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CoD2 at Netgamez 2006 Autumn Edition

It's hard to believe it was only earlier this year that we saw Speedlink and Check Six, at the time known as TmG, battle it out in the Grand Final of one of the first major Call of Duty 2 lans. But that was Netgamez 2006A and now the B version lies only around the corner. Featuring a fairly impressive €1,000 for the winners this event will be no slouch and you can expect a number of big name central European teams to be showing their faces there.

This is a BYOC event which makes it harder for teams from further afield to attend but the 2006A event had over 40 CoD2 teams in attendence so with an even bigger prize pot this time around you can expect more of the same. With space for over 1,500 gamers in the BYOC area and an impressive stage for the finals there is a lot of space but book your tickets fast to avoid disappointment as the Dutch gaming community will jump fast at the chance to rub shoulders with the likes of Grubby and Forever who will both be in attendence for their respective games.

Name: Netgamez 2006B
Date: 13-15th October 2006
Location: Nieuwegein, Holland

CoD2 Prizes:

- 1st Place €1,000
- 2nd Place €300
- 3rd Place €150
- 4th Place €100
- 5th Place €100
- 6th Place €100

Website: www.netgamez.nl

Gotfrag Interviews Trigger Post EuroCup

image: gotfrag_smallIt has been a hard week for Michael Sowa, aka Trigger, as he has gone from hero to zero in the space of one weekend. Previously voted the number one CoD2 player in Europe by his peers last sunday he left the EuroCup Lan Finals in shame. Despite being the hot favourites, Speedlink crashed out against Check Six and Tek-9 and Trigger was a shadow of his former self. Various rumours have been spreading about the team's future after such a shocking blow so Gotfrag's Liam Crowley decided to speak to the man himself to get to the bottom of it.

In this in-depth interview Trigger explains in detail how it felt to fall so utterly short of their expectations in Denmark and what was running through their heads as they left without a win. Read on for a small extract...

You mention nerves, but you guys have played well at numerous big events before. Was it the pressure on the team to perform after losing to Dignitas in the Crossfire PrizeFight Challenge?

It was just for me about nerves. I think the other guys were calmer then me, but still Nightwalker and Fuchs couldn't perform well. I have asked myself these past days why I couldn't control my nerves. I played several big events and never had this problem, now they are here and I don't know why, or how to get rid of them. I think and hope it was only a bad day for me and thats why i couldn't control it. If it's coming up again, I have to see what I can do against it. But let's hope its not coming again. Without beeing arrogant, I lead my team sometimes to the victory. Now i ermined with -10 stats. If this becomes the "normal" it's all the time a 4 on 5 and that can't be the way.

You can read the full interview here.

CoD2 at WonderBase Lan in Sweden

image: wbsscu8

Another great CoD2 event is just around the corner and this time the location is Ahaga, Sweden. Although WonderBase does feature the usual suspects, Quake 4, Warcraft and CS, they have also allocated a hefty prize sum to Call of Duty 2. With over €2,000 for first place you can expect to see some of Europe's biggest names making their way to Sweden this November and it looks certain to be an exciting weekend. Popular Swedish community site CallofDuty.se have teamed up with the organisers to run the event and after a disappointing Dreamhack tournament, Johnny "toker" Törnvall will be hoping for more luck this time around. WonderBase have backed up their words with action though and although the news that the event will have it's own chef is an added bonus, most attendees will be more pleased to hear the news that CoD2 will be the only game where tournament PCs are provided, eliminating the need for players to cart their computers all the way to Sweden.

The event will be held in Ahaga, with space for over 1,200 gamers and all useful amenities nearby. CallofDuty.se have also announced that their partners Activision will be present at the event and as well as giving you the chance to try out the unreleased Call of Duty 3 game they are also in negotiations with companies such as Microsoft and Nvidia to increase the prize pot for CoD2 even more. This would be great news and with the likes of Dignitas and Speedlink already showing an interest would only serve to boost the event's publicity even more. Exact dates and times for the CoD2 tournament are likely to be announced in the coming days but it appears likely that it will run from the 2nd to the 4th of November, finishing one day before the event ends. Be sure to check back here for all the latest updates concerning dates, times and of course what you all want to know about... prize money!


