QuoteBack in 2003, we started exchanging design ideas with id Software for what started out as a fairly modest attempt to evolve the team-play in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Now, four years later, Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars has officially gone GOLD! For those of you not familiar with the development term, going gold means that the retail game is complete, and that master DVDs have gone to manufacturing, and will then head to stores. This makes us especially proud, not just because of the incredible passion and effort that the development teams have invested these past four years, but especially because of the amazing support the community has given us.

As announced a few weeks ago the game will be in stores at Friday, September 28th for Europe Europeans.

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Clanbase - ET:QW Beta Cup Playoffs reached

image: cb_etqw_betacup_banner

Clanbase' ET:QW Beta Cup has reached its playoff stage!

Most of the favourites progressed through their group easily such as Sweden One2, Europe Dignitas or Sweden Kompaniet.
Also United Kingdom edge, Europe Beyond and Germany cause didn't have any problems by leaving their group as first.
Furthermore we will see 2 teams consisting out of Wolfenstein players, Spain wArning and Japan lolicon.

However, the new squads of each Europe TLR as well as Germany helix failed to impress and disappointingly did not progress to the playoff stage.

This leaves the matches as the following:

#1 Europe Beyond vs Germany cause
#2 Spain wArning vs Japan lolicon

#3 Europe dignitas vs United Kingdom edge
#4 Sweden Kompaniet vs Sweden One2

Semifinals will be:
Winner #1 vs Winner #2
Winner #3 vs Winner #4

Statement: Sweden dohfOs from Europe Beyond ...
QuoteWell, we've actually never played cause before so it will be interesting for sure. cause are favourites though, seeing they are a closed beta team and Beyond pretty much started playing together 2 weeks ago. We also have some players leaving on vacation that doesn't make things better, I'm guessing that most teams got the same kinda problems but that's life during the summer. Anyways, good luck to all of the other teams, hope there will be some good games and good coverage now when we're starting to reach the end of this cup.


Theres a new team on the prowl! And whilst they used to have an oversized logo, they've now got an introduction about this high flying multinational lineup! A combination of familar faces from across the continent see's the return to action of many a familiar face, the challenged poised to them is to last the test of time!


Estonia Martin asd- Vilismäe
Finland Jukka faisst Mortula
Denmark Robert gyzr Skalberg
Germany Daniel keran Brichet
Netherlands Dirk rbnt Linsen
Germany Michel _shy Jonk
Germany Marcel slaz Eisregen

Short interview with Netherlandsrbnt

How did u get together with those players?
Quote_shy and keran decided to start a team together. I was there from the start as well and together we started to ask a few players.

ET-Cup #17 - what are your aims on there?
QuoteTo be honest, I didnt know we had signed up untill today I guess we'll just try to do what we can. We didnt do bad in pracs against the teams in our group but experience learns that pracs dont say shit!

Future plans - EC & CPC?
QuoteWell we recruited every player with the question whether they could possibly play at LAN's. So basically we do have the ambition to play at CPC2 as well as EuroCup ofcource!

5on5 or 6on6 - What is better for you?
QuoteThe team was put together when 5on5 was not announced yet, so that's one point why 6on6 is better for us. The other point is that 5on5 sucks cock.