Dreamhack HoN: Preview

image: 107_big With all the hype surrounding the CS tournament at Dreamhack this weekend you'd be forgiven for thinking that perhaps it was the only game to be played.

Alas, it isn't. The other tournament we'll be interested in will of course be our newest Cadred addition, Heroes of Newerth. When S2 Games began the development of the game based on the hugely popular WC3 mod DotA most of the DotA community snarled at the attempts, there are still a large group of DotA players who have the elitist attitude to their game, so when it was announced that Dreamhack would be dropping the major DotA event and replacing it with HoN there was outcry amongst the DotA community. That announcement was made at the beginning of the year and since then the game has come on leaps and bounds, with S2 Gaming eager to fix any bugs that exist within the game.