Simpsons's bowling team presents

After playing together a long time and many changes in the lineup we finally found a competent team, aiming to perform very well.

SpainZeRoS has left, so we decided to recruit a person which is well-known to the whole community Germanyviol, furthermore we recruited another player who will play for us as a backup, Israelelfa.

Currently we are participating in the Highbot Cup, registered for the upcoming ET Masters event and intend to play in the next Eurocup with a strong team.

Line up:

Spain MaRTe
Spain Winghaven
Spain RadifZ
Spain polass
Spain FanTeR
Germany viol

Back up:

Israel elfa

We don't know what SpainWinghaven is going to do when ButtonBashers play again, but at the moment he is going to play for us, so have fun...