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Missile Beta4

image: missile
Astonishing 29 months after the last beta release of Missile we are happy that the map has recently made its way back into the competition mappools. Thus, with the feedback gathered, we decided to pick it up again and create an improved Beta 4.
Major changes are listed below and screenshots of all changes are attached. We would love to get as much feedback as possible to get this map into a final stage soon ;)

connect; password missile


Nordic to make up on Library?

http://www.upload.ee/image/2057786/2.jpg[/img]image: s_head

image: s_news

Germany Team Library

Germany urtier
Netherlands aphesia
Belgium Kevin
Canada monkeyy
Germany ScaTmaN
Germany eiM

image: s_news

Sweden Team Sweden

Sweden tornis
Sweden slajdan
Sweden sAvage
Sweden newbje
Sweden jonas
Sweden ansikte
Sweden SMeKHT

image: s_border_short

Date: Tonight
Time: 21.15 CET
Maps: Library_b1, Library_b1
League: image: etShowmatchimage: game31095
image: s_foot

After yesterday's big success in the first 3-star showmatch of Library_b1 between Europe Team R0SS and Finland Team Twidi (4-0) with 281 viewers. We are ready again to showcase this new piece of gameart to you TONIGHT.

This time another all-nordic lineup will try to beat the mixed veteran side of Germany Team #Library generals. After the finish failed to win yesterday, Sweden Team Sweden lead by Sweden tornis are now up against a european selection. But do not think the swedes are new to this territory. Sweden tornis and Sweden slajdan have tested the map long enough, in order to even
Germany Team #Library's expertise with aim and tactic.

Little nationscup feeling?

Do you remember the times of the Atlantic Battle? Thirty minute fullholds at the old city flag with 150+ ping were a great spectator magnet back then. The last nationscup was quite some time ago and very little points towards a new season with the prestigious and gamesaving 6on6 format. And still the first match on GamesTV's upcoming matches catched my interest as quite unfamiliar teamnames appear: Chile vs Australia

Chile Chile and Australia Australia state that they have decided to catch up to this match for the wooden spoon award in NationsCup XIII's Group C, which never happened due to earthquakes in Chile lats year.

The last time these two faced each other was the Crossfire Nationscup in 2008 where Chile sent Australia home with a dominant 4-0 victory. Now give these two some credit and join me on the nationscup train for this Pacific Battle!
image: s_headimage: s_news
Australia Australia

Australia Midas
Australia dongo
Australia Meadow
Australia Im_constructin
Australia Volta
Australia Pedro
image: s_news
Chile Chile

Chile nozzy
Chile merce
Chile wfd
Chile switer
Chile impulz
Chile m@x
image: s_border_shortimage: s_news

image: game29641
image: s_foot
Tune in at 15 CET european time on sunday and enjoy some enemy territory action!

Enemy Territory turns 8

image: et_logoOur beloved Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory turns 8 today. A long road lies behind this oldtimer of the FPS genre.

Back then it was released unfinished and anything but polished. Ever since we saw many great modifications, maps, scripts, movies, matches, competitions ... simply anything you can imagine.

Even after such a long time we still have events to look forward to such as the SAGE LAN or the PHX LAN. A great Nationscup has recently finished and the ESL and Clanbase are still rolling.

Have Fun everyone and lets have another great year!

Splashdamage Calendar Entry

Global Configs Winter 2010

image: globalconfigwinter10

The CB Eurocup and the ESL Major Series have been finished with some great matches and the Winter League has just begun so with a little bit of delay we are proud to present a new global configset of Clanbase and the Electronic Sports League. All upcoming competitions and matches of the Winter League have to be played with the new configs.

EMS VII Grand Final

EMS VII ET Grandfinal

image: ems7_grfinalThe last big highlight of this years competitive Enemy Territory is just around the corner and it will be a very special one. United Kingdom Team Dignitas and United Kingdom The Last Resort have faced each other on 7 maps in three official matches within the last week. Their first encounter was a very close 3mapper which I believe many of you have watched. United Kingdom Dignitas managed to save the win in that one. The second and third time they faced each other was the recently played CB EC Grandfinal, where
United Kingdom Dignitas were the big time favourites according to the GamesTV bets, not only becaues United Kingdom TLR had to beat them twice. They still did so and walked away with a straight 8-0 victory - ESL Newspost

United Kingdom Dignitas was left with the unpleasent second rank of this years Eurocup, but as chance would have it, they are given a second chance to proove who really is Enemy Territorys best. Both teams yet again have to battle it out, this time for the ESL Major Series VII title and the 400€ the winning team receives (loser gets 200€).

ESL Wire Anti-Cheat: Open Beta

image: eslwacSome of you might know the ESL Anti-Cheat tool Aequitas from games such as Counter Strike or the Call of Duty Series. There it is used in all major leagues as client side anti cheat tool to protect from abuse in ESL matches. The big problem about it is that it only supports a few selected games.

But this is about to change now! With the public announce of ESL Wire Anti-Cheat and its Open Beta phase. The goal of this Open Beta is to test the performance of ESL servers, before going for the official release. When this official release is in place all current Aequitas users will change to Wire Anti-Cheat. But not enoug with that.

From day one ESL Wire Anti-Cheat will support almost all games on ESL. The limitation to the following games only applies to the Open Beta:
  • Counter-Strike:Source
  • Counter-Strike 1.6
  • Starcraft 2
  • Call of Duty 4
  • Combat Arms
If you want to help and test Wire Anti-Cheat with one of the listed games head over to the ESL Newspost where everything is explained in detail and a download link can be found.

Contrary to expectations of ET ESL users; ESL Wire is very user-friendly and easy to use!

CB versus ESL

image: eslvscb
Eurocup or Major Series, Opencup or Fall League, MG or Mortar, forced netsettings or helmet protection. The eternal clash of the two major forces in competetive online Enemy Territory have had numerous conflicts and history implys it to contine forever. Will it?

Eventually not! Both high commands decided to settle this epic fight once and forever, this sunday at 19 CET. They send out their strongest and most experienced guerrilla troops to fight and immortalize themselves. A showdown of pure skill and game knowledge will be available for spectators around the world when the Clanbase ET Crew faces the ESL ET Staff in the Tobruk City Bank, the Würzburg grassland and eventually at the gates of a central european supply depot!

Spring Division 1 Kickoff

image: spring10_live
The EMS Qualifiers are nearly over. Just some few matches are left. These pending matches will not effect the teams which already qualified but will be important for the seeding in the EMS group stage.

While the pending 16 teams are fighting for the best seedings, the 16 qualifier losing teams joined the 1st Division of the Spring League 2010! With only little delay the 1st Division starts today, the 19th April 2010:

Group A

Germany Team SPEEDLINK
Europe randomZ
Poland diversus
Denmark VIP-Gaming - System6

Group C

Europe EU United Soldiers
Estonia EEsti Veri
Europe stronger than hate
image: spacerGroup B

Europe nkNn - angelDust
Denmark Busy Doing Nothing
France Famas
Czech Republic inteRaction

Group D

Germany Lost Soldiers
Europe Placeholder
Europe Taggers
United Kingdom Infused.ET

Europe Placeholder spot is still available due to a dropout. Contact an admin to take it!

*update* Globalconfig

image: globalconfig
After the great feedback on the recently released global configset an error had to be fixxed and in the meantime the responsible admins used the chance to withdrawal one of the updates after alot of requests.

  • fixed errormessage in console caused by the luascript
  • fixed tc_base & sw_goldrush_te (nopb3) mapscripthash
  • maximum landmines back at 4 on all relevant maps

  • fixed r_wolffog / foliage bugs on nopb configs
Your Clanbase & ESL Admin team.
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