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CoD2 EuroCup Players Send a Message to CB

image: COD2%20large%20logoIn an unprecedented move in ClanBase, the CoD2 EuroCup players have banded together to save their Cup Supervisors, Wabbit and Yami. They face removal from their positions after the shocking revelations that they were being blackmailed into making decisions by the Game Supervisor, Leon. After these accusations were made public on the Crossfire community site, Leon moved to ban crow from ClanBase and to strip Wabbit and Yami of their power. It was revelaed by an anonymous source within the ClanBase crew that, after the current EuroCup season, Leon will no longer allow Wabbit and Yami to run this cup.

The community was outraged and immediately steps were taken to counter this plan. The EuroCup players got together and decided to write an open letter to the highest admins in ClanBase, pleading to them to safeguard the futures of Wabbit and Yami. Support for the pair was overflowing and this only reaffirmed the fact that these are two of the most respected admins in the whole ClanBase system. Every team was quick to sign on and not only give their support for Wabbit and Yami, but also to share their contempt for the likes of Leon and Cryptic, the other supervisors who seem to bring nothing but trouble to this game.

You can view the original columns by crow and Tosspot that sparked this controversy at the following links:

CoD - Another Clanbase Blunder

Crossfire Analyses Game Supervisors

Read on to see a copy of the letter sent to the ClanBase admins...

Outpost on Fire Lan Approaches for CoD2

image: xfireout5fq

The Outpost Lan in Belgium, one of the biggest for CoD2 so far with over €5000 worth of prizes, is fast approaching. With 20 of the finest teams in Europe attending, including the likes of Speedlink, Check Six and Northern Darkness, it's sure to be a great event packed with excitement. Here on Crossfire we will be covering the event in detail, starting with an introduction to the competition and the teams invited.

Name: Outpost On Fire Lan
Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Date: 29th-30th July
Teams: 24 (full)
Coverage: inside The Game live video stream with TosspoT


1st place - €1,500 + Hardware
2nd place - €750 + Hardware
3rd place - €250 + Hardware

4th place - Hardware
5th place - Hardware

WolfClaw MVP - €250 + Hardware

Read more to find out about the venue and the invited teams...

Deceivers Rejoin Webone After Managerial Foulplay

image: COD2%20large%20logo
In a complete reversal of their decision made only two months ago, the French superstars, Deceivers, have returned to their old home. Webone. This decision was met with shock from the community but this was nothing compared to the surprise when the reasons for the move were revealed on Gotfrag. It turns out their manager Karko, who had been with the team for more than two years, was working behind their back to sabotage the team.

Deceivers were one of the teams to receiver the honour of a direct invite to the upcoming Outpost Lan and Steven Leunens (aka dfb), the CEO of Tek-9, was the man dealing with the invites. Karko's team that he played in, Shock.fx, had not received an invite to the event and were unable to get tickets as the demand was so high. Karko saw an oppertunity and took it.

He spoke to dfb and told him that Deceivers were going to be unable to attend the event and that Shock.fx could take their place. Dfb was sad to hear this but agreed as Karko was after all the manager of Deceivers. The players in Deceivers had no idea what was going on when they received a good luck message from dfb however. The treachery was quickly unveiled and a fierce confrontation ensued.

In the words of Anthoo, the team captain,

QuoteWhen we found what karko had done with the Outpost Lan, we realised that Karko's interests lay with his own team, shock.fx , so we decided it was best to go our different ways

Read More for their full roster and the move back to Webone

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