Name: WonderBase
Location: Ahaga, Boras
Date: 2nd-5th November (CoD2 dates TBA)
Contact: toker@callofduty.se


- 1st Place €2,150 + Qpad/Sennheiser Hardware
- 2nd Place €800
- 3rd Place €270

Useful Links:

Official Event Site

Aeon become Copenhagen-Esports.cod2

image: image001vo9

After winning the Danish eXperience Lan it appears that some major names have taken an interest in the promising Aeon.eSports side and they have now merged with Copenhagen-Esports.

This moves might come as a surprise to many after the team lost juL and Frijec played at the EuroCup Lan for rivals Tek-9 but it appears Aeon have come through this difficult patch and reforged a new, very promising lineup. The addition of Qwerty from Digntias was an inspired pickup and although Maxxur has left for pastures new, xerno easily replaces him.

Yekoms appointed coach of Team Dignitas

image: dignitasmainjq3

We have seen Yekoms and Mick alongside each other numerous times before, for example in TAG, Supermen and more recently Dignitas, but this time it will be with a twist. Instead of playing, Yekoms will instead be coaching Mick and his team mates in Dignitas. While this is common in games such as Quake 4 and Counter Strike it will be one of the first instances of this in Call of Duty 2. Yekoms will be helping the team with tactics and general issues in and out of game and will step in as a 5th player when needed. Dignitas manager ODEE will be hoping this will help his team step up and fulfill their potential to dominate European CoD2 in a way that only Speedlink have done before.

It is an interesting move by Dignitas and if it works out this could start a new trend in Call of Duty 2. The benefits of having a coach has already been proven in other main stream games and having an experienced player like Yekoms around to help out can hopefully do no harm. The team has a number of events coming up and a top performance is expected from the team that took 2nd place at the EuroCup Lan Finals.

Yekoms gave the following statement on team-dignitas.org...

"First of all id like to say its wonderful to be back in dignitas even if its only at the capacity of team coach/6th man, the reason I left c4u was mainly down to the reason I couldnt really play as a 5th as i wasnt online enough, so i was letting them down. I'd like to wish them the very best of luck however in the future. I am looking forward to helping dignitas in every way i can and hopefully they will reproduce the form that saw when winning top lans. A big thanks to mick aswell for being a sorted mate."

This leaves the full Team Digntias lineup as follows...

United Kingdom Mick
United Kingdom Dales
United Kingdom Raz
United Kingdom Trainee
United Kingdom beNN

United Kingdom Yekoms (team coach)

Milk Lan: CoD2 Preview

image: xfiremilkvv8
The city of romance, Paris, will this weekend play host to the much-anticipated Milk Lan, featuring the likes of Speedlink, digitalMind and Tek-9 battling it out for the top prize. With Netgamez and the EuroCup already behind us there are not too many major events left in 2006, but Milk Lan is certainly one of them. Featuring a host of talented teams and situated in an internet gaming cafe in the centre of Paris, this Lan promises to be one to remember. While the likes of Dignitas and Check Six were unable to attend, there still remains a surplus of top teams, many of which go into the event with a little more on their mind than normal. The pressure mounts on Speedlink to show they can still dominate at the top level, Tek-9 are going to have to finish at least in the top three to show their new players still have the drive to succeed in CoD2 and teams such as digitalMind and suXus come into this event needing to prove that their respective successes at Netgamez were no fluke.

Prepare yourselves for a night of drama, action and excitement as the top teams in Europe battle it out. With nearly €3,000 in cash up for grabs the competition is sure to be fierce and a lot is likely to rest on who can stay focussed the longest and not let the tiredness and the nerves kick in. Kicking off at 8pm CET on the Saturday night, Milk Lan will run throughout the night and aims to finish up just in time for breakfast. Below you can find all the info relating to this event and more...

