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Gotfrag European Call of Duty 2 Rankings September 06

Over at Gotfrag the latest Call of Duty 2 team rankings have just been released and Speedlink have just managed to hold on to their number one spot, despite their recent loss at the Crossfire PrizeFight Challenge in Rotterdam. Dignitas shoot up the rankings after a very successful month which saw them take top 2 in both the Outpost and Crossfire Lans.

September also sees too new entries, Aeon.eSports and TooEasy. Aeon, a well known CoD1 team, shot back into the limelight with a victory over the experienced Logitech.fi team at the-experience.dk Lan but have had to contest with lineup difficulties since then. TooEasy have been around for a little longer but have also shown their worth offline. A great run at the Outpost Lan saw the Italians formerly of Play.it narrowly lose to H2k and finish in a respectable 7-8th position.

With the EuroCup Lan Finals in Denmark fast approaching you can expect big changes in the rankings next month and maybe even a new number one. The voting method is explained on page 2 of the Gotfrag article but basically consists of taking votes from representatives of both the top teams as well as community sites that cover the game.

You can view the full rankings as well as indepth info on all the teams here.

CoD - Crossfire Lan Update

As you may have noticed a number of teams have been undergoing quite serious changes since the Tek-9 Outpost Lan and with that in mind we have had to update our team list a little bit. Below you will find the up to date list of attendees, the qualifier details and a provisional map list.

Direct Invites

Germany Speedlink
United Kingdom Dignitas
Netherlands TMPClan
United Kingdom Trademark Gamers
Netherlands digitalMind
Finland Insignia Cadre
Sweden RAW-Gaming
Germany doubleSlash


Poland FF.org [11-7] Belgium Dark Alliance
France Webone [11-5] Sweden zeroPoint

Spain redCode < Belgium Dfiance (default)
Czech Republic eSuba > Germany Helix (default)

Provisional Cod2 Map List


CoD2 Crossfire Lan Update

image: xfindent3cf
There has been some confusion lately for the CoD2 event at the upcoming Crossfire Lan and although we have had a decent amount of signups there have been a lot of teams asking for more information on the site lately. We have decided to write up a little summary of the event here for teams who are not sure of the exact details of the event and how to register.

Date: 2nd-3rd September 2006
Location: TGS Rotterdam (travel details)
CoD2 Prize Pot:: €3,000


There are 12 CoD2 spots available at the event, 8 of which will be directly picked from the signups while the remaing 4 will be decided by qualifier matches. It is very important that if your team is interested you sign up as soon as possible because time is running out now.


• Team Name
• Captain & Chief Contact Person (Email will be the primary contact method)
• IRC Channel
• Competing Roster, online and on LAN (if they are different)

The sooner we get your details sent in the more chance you have of playing at the Lan. Top teams like Check-Six, Speedlink and Dignitas have already signed up so this is sure to be an event you don't want to miss!

Milk Lan: CoD2 Preview

image: xfiremilkvv8
The city of romance, Paris, will this weekend play host to the much-anticipated Milk Lan, featuring the likes of Speedlink, digitalMind and Tek-9 battling it out for the top prize. With Netgamez and the EuroCup already behind us there are not too many major events left in 2006, but Milk Lan is certainly one of them. Featuring a host of talented teams and situated in an internet gaming cafe in the centre of Paris, this Lan promises to be one to remember. While the likes of Dignitas and Check Six were unable to attend, there still remains a surplus of top teams, many of which go into the event with a little more on their mind than normal. The pressure mounts on Speedlink to show they can still dominate at the top level, Tek-9 are going to have to finish at least in the top three to show their new players still have the drive to succeed in CoD2 and teams such as digitalMind and suXus come into this event needing to prove that their respective successes at Netgamez were no fluke.

Prepare yourselves for a night of drama, action and excitement as the top teams in Europe battle it out. With nearly €3,000 in cash up for grabs the competition is sure to be fierce and a lot is likely to rest on who can stay focussed the longest and not let the tiredness and the nerves kick in. Kicking off at 8pm CET on the Saturday night, Milk Lan will run throughout the night and aims to finish up just in time for breakfast. Below you can find all the info relating to this event and more...

