Team Netherlands - NC XIV

image: 346syvq

We're proud to present you the following lineup (in alphabetical order).

Netherlands aphesia
Netherlands Ati_
Netherlands joshua
Netherlands Lightning
Netherlands Lun4t1C
Netherlands Perfo
Netherlands saKen
Netherlands teKoa
Netherlands xPERiA


Interview with Ronner.ALIS

image: ronnerTonight we sat down with none other than our very own Netherlands Ronner. In a lengthy and completely unprepared interview we discussed various subjects like cheaters, ALIS and his participation in the upcoming Crossfire Prizefight Challenge II.

Quote by RonnerI mean, you don't build a fucking-machine so your GF/Wife gets the best fuck she ever had. No, you practice hard to become the best fuck she ever had. Same goes for gaming. Cheating is for people with very low self-esteem.

The full interview with this remarkable individual can be found right here on the Team Dignitas website.