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CODEHOOK 3on3 S&D Onedaycup v.1

CODEHOOK 3on3 S&D Onedaycup v.1

First Round - 11.10.09 15:00 CET - Backlot

Second Round - 11.10.09 16:00 CET - Strike

Third Round - 11.10.09 17:00 CET - Crash

Final - 11.10.09 18:00 CET each team will take a map from the mappool


* mp_backlot
* mp_citystreets
* mp_crash
* mp_crossfire
* mp_strike
* mp_vacant


Mod: All matches in the cup have to be played with Promod LIVE v2.04 EU which is available to download here ( http://www.esl.eu/eu/cod4/download/15141069/ )

/rcon promod_mode match_mr12

If there is a draw you must play the overtime with MR3 on the same map.

- The team captains have to appear at the irc channel 15mins before the cup starts.

- If the oppenents dont come u have to wait 10 mins for them and then it is a forfeit.

- If both teams fullholded you have to play overtime ( /rcon promod_mode match_mr3 )

Not allowed to play are:
Players which are banned from clanbase/esl.
Players which are banned fromm pbbans.

Admins : tareK , dfb

Page: http://codehookcups.tourney.cc/