Happy New Year!

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Heart of the Mamut

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It's the third day of September and against all odds the infamous Enemy Territory team of Slovenia mamut.si has once again returned from the shadows! Tonight they will face the side of Poland heartZ in the epic ESH Steelseries ET Challenge Cup.

One anonymous player from Slovenia seems to be fairly confident about the chances of mamut.si - "We're not playing at all, top 1 should be very well possible - personally I think we've got a good bracket to win this shit.".

Does the arrogance of the champion team still match their skills or has their previous inactivity and ventures into Wolfenstein impaired their abilities? Tune in tonight and find out!

Slovenia Estonia Night
Slovenia JaKaZc
Estonia RELOAd
Germany drago
Finland Squall
Germany urtier
[/hide] 4 - 0 Poland Poland baq
Poland fearr
Poland Mahomet
Poland mikeh
Poland myszal
Poland Pimple
Poland psikus
Poland yupiee[/hide]

Time: 21:45 CET
Maps: Not announced
Bracket: Single Elimination
ETTV: http://www.gamestv.org/event/13417-mamut-si-vs-heartz/



CoD4 QCUP - Round 2

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After a turbulent first round of the Crossfire QCUP Call of Duty 4 tournament we've finally come around to processing all the results. You can find the updated brackets and fixtures here and here respectively.

There were no big surprises this round as teams like United Kingdom 4kings, Sweden EYE and Belgium TEK9 have found their way to the next round. However due to a number of unfortunate dropouts we would like to stress yet again that all teams have to play their next match before the deadline expires. Read the rules again and again until you've learned them by heart. To save any disputes, make sure you fully understand all of these rules before playing your games.

CoD4 QCUP Brackets

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The moment you've all been waiting for is here - the brackets and fixtures of the Crossfire QCUP Call of Duty 4 tournament are up!

We had to go through the staggering amount of almost 100 signups and all this wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for your trusty admin England Penn, who has been plowing through tons of mail, PMs and IRC queries for the past few days.

Crossfire QCUP Update #2

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In anticipation of the publishing of the brackets later this evening we would like to draw your attention to the following updates for the Crossfire QCUP Call of Duty 4 tournament. Please check Crossfire regularly for updates as the tournament progresses!

desu are the Team Dignitas ET 2on2 Cup Champions!

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Today Team Dignitas is proud to announce yet another tournament in co-operation with QPAD: the Team Dignitas Enemy Territory 2on2 Cup! Thirty-two teams will do battle on mp_sillyctf this Friday, October 12th. Round 1 is set to kick off at 19:00 CET and the Grand Final is scheduled to be played at 22:00 CET that night.

Update: Netherlands ~desu have been crowned Grand Champions after a valiant battle against Finland mitä ajan! We wish Netherlands teKoa and Netherlands Azatej the best of luck with their prizes!

2x Enemy Territory: Quake Wars game
2x QPAD CT ET:QW Collector's Edition