CoD2 EuroCup Players Send a Message to CB

image: COD2%20large%20logoIn an unprecedented move in ClanBase, the CoD2 EuroCup players have banded together to save their Cup Supervisors, Wabbit and Yami. They face removal from their positions after the shocking revelations that they were being blackmailed into making decisions by the Game Supervisor, Leon. After these accusations were made public on the Crossfire community site, Leon moved to ban crow from ClanBase and to strip Wabbit and Yami of their power. It was revelaed by an anonymous source within the ClanBase crew that, after the current EuroCup season, Leon will no longer allow Wabbit and Yami to run this cup.

The community was outraged and immediately steps were taken to counter this plan. The EuroCup players got together and decided to write an open letter to the highest admins in ClanBase, pleading to them to safeguard the futures of Wabbit and Yami. Support for the pair was overflowing and this only reaffirmed the fact that these are two of the most respected admins in the whole ClanBase system. Every team was quick to sign on and not only give their support for Wabbit and Yami, but also to share their contempt for the likes of Leon and Cryptic, the other supervisors who seem to bring nothing but trouble to this game.

You can view the original columns by crow and Tosspot that sparked this controversy at the following links:

CoD - Another Clanbase Blunder

Crossfire Analyses Game Supervisors

Read on to see a copy of the letter sent to the ClanBase admins...

Palmz joins Team Dignitas

image: dignitasmainjq3
Team Dignitas, recently voted the number one CoD2 team in Europe, have today announced another lineup change. Team captain Mick's brother, Dales, has taken up a new job that will require a lot more travelling and so has stepped back from active play and will be replaced with another ex-Digntias star, Phill "palmz" Palmer. Joining from UK rivals Reason-Gaming, Palmer brings a wealth of experience and an agressive play style that should sit well with his new team mates. Having played for Dignitas earlier this year, Palmer was the obvious choice to replace Dales and despite considering other players such as TmG's Niggle and vCoD superstar mo_Ose, Dignitas opted for the Birmingham-born Palmz.

While this is good news for Dignitas, it has left Reason in a spot of bother but it didn't seem to affect them today as they took down the Italian TooEasy in the EuroCup, bringing back phonic9 to take the spot of Palmz. The team remains motivated and after getting their EuroCup XIV campaign off to a good start who knows how far they will go. All eyes now are set on the Week 5 match up between Reason and Dignitas on mp_carentan in what is sure to be an emotion-filled battle.

Mick gave a brief statement on www.team-dignitas.org.

QuoteLast week dale told me he had applied for a new job which required alot of traveling around the UK thus making it impossible for him to be activly playing in team-dignitas, therefore he has stepped down and become a backup player. We needed a player and Phill asked to join. Having played with him before I know he is a great addition to our team, and I hope he stays for a long time!

Palmz himself added a few words.

QuoteI'm glad to be rejoining Team Dignitas after my six months break from the team! Mick asked me if I would like to rejoin and the offer was just too good like before.

After these changed the new-look Dignitas lineup will be as follows...

United Kingdom Mick
United Kingdom beNN
United Kingdom Raz
United Kingdom Trainee
United Kingdom Palmz

United Kingdom Dales (backup)
United Kingdom Yekoms (team coach)

CoD2 EuroCup XIV Invites Announced

image: clanbase_white
ClanBase last night announced the 24 teams taking part in this season's CoD2 EuroCup. With record signups of 559 again, CoD2 attracted a lot of attention and even though this Fall season will feature no LAN finals or prize money the big names of European CoD2 are taking part anyway. Last season's winners Serious are included as well as their fellow finalists Dignitas, Tek-9 and Speedlink. The competition is sure to be intense and as usual the invites went hand in hand with controversy. Reason Gaming were announced as the 3rd team invited from the UK but apparently there was a mix-up with CB accounts and the invite was intended for Team-c4u. This was quickly remedied but not without leaving a bitter taste in the mouths of some, not least the Reason players.

