invincibility for the EuroCup Lan. Dignitas on the other hand will have to prove that their 2nd place placing at Outpost was no fluke and hopefully their recent victory at i28 will have helped their new lineup gel. Losing Qwerty in particular will be a big blow to the team as he was, along with Raz, a key figure for Dignitas at the Outpost Lan.

You can read the full preview here
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