Tek-9 win Milk Lan 06

image: milkxfireaa8

A night of intense gaming ended in victory for Tek-9 who came right through the Lower Bracket and managed to take down home favourites Webone on two maps. Sporting an all-new lineup, Tek-9 were touted by many to make the top 3 but the likes of digital Mind and Speedlink were supposed to be in better form. Tek-9 silenced their doubters though, taking down both these teams in convincing fashion and despite losing to Webone in the Upper Bracket Final they kept their cool to take their revenge on Toujane and then Matmata.

Full credit to Webone though, nobody could have predicted they would do so well and the partisan crowd in the Milk Internet Hall in Paris must have spurred them on. They knocked down both Speedlink and originally Tek-9 to the Lower Bracket and maybe with a bit more experience have sealed the deal. It was not to be however but they can be proud to take second place while others below them appear to be in freefall. Speedlink in particular had yet another disappointing event, the sole high point of which was taking down a distinctly lacklustre digitalMind side in the Lower Bracket.

Final Standings:

1st Place: Europe Tek-9 (€1,200 + €1,500 hardware)
2nd Place: France Webone (€700+ €1,000 hardware)
3rd Place: Germany Team Speedlink (€200 + €500 hardware)
4th Place: Netherlands DigitalMind (€100 + €400 hardware)
5th Place: Czech Republic eSuba (€300)
6th Place: France emuLate (€200)
7th Place: France Takecare (€100)

Dignitas top Gotfrag CoD2 Rankings

image: casso_cod2euro_597x110

With the 2006 LAN season coming to an end, Gotfrag have announced their highly anticipated top 10 rankings for European Call of Duty 2 once more. This month has seen a number of surprises including the success of Serious and Tek-9, both with new lineups, as well as the emergence of Logitech.fi, the former Idle.ee side, as serious European contenders. Alongside all this though it is Digntias who have obviously been impressing the most and it is the UK side that takes first place in the rankings. Speedlink drop 4 places to 5th after a string of weak performances and alongside last month's high achievers H2k and Doubleslash, are under pressure to step up their game. Below you can view the full rankings.

image: top10az7

You can read the full article here.

Post-Season CoD2 Team Changes

image: cod2news2wb6

After a rollercoaster LAN schedule over the last few months the CoD2 scene has finally slowed down and with that comes the inevitable slew of player changes. The initial moves were to involve digitalMind, infamous for changing their roster after events. Coming off a win at Netgamez, a poor performance at the Milk LAN and a much better one at WonderBase, the Dutch side decided to remove Breazi and cut roEl from the starting 5. They did this safe in the knowledge that they could replace them with the talented duo of Zem and Rapz who were to move from H2k.

This would leave the digitalMind lineup as follows...

Netherlands Rikk
Netherlands Roy
Netherlands Nutec
Netherlands Zem
Netherlands Rapz

CoD2 EuroCup XIV Invites Announced

image: clanbase_white
ClanBase last night announced the 24 teams taking part in this season's CoD2 EuroCup. With record signups of 559 again, CoD2 attracted a lot of attention and even though this Fall season will feature no LAN finals or prize money the big names of European CoD2 are taking part anyway. Last season's winners Serious are included as well as their fellow finalists Dignitas, Tek-9 and Speedlink. The competition is sure to be intense and as usual the invites went hand in hand with controversy. Reason Gaming were announced as the 3rd team invited from the UK but apparently there was a mix-up with CB accounts and the invite was intended for Team-c4u. This was quickly remedied but not without leaving a bitter taste in the mouths of some, not least the Reason players.

Anyway, without further ado, I present to you the 24 teams taking part in the CoD2 EuroCup XIV...

Europe Serious-Gaming
Europe Stheno
Europe Temporg
Europe Tek-9
Europe Copenhage-Esports
Czech Republic eSuba
Czech Republic inteRaction
Finland Logitech.fi
Finland Venatio
France Emulate
France Webone
Germany dSlash
Germany Team Cooltronik
Germany Team Speedlink
Italy TooEasy
Netherlands H2k.Steelseries
Netherlands digitalMind
Netherlands suXus
image: 55 Fear Factory
image: 58 Logic
Sweden Fukyuu
United Kingdom Team-c4u
United Kingdom Trademark Gamers
United Kingdom Team Dignitas

For more info on the CoD2 EuroCup, check out www.clanbase.com.
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