Anyway, without further ado, I present to you the 24 teams taking part in the CoD2 EuroCup XIV...

Europe Serious-Gaming
Europe Stheno
Europe Temporg
Europe Tek-9
Europe Copenhage-Esports
Czech Republic eSuba
Czech Republic inteRaction
Finland Logitech.fi
Finland Venatio
France Emulate
France Webone
Germany dSlash
Germany Team Cooltronik
Germany Team Speedlink
Italy TooEasy
Netherlands H2k.Steelseries
Netherlands digitalMind
Netherlands suXus
image: 55 Fear Factory
image: 58 Logic
Sweden Fukyuu
United Kingdom Team-c4u
United Kingdom Trademark Gamers
United Kingdom Team Dignitas

For more info on the CoD2 EuroCup, check out www.clanbase.com.

Tek-9 win Milk Lan 06

image: milkxfireaa8

A night of intense gaming ended in victory for Tek-9 who came right through the Lower Bracket and managed to take down home favourites Webone on two maps. Sporting an all-new lineup, Tek-9 were touted by many to make the top 3 but the likes of digital Mind and Speedlink were supposed to be in better form. Tek-9 silenced their doubters though, taking down both these teams in convincing fashion and despite losing to Webone in the Upper Bracket Final they kept their cool to take their revenge on Toujane and then Matmata.

Full credit to Webone though, nobody could have predicted they would do so well and the partisan crowd in the Milk Internet Hall in Paris must have spurred them on. They knocked down both Speedlink and originally Tek-9 to the Lower Bracket and maybe with a bit more experience have sealed the deal. It was not to be however but they can be proud to take second place while others below them appear to be in freefall. Speedlink in particular had yet another disappointing event, the sole high point of which was taking down a distinctly lacklustre digitalMind side in the Lower Bracket.

Final Standings:

1st Place: Europe Tek-9 (€1,200 + €1,500 hardware)
2nd Place: France Webone (€700+ €1,000 hardware)
3rd Place: Germany Team Speedlink (€200 + €500 hardware)
4th Place: Netherlands DigitalMind (€100 + €400 hardware)
5th Place: Czech Republic eSuba (€300)
6th Place: France emuLate (€200)
7th Place: France Takecare (€100)

Major Changes in Tek-9.Steelpad

After a profitable weekend at the EuroCup Lan Finals in Denmark, Tek-9 have returned home to announce their new roster for the upcoming winter events. Despite exceeding expectations and taking down Speedlink to earn 3rd place in EuroCup XIII, roster changes were inevitable as Frijec was already tied to aeon.eSports and was only ever going to be a temporary stand-in for Tek-9. Although he did turn out to be a strong performer for them in Denmark, it is likely that his replacement will be only to happy to fill his shoes.

It will be none other than the former Check Six star, Knaller, who will be taking over his spot. After a brief spell in H2k, it's likely that the lure of rejoining former team mates Sko, Ozwald and moMa was too strong to resist. The move also sees Greeny take a step back into inactivity for the moment and in his place returns none other than Sko. He has declared himself fully active and along with Knaller will hopefully provide the raw talent Tek-9 need to elevate their game to the next level.

This leaves them with a very promising lineup which is as follows...

Belgium Davy
Belgium Mitox
Netherlands Sko
Netherlands Knaller
Sweden moMa
France Ozwald

Dignitas face Reason in i30 Final

UK Giants Dignitas take on Reason Gaming in an i30 final that is not as conclusive as some may have thought at the start of the tournament. Dignitas have looked impressive as expected, however Reason have matched them almost round for round in the early stages.

Reason have infact looked brilliant in each and every game, whilst Dignitas have had one wobble on trainstation against Infused. For Dignitas they will be looking for their third successive crown. They've won the iseries and taken down all comers up to this point, last time out against c4u.

United Kingdom Reason vs United Kingdom Dignitas
Maps: Burgundy, Toujane - Decider Dawnville
Time: 14:00 GMT
Stream: Live Stream from Multiplay
VODs: VODs from